Unboxing The InnJoo Fire 2, Rose Gold Edition

The InnJoo Fire 2 is the second device in the Fire series that sports some impressive changes in the design department that I’d love to share. So join me as we unbox this device together.



InnJoo Fire 2 accessori



I’d let the emoji in the image convey my emotions.

InnJoo Fire 2 packaging



When you open the box, you will immediately see the metal-cased Fire 2 in whatever color variant you chose. I am not trying to hype or anything, but the Fire 2’s design and color (Rose gold variant) made me smile. Why? It is a beautiful phone!!!!

InnJoo Fire 2 unboxing

While many might frown at the size on the Fire 2, those who like their phones portable will find the 5.0 HD Display on the Fire 2 to be perfect.


Removing the first compartment reveals the regular phone accessories in a black casing

DSC_0165 copy


The accessories include a USB Cable, wall adapter, SIM tray ejector pin and your earphones.

InnJoo Fire 2 accessories
The earphone has a mouthpiece, for those who pay attention to things like this.

DSC_0173 copy



Check out the 3d view of the InnJoo Fire 2, don’t forget to zoom and rotate the view

Now let’s get to the real deal.


You have the 5MP front-facing camera on the left side of the device, your proximity sensor on the right and the capacitive buttons below.

For a 5.o inch device, the Fire 2 doesn’t feel heavy in the hand (P.S.: It weights about 130.5g).

Innjoo fire 2 price

There is this fine deep gold metal encasing around the phone that further adds to its beauty.

Innjoo fire 2 metal casing



Instead of making the color on the back plain, InnJoo created two color shades. You have the darker color shade on top of the device and the normal color shade in the middle and the bottom parts of the device.

InnJoo fire 2 slim 2

You also have a 13MP back-facing camera placed on the top left corner of the device which is a first for InnJoo (I might be wrong). There is a slightly conspicuous InnJoo lettering, and the speaker grills placed below the phone.

Update: The back cover isn’t removable


On the left side sits the volume and the power buttons

Innjoo fire 2 volume button


While the left side houses your Micro SD card and SIM card slots.

Innjoo fire 2 sim card slot

Some of you might not like this one, but InnJoo stuck with their Hybrid SIM Card slots

InnJoo fire 2 dual sim

This allows you to either use one Micro SIM-card and MicroSD card  or 1 Micro SIM and Nano SIM.



For those who might be confused, here is how to go about placing your SIM cards in the InnJoo Fire 2



Finally, on the front is the 3.5mm Earphone jack port, while the bottom houses the charging port and a mic.


The first impression got me like:


Fine phone

After seeing what the specs have to offer


Ahn Ahn InnJoo, wetin happen?


This is just an unboxing and shouldn’t be confused with the review. But based on first impressions, I like what I see, the colors on the Fire 2 is popping and its design aesthetics are beautiful. But once the looks begin to fade, you can’t help but notice how the Fire 2 fares in the specs department, which is not so impressive, especially after comparing it with other devices in the same price bracket….But how will it fare in real-life usage? You would have to find out in the full review.


What do you think?

UPDATE: THE PRICE IS CURRENTLY AT N30,000 ON JUMIA (Blame it on the dollar, they say).

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    27 comments on “Unboxing The InnJoo Fire 2, Rose Gold Edition

    1. pope says:

      Please how much is it!?

      1. Tobi Ayeni says:

        My Apologies for not including that. It is N30,000 on Jumia

    2. Titi says:

      Hi misstechy. Do you take all the pictures for your review yourself or someone helps you?

      1. Tobi Ayeni says:

        Lol, review pictures and video are taken and edited by yours truly. The only input I get is from my 11-year old brother who helps to focus the camera when it is on a tripod.

    3. Harrie says:

      Quite the feat I must say, aaaand there’s these gifs that meets the eye.. Major bummer on the single sim tray. Ummm one question, is She gonna do a review on the fire 2 plus??

    4. zita obeta says:

      The phone is a beauty no doubt but i hope it got brains too

    5. Bodexowen says:

      Innjoo designs are okay. Nice and brief unboxing

    6. Osakwe tochukwu says:

      WTF!!! 1gig ram 8gig rom 720p 1ghz…injoo are you for real? Seriously warisdis? And to top it all its 30k. I’d rather use the 30k and buy london used samsung galaxy s4 than this crap. Who uses 1gig ram android phone in this modern age. 2gig is becomung old school…now someone brought 1gig ram phone…mtchwww

    7. Uke Enun Jnr says:

      HEY INNJOO!! STOP RIGHT THERE!! WHAT KINDA EARPIECE IS THAT FOR CHRIST SAKE!! IT LOOKS ABARISH PLEASE!! Moving on, that una 8GB ROM no do me o, I don forgive una for the 1GB RAM already….But anyway lovely colour, design and under par specs tho…I think even an HOT 2 is way better…B4 I leave you, MissTechy, my God will bless you and that your brother for these GIFS, sorry Blog…

    8. To.biiii says:

      Beauty without brains. I’d rather go for an hot 2

      Commenting from TTShowBlog

    9. Tobiiii says:

      Beauty without brains. I’d rather go for an hot 2

    10. presh says:

      Not relating to dis post sha, but does anyone know where I can download fifa14 from pleaseee

      1. Tobi Ayeni says:

        Try Apkmirror. or

    11. prince says:

      Cool device am gonna get a hold of one

      Commenting from

    12. KingAbsolute says:

      InnJoo Fire 2 is actually FIRE with the designs, but I think the prize will make people not go for it that much, considering innjoo is not that popular & the specs isn’t much impressive.

      1. Kizito says:

        Give the device just a month (2 months tops), all those “shine shine” will start washing off.

        InnJoo and Crap! 🙁

    13. NYAKATO SARAH says:

      Comment Text*i lov the phne its realy great
      its woooow

    14. anonymous says:

      Camera review

    15. Seun says:

      Pls my innjoo fire plus battery has swollen up. can u recomend another battery that will be compatible with the phone?

      1. Tobi Ayeni says:

        Hi Seun, so sorry to hear about this. have you gone to their service centers?

    16. dee says:

      How am i going to remove stucked sd card?

      1. Bj says:

        hit it again a wall. that should fix it

    17. Liz says:

      hi, I got the innjoo fire 2 phone a month back only to realize that it comes with one SIM card slot and an SD card slot but no second SIM slot. am I getting it wrong or is that really d way it’s?

    18. Abdul Mujeeb says:

      How to insert Micro sd card

    19. Lukas says:

      You still did not show us how nano siks are pluged, i regret d day i bought dis innjoo phone.

    20. Anonymous says:

      please is there space for memory card?? apart from the inbuilt

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