Rumors: Upcoming Tecno Phantom Device to Come with an Impressive 2k Bezel-Less Display

We are almost at that time of the year when the big players in the mobile industry release their flagship devices. TECNO Mobile which is Africa largest mobile brand is preparing to introduce its flagship device into the market. The Phantom series are TECNO’s biggest devices in terms of hardware, specification, and aesthetics. The TECNO Phantom 6 which was released last year remains the most premium device till date from the company.

The big questions: What will be TECNO’s next Phantom device this year, and what features should we expect?

For now, we do not have an exclusive information about the device, but our source claimed it will be an advanced variant of Phantom 6, and attention will be paid to the camera technology and design.In the past phone releases, the Asian mobile maker clearly aims to be ‘camera smartphone of choice’ in all its local markets and this philosophy is what we see being replicated across all her smartphones. From the privileged information, we got the next Phantom device will be a follow up to the Phantom 6 released last year and from what we know the following areas will be greatly improved upon.

Innovative camera

The Phantom sub-brand of TECNO Mobile is in a class of its own and is the most classy and premium device from the brand. We, therefore, expect the camera of the next Phantom to be greatly improved upon. According to rumor mills, the upcoming Phantom device will host a more improved dual camera similar to what obtained on the Samsung Note 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Rumours flying around says the camera will consist of a 20MP + 16MP dual back setup with advanced image processing capability. The dual back smartphone camera is the latest trending innovation right now and is good TECNO Mobile is joining the trend but that is if the rumor turns out to be true.

Impressive display

That’s not all, we heard that the device will spot a super thin bezel-less AMOLED display having a 1440*2560 pixel resolution. Higher resolution means the color will be more vibrant and the display will be brighter as well.

One of many choices we make when buying a smartphone is the display type. If the leaked image above is anything to go by, then, we should start saving for this beautiful device. While not so much is known about the other specs of the upcoming device this time around, it’s safe to assume that it will at least come with 4GB of RAM and a fast processor.

For those who aren’t in the know, the last Phantom device; TECNO phantom 6 was launched around October last year, so if TECNO honors a 12-month refresh cycle, THE NEXT PHANTOM could be coming in about a few weeks from now. What do you think about the rumored specs?


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    32 comments on “Rumors: Upcoming Tecno Phantom Device to Come with an Impressive 2k Bezel-Less Display

    1. Araoye Gbadebo says:

      The next Tecno Phantom will surely be awesome, no doubt!

    2. Ebi says:

      They shouldn’t try to force a huge battery in there and mess up this device ooo.

    3. BSJD says:

      Huge battery like Umidigi S2 Pro, LTE band 28 and should cost around 120K

      1. Smart says:

        Umidigi s2 is a flop. Hw cn u hv 720 resolution 4 a 6 inch device.. In 2017-2018…Dats just wrong. Dat made me loose interest in d device

    4. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


    5. Ajayi Taiwo says:

      #what is the next phantom

    6. Smart says:

      If tecno come through with a thin bezel design. I might consider switching to tecno for my new device

      1. bravesoul says:

        That’ll be a right choice

      2. Khaleesi says:

        Please do o, e go beta for u😁

    7. ꀘꍏꌩꌃꍏꈤꁅ 🦇 says:

      “Upcoming Tecno… Device to Come with… 2k Bezel-Less Display.”

      •Innovative camera
      “…similar to… the Samsung Note 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.”

      1. bravesoul says:

        Extremely massive

    8. Kelvin says:

      Tecno is seriously aiming to be the best camera smartphones. Well let’s see what this device has to offer.

    9. kenny says:

      I see that not a lot of OEM can emulate the single camera setup that Google used for the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL – does the same job as the dual camera setup of Apple and Ol’sammy. Well, I still see a lot of bezels at the top and bottom, let’s just see how it’ll eventually turn out.

      1. Ariyike says:

        Yeah, I really can’t wait for the device to be unveiled

    10. tee says:

      Infinix zero 5 will spank it when it comes… I’m in my house, come and beat me…..

      P.s misstechy, somEtimes when I wanna make comments, it doesn’t post my comments, telling me it detected duplicates, nut mine still doesn’t get posted.. Other times, I just get other people’s names and email addresses will filling in the comments.

      1. Anonymous says:

        It’s the same company that produces infinix and tecno. So it doesnt feel like a competition anymore since i knew this

      2. Khaleesi says:

        Yes now, how can u think infinix-note-4-vs-tecno zero 5 will spank this phantom? U must be dreaming

    11. pwilliams says:

      well….it’s gonna be dope, I’ve always loved phantom series

    12. Shaded says:

      This device will wow us from what I’m seeing, fingers crossed though

    13. bravesoul says:

      This phantom device is gonna be epic

    14. Mary-Jane M. says:

      Not sure how to feel about it. These are just rumors so I’ll wait till the release. The specs look great tho

    15. Emerson says:

      Misstechy where’s the proverbial pinch of salt nii, 2k display is overkill for me, and I don’t think Techno can pull off the bezel-less thingy

      1. Anonymous says:

        Its not to hard as u think, when phones Leagoo and Elephone are already tryin it

    16. Anonymous says:

      Its not too hard as u think, when phones Leagoo and Elephone are already tryin it

      1. Ariyike says:

        Even at that, this is the first tecno is taking at it. They deserve some credit

    17. KingAbsolute says:

      Looks like Infinix Hot 4 Pro, but I’m very sure the features and specs won’t be the same, Tecno phantom always offers more.

    18. Anonymous says:

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    19. Emecheta Christian says:

      I just don’t know why I don’t like Tecno phones

    20. _edu_andy_ says:

      Another beauty from Tecno…..cant wait for this

    21. Khaleesi says:

      This phone promises to be superb, can’t wait to get my hands on it

    22. Ariyike says:

      I don’t feel cool knowing the rumour didn’t hit it as I predicted

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