Leagoo S9: World’s First Android iPhone X?! Please Make Them Stop!

Leagoo has a thing for copying not only the design of popular phones but their names. An example is the Leagoo Kiicaa Mix I got from Gearbest, which is a replica of the Xiaomi Mi Mix.

Now they have done it again by ripping off both Apple and Samsung… the same time.

On second thought:

Leagoo had the audacity to unveil the “Leagoo S9” at this year’s MWC, and as seen from the image:

It sports the iPhone X’s notch and design.

Specs-wise, you are getting a 5.85-inch “HD+” screen, an octa-core processor, obviously MediaTek, 4GB RAM, 32GB of onboard storage, dual 13-megapixel rear cameras, and a 3,300mAh battery. They’ve even included face recognition, all for $150.

I am done!

You’ve got to admire the gall of these guys —they named it after a Samsung and described it as an Android iPhone X, maybe they should’ve called it the Leagoo S9 Pixel iPhone X just to cover ALL of the bases.

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    13 comments on “Leagoo S9: World’s First Android iPhone X?! Please Make Them Stop!

    1. Abdul Abdul says:

      This guys gat no chill.

    2. Amir says:

      Lmao, crazy guys. The phone is less than 60k oga ooo. So they even allowed this imitation master to unveil phones at MWC

    3. They even went to MWC with it 😂😂

    4. Xtopher says:

      ASUS Launched Something Similar.. Leagoo aint the First.. Check your facts very well

    5. Xtopher says:

      Same Way Apple Didnt invent the notch but rather Essential Phone Maker Andy Robin Did…

      1. Kaybang says:

        why you just dey vex like dis? :\

    6. That’s good. The Leagoo S9 is now the real deal.

    7. pwilliams says:

      That phone sucks

    8. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


    9. prime says:

      babe, check out the Asus 5 series nd tell me what you think. na to copy win am o

    10. Adegbenro says:

      No big deal about phones with the notch. IMO Some say imitation is the best compliment one can receive. I don’t think it affects Apple’s profits margin though because the people buying this phone (what Apple would call “That THING”) can’t buy a genuine iPhone X.

    11. _edu_andy_ says:

      These guys are really talented actually.. . The phone that probably took apple a lot of time to create it took them less than a year to copy it… I’m impressed 👏👏
      Maybe if they put more time into creating their own phones rather than copying someone else’s they might actually be pretty successful… And they had the guts to take it MCW.. . Am I the only one that finds that funny

    12. Wareez says:

      Much ado about Notches… I don’t even see the essence of the notch craze! From what we see now, Android P would even support notches…

      The interesting thing about the notch story is that; the one who started it isn’t as relevant as the one who made it popular. Fine, android used the notch first, thanks to Essential Phone, but iPhone X made the notch a trend. I don’t see the real ‘need’ for notches. More screen real estate, some might say, but asides that flimsy reason, what else? Looking at how iOS utilizes the notch on iPhone X (accessing the control panel and the notification shade from either side of the notch), I think Android doesn’t need the notch, at least, not now.

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