When Tech And Football Collide: Mark Zuckerberg Challenged Neymar To A Keepy-Uppy Contest

Unfortunately, this meme comes to mind when I think about Mark Zuckerberg and Soccer (Sorry, Mark).


I guess Mark knows he can’t survive when it comes to real football hence the reason he challenged Barcelona’s Neymar to a digital version of the Keepy-Uppy football game hidden in Facebook’s Messenger app. The game requires users to keep the football up in the air by continuously tapping on their Smartphone screen.


According to Mark, “I think I’ve got a good shot, because this is all about using a phone, and some strong solid thumbs, and I think I’ve got that on him [Neymar]”

After playing, Mark scored 37 which should have sealed his loss. However, Neymar instead of living up to his reputation scored just 29. ?

Neymar, how much were you paid for this, again?


There is no doubt that this is another case where Facebook is using Influencer marketing to increase awareness for one of its product as it has done in times past. 

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    10 comments on “When Tech And Football Collide: Mark Zuckerberg Challenged Neymar To A Keepy-Uppy Contest

    1. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


    2. Victor Molokwu says:

      Zuck no dey belleful, One day Facebook will worth 10% of the world’s total finances..
      These guys don’t get tired, always marketing.

    3. Samm says:

      My best score is three…

    4. KingAbsolute says:

      Advertisement toh bahd!

    5. Lolz…My highest score once was 7. Basket ball 5

      1. Mark knows which edges to point in other to keep the game on the air because he’s a part of the coding team. It is like playing GTA with cheats. #cheat ni

      2. UUH says:

        lol..I actually got 36 in 2days?

    6. UUH says:

      69..hehe I’m pretty good at this soccer stuff..I challenge u Misstechy..

      1. Tobi Ayeni says:

        Lol I’d definitely lose. I prefer a physical soccer contest

    7. One big marketing strategy

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