Catch A Glimpse Of Your Future

The image you are about to see might look like a scene from the dystopian sci-fi movie, but whether we like it or not it shows us a glimpse of our future.

The picture shows the power of the Virtual reality headset and the impact it will have in our future.

See the image below:


The image has been compared to so many movies like zombie apocalypse where the vegetative crowds are controlled by an elite group and many more


If you look at it deeply you will notice some things.

  1. These guys have no idea of what is going on around them allowing Zuckerberg to pass by completely unnoticed.
  2. They have completely lost touch of their current  surrounding – if you notice, they are all looking in different directions and all have different expressions.

Trust the Internet to go bizarre with the image and what it represents.

Now imagine this, If we think smartphones are affecting the way we interact with each other, I shudder to imagine what the world will be like when almost everyone can afford to use a Virtual reality headset that can transport them to a place where they can practically feel the Internet.

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    7 comments on “Catch A Glimpse Of Your Future

    1. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:

      … Well, I believe we will get there, we are almost there, just some times more…

      1. Anonymous says:

        I dont want us to get there oh abeg. Beforr everybody will just be in their own world

        1. kaybang says:

          LMAO! *inserts enter the matrix meme*

          we are already there mehn. Just look @ d way people are immersed and lost on social media. They’ve succeded in twisting their perception of the real world.

          “Where everyone can afford to use a
          Virtual reality headset that can transport them to a place where they can practically feel the Internet.” This..

          VR may…may just be the final nail in the coffin.

    2. Bodexowen says:

      They will bring us there whether our parents like it or not

    3. Joshua says:

      rather fascinating, bothers to bring the question… is a change really a good thing?

    4. KyLe West says:

      At this point … be weary of ur teenage kids.

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