Here Are The Most Popular Browser In Each Country.

StatCounter is a web traffic analysis tool that is recognized in the World. Thanks to its deep analytics you can get to see so many internet stats like the most popular browser in each country from 2008 – present and trust me, it is not what you’d expect. Big thanks to Dadaviz for providing the infographics.

With that said, meet the most popular browser in each country!

P.S.: Before we go on, I want you to pick the browser you think is popular in Nigeria, so you can tell me how far your guess is from the answer.

2008: Internet Explorer is KING!


2009: Opera shows the World what it’s got


2010: Firefox takes the crown from Opera

2010-firefox-slowly-taking-over-from-opera-1438777066.66-5238910 (1)

2011: Chrome tries to fight for attention


2012: Head to Head: Survival of the fittest2012-the-battle-of-the-three-giants-ie-firefox-and-1438777066.67-8278046

2013: Chrome, on a mission to dominate the World.


2014: It is still all about Chrome!


2015: All other browsers, bow down to your King!


I told you most people never hexperredit, I am sure most Nigerians pinned their minds on Opera mini.

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    10 comments on “Here Are The Most Popular Browser In Each Country.

    1. Awesomecaye says:

      Well, even though I can’t take this hook, line and sinker, I still think it’s believable. Just wanna see how well Edge will fare in its new-found competition

      1. Tobi Ayeni says:

        Yes! I can’t really wait, I’ve been using it for 5 days now and I think I like it.

    2. Benjibabs says:

      Wow! I thought Firefox would at least command a huge chunk. 🙁 I can understand why Chrome is leading the pack. I deliberately keep off chrome in order not to provide Google addition personal data; I use too many Google products.

    3. Benjibabs says:

      I’ve also been using Edge – on and off; so far so good. I think MS is late in the game with the introduction of Edge. They should have launched Edge when they were leading the pack. Now, Edge would have to fight to be noticed first before having any chance of leading.

    4. kaybang says:

      google “chrome”

    5. vjsmiles says:

      chrome dey vex shaaa 😀

    6. Chris says:

      It was a rough journey at the end for Internet Explorer hehehe. It prefer Firefox tho. Chrome crashes most times and it doesn’t support some vital extensions and plugins which Firefox allows

    7. Kᴀʏʙᴀɴɢ ᴵˢ Ⓑₐₜₘₐₙ says:


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