Have You Taken Google’s Android Taste Test?

Do you have the home-screen of your dreams?

I want to believe I have. I currently use Smart launcher 3 along with a cool wallpaper from Walli. However, when I read that Google has a new tool called the #myAndroid Taste Test that will help you to customize your Android phone, I knew I had to give it a try.

True to the description, I got asked a lot of pictorial questions ranging from “Pattered or Random” to this:

Once the test was over, Google recommended a wallpaper I didn’t care for, an Icon pack I totally dig, a launcher that can never take away the love I have for Smart launcher and Gboard!

Yes, the test recommended Gboard every time I tried it.

Overall, the new tool is quite impressive for the newbies, but would the Android gurus be impressed with Google’s recommendations?

To take the test, click here

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    5 comments on “Have You Taken Google’s Android Taste Test?

    1. Rapsowdee says:

      Yes.. I did yesterday… Evie launcher and Board. !!!!! were recommended

    2. Kaybang® says:

      📄 keeps freezing. Is it just me?

        1. Kaybang® says:

          Hey! Hey!! Boo thang, I’m registered now as you can see so…, put some respeck on my name

          But seriously, I can’t take the test. The 📄 keeps freezing 😣😞😔

    3. prosper says:

      Finally someone like me that knows the benefits of smart launcher and google taste

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