Sad News: 85% Of Nigerians Working At Microsoft Have Lost Their Jobs.

Earlier this month, I reported that 7800 Microsoft employees lost their jobs due to Microsoft and Nokia’s bad business.  However, the number has even affected Nigerians working for the company.  Punch reports that 34 out of the 40 employees working in Microsoft’s Mobile Division Nigeria lost their jobs on Thursday, just after the launch of the Windows 10.

85% Of Nigerians Working For Microsoft Have Lost Their Jobs.

85% Of Nigerians Working At Microsoft Have Lost Their Jobs.

Let me reinstate what I said earlier:

One thing is for sure,  Microsoft, Apple, Google, and other tech giants will continue to make money one way or the other.  They don’t care if people argue which product is better as long as people keep buying them and lining their pockets. But, when workers (no matter what company) are being laid off (especially during these economic downtime) no one wins. 
My heart goes out to everyone involved. 
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    16 comments on “Sad News: 85% Of Nigerians Working At Microsoft Have Lost Their Jobs.

    1. vjsmiles says:

      Lol.this is just a ti!) Of the icing for microsoft..
      Their road to hell started when they bought nokia and since then it has been from one ish to another….
      Low sales e.t.c

      Tobi your most hated enemy is crumbling …
      A toast to that …. 😀

      1. Sir Stevoe says:


    2. Benjibabs says:

      So sad 🙁

    3. vjsmiles says:

      Not so sad to some shaaaa…. 😀

      She knows herself…

    4. Sir Stevoe says:

      Sad. My heart goes out to them too..

    5. Sir Stevoe says:

      Back to the labor market it is. Except for those who have something to fall back on.

    6. vjsmiles says:

      doom for those who spent lavishly taking girls awd and all sorts but thise who had a well planned future will have sumfing to fall back on 🙂

    7. vjsmiles says:

      and btw i didnt post that shiit up there to be funny…sorry if it hurt @steven 😐

    8. optimusPRIME says:

      to me eh,,,Microsoft shuld go bk to d drawing board,,,nd tink of sumtin else to produce,,,#they aint’ cut out for dis mobile crap#

    9. Yusufsd says:

      Microsoft should know dat mobi is not their forte. Too bad for those affected, so sad.

      1. Samm says:

        Guess they wanna be like Apple!
        Sorry for them..

    10. Daze says:

      Almost certain 85% of 40 is not 34 but what do I know.(Kidding o). All I can say is eeyah.

    11. DY says:

      It is well 😐

    12. 🙁 Better days ahead.

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