Who Else Agrees With Steve Jobs?

I saw this quote in an  article that was talking about the future of education and the role programming plays at infancy



Unsurprisingly, Mark Zuckerberg shares the same view!




Do you agree with these great men?

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    15 comments on “Who Else Agrees With Steve Jobs?

    1. Elijahayo says:

      Yeah i do

    2. KENNETH says:


      programming is very good but the part that keeps most people out of the field [ including me ] is the mathematical part

      1. DY says:

        I have gurus that’s not even good in math atall. You don’t have to know math.

        1. felix says:

          I agree with u but, u still need to knw how to calculate and how to arrange. It dosen’t really mean u would have to solve some trigonometry b4 u knw maths and calculation is involved.(no offence)

      2. NAB says:

        Mathematics is sweet na…

    3. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:

      … Well, programming is good, but if everyone knows how to programme, how are we going to create an industry out of it?…

      1. Gadgetsng says:

        I believe that is just to stress how important it is or how more important it will become in the near future

    4. Anonymous says:

      Programming is good but everyone must not be into it

    5. kaybang says:

      yeah i will love to learn it as i have dastardly plans. How do i start? Any recommendations? c++ Or JAVA or …..??


      1. DY says:

        HTML and PHP for Web, or Java for software and Android apps.

        1. Anonymous says:


          Now i can build my Hydrogen Bomb. And watch it go……. BANG!!!

          OT; i’ve been studying some Chemistry too.

          Thanks DY 🙂 🙂

    6. Bkk says:

      Agree.. thats my advice too

    7. felix says:

      Objectively NO(in capital letter)

    8. Muztir says:

      I agree. Computers and Programming have changed a lot of things. And will continue to do so.
      Moving on to another topic entirely… I have to say I love your tech blog, I’m very excited at the level our Ladies are also putting out something great out there, especially in the tech world. I’m also a technophile like you except that I’m a guy but I’ve always admired ladies in this field. Would love to connect with you (if that’s allowed). And I’m hopeful it would be. Nice work! Thumbs up.

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