Sony’s Problem Child, The Xperia Z3+ Overheats And Crashes In Seconds With Normal Use

If you are planning on buying for yourself the recently launched Xperia Z3+,  you probably need to wait until Sony fixes a particular problem.

There is a known problem associated with the Xperia Z3+ and so many users are already complaining about it. According to them, the Xperia Z3+ overheats and crashes in seconds with normal use! a further investigation into the matter linked the Snapdragon 810 prevalent in the Xperia Z3 as the root of this problem.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 11.54.42 PM

The unnecessary overheating is now a common problem known to the device, and when this happens, it gives a “The device temperature is rising,” warning prior to it crashing which is usually after less than a minute of use. See the video below

…and Guess what?  according to cultofandroid, Sony has been forced to acknowledge the problem after one Japanese carrier began placing warning notices on the device, but the company insists it’s normal.” Unbelievable right?

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 11.55.03 PM

Despite a firmware update, the problem has not been solved – Imagine paying a lot for a Z3+ only to discover this problem! Hopefully, the new firmware update would solve the problem that the others failed to.

What is your take on this?

Image Source: Android pit


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    5 comments on “Sony’s Problem Child, The Xperia Z3+ Overheats And Crashes In Seconds With Normal Use

    1. vjsmiles says:

      Why on earth will a top phone producing company as SONY máke such silly mistake? 🙁

    2. titi says:

      SOny has what it takes to dominate the market, wonder why they are like this hian

      1. Ige Ebima says:

        This is a normal thing,so far it does not affect all of their phones,or have u forgotten the Iphone bendgate very soon?

    3. SweetSusie says:

      Even here in the US, sony Z3+ is terrible

      1. Sir Stevoe says:

        Really? Interesting…

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