Meet The Woman Who Single Handedly Fought Google And Won

Some of you might be wondering if it is possible to beat Google at anything, well a woman just proved it is!! #GirlPower.


Earlier in 2011, Dr. Janice Duffy, a health department researcher  sued Google for failing to remove her name from the Search engine after a website by name “Ripoff Report” (a site that allows anyone to post reports about people whom they suspect are behaving in a criminal or dishonest manner, regardless of its factual accuracy) defamed her – According to her,  prospective employer would use the search engine to research her, and it had caused her financial and psychological damage.

Fast forward to 2015, Dr. Janice Duffy who represented herself during the trial earlier this year, but hired a legal representation later walked away from the court smiling.

“I wish it hadn’t happened, but I beat the bastards,” she told The Advertiser.

“Would we be here if they had helped when I asked? Absolutely not … I think they thought they could just make me go away, but I’m stubborn.

“I’m glad I stood up to them … Google can’t come into our country, destroy reputations and get away with it.”

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Google fought the case, arguing defenses of innocent dissemination, qualified privilege, justification and contextual truth. However, the court favored Dr. Janice Duffy and gave her $100,000 in damages plus $15,000 in interest.

Can someone defame my name?


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    11 comments on “Meet The Woman Who Single Handedly Fought Google And Won

    1. Noni says:

      The write up doesn’t make it clear where Dr Duffy lives, because the quote from her doesn’t make sense – until you realise she’s actually Australian and lives in South Australia.

      Yes, I actually had to google her name to find this out. Lo and behold, the first thing that comes up is the same website she sued Google about! So while it may not be accessible in Australia, the information is still out there and it definitely hasn’t been removed.

      1. Titi says:

        It is actually in the article .. I can see south australia in the second image

        1. Noni says:

          It should have been made clear from the outset, not from an image towards the end of the article.. A simple “from Australia” would have made for a more fluid read.

      2. Hi Ms Techy,

        Greetings from ‘Downunder’ :). Thanks so much for writing about the case in a positive way. The website on which I was defamed charges up to $10K a webpage to remove defamatory content. It is enabled by Google and earning millions a year from Google advertising by hurting people. This was admitted by the owner in Forbes:

        The money I received in damages did not make up for what I lost although I was awarded indemnity costs. I had lawyer represent me until I could no longer afford them and then was able to instruct them again after I won for the damages trial. I represented myself during the liability trial and it was horrendous (but I won). Indemnity costs in Australian law means all my legal costs are paid by the Defendant.

        We are still waiting for the Defendant to file an appeal. Apparently they say they will file by Friday. We will cross appeal. Luckily I will have lawyers all the way to the Australian High court if necessary. Trust me I am so over corporate legal attacks. The Defendant set out to destroy me in the trial and very nearly broke my spirit. In the damages hearing the Defendant continued to try and blame me and was actually suggesting that I pay part of Google’s costs at one stage. The Judge didn’t buy that one.

        I know that it has not been completely removed. We are going to sue the bastards again next month and keep on suing them until they stop trying to punish me for beating them.

        I am happy to answer any questions.


    2. lordseb says:

      that lady should understand that bad popularity is good popularity, it may seem bad now but when someone makes a good report about her she’ll become rich and famous, misstechy believe me one day person go give u bad name

    3. lordseb says:

      Shebi I type before titi, how her comment use climb above mine? something is wrong somewhere

      1. KingAbsolute says:

        Lol, maybe you both were typing at the same time & she hit comment first :p

    4. KingAbsolute says:

      LMAO, cuz of the damages money? You might not be lucky like her, they might end up charging you.

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    6. The woman did really tried. Ain’t easy to fight against with something huge as Google.
      Can you MissTechy?

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