Have You Seen Pictures Of Tecno’s First Ever Marshmallow Device?

I finally got my hands on the first ever Tecno device to run Marshmallow, remember I talked about it here. Even though I can’t fully let the cat out of the bag, I can tell you that the Tecno W4 does look pleasing to the eye. At least the first impression got me like:




Remember it is a 5-inch device powered by a 2500mAh battery with an 8.0MP rear facing camera and a 2MP front camera, it has a 16GB ROM and s 1GB RAM. In my opinion, i think this is Tecno’s answer to the Hot 3 given  the spec-similarity.

Tecno w4 i

Check out some hands-on pictures

Tecno w4 Tecno w4 ii Tecno w4 i Tecno w4 iii


Are the looks good enough to make you consider it despite the specs?


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    29 comments on “Have You Seen Pictures Of Tecno’s First Ever Marshmallow Device?

    1. Stiiz says:

      Hi Tobi, quick question: Is it running pure Android Marshmallow or its the usual Tecno skin OS/HiOS??

      1. Tobi Ayeni says:

        Hi Stiiz, It is the Android skin. Although it looks like it runs on the HiOS

    2. Bodexowen says:

      Looks good tho… buh from the images above, it looks bigger than a 5inch phone.

      1. Tobi Ayeni says:

        Lol It is probably the camera angle

        1. timothy says:

          does it have good back camera like tecno c5

    3. Mobtechy says:

      The phone looks good on the outside, but the specs tho

    4. Tonyx says:

      Nice looks…….buh definitely unpleasant specs

    5. zita obeta says:

      pleasing to the eyes

    6. Joshua says:

      Terrible phones


      1gb ram? 2016?

      It looks as though tecno is cursed with 1gb ram mid range phones

      Their new tab

      That’s a duplicate of the 8H

      Is 1gb ram

      For 42k

      While the former was 30 k

      This is really getting tiring

      Over hypes phones and price

    7. Mubarak says:

      hi misstechy am nt ariund 4 ma got stoteln am using 1 nokia nw .d phone looks good bt d specs midrang sha

    8. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


    9. felix says:

      Bezels almost like infinix note2.. But I’ve given up on tecno already.

    10. Uke Enun Jnr says:

      Hehe Oga Felix, you just said my mind buh lemme add something….i broke up on tecno the first day i met infinix note series and nothing can stop me from getting my zero 3 or note 2, except tecno comes crying and begging with a 2GB/3GB RAM Android Marshmallow device-HiOS..For now, am still with Infinix!

      1. Jesse says:

        Then get a phantom 6 plus, 4gb RAM decacore processor 21megapixel camera, 4k resolution, 6inches screen and 64gb ROM

    11. Uke Enun Jnr says:

      *Broke up with tecno*

    12. kasy says:

      The Ram should have being 2GB but Love the design tho,
      Nice camera 2.

      See The World’s Smallest Android Device

    13. Mevhare says:

      Please can you drop screenshots?

    14. Anonymous says:

      Comment Text*nice w4 spec bt really was expecting the ram as 2 g

    15. Abraham says:

      Comment Text* i am a fun of techno product, bah it looks like they don’t want to hear their customers plea….pls if u can upgrade to 2G.B. i fink my brothers will join me in my crusade.

    16. Bintum says:

      It’s a nice phone tho but the only thing I don’t like about it is it has just a gig ram and doest even support 4g network their phone would have been like wow if It had all this.

    17. Silah N says:

      Ok,ok i’ll have to admit that in 2016 1gb of ram is a tad outdated but seriously pple, the tecno w4 is a budget phone targeted at the youth(with limited spending power). Most of them just use social media apps & take selfies to upload on the same social media sites. That plus making a few phone calls doesn’t warrant 3 or 4gb of ram + 4g lte conectivity in a country where 2g connectivity is still a challenge in some areas and 3g is a hit and miss affair. That’s why when someone demands for top-end specs, they must fork out the big bucks, hence why there is low-end(budget), mid-range and top-range devices. Just Saying! (btw, i don’t work for or represent tecno mobile. I actually own a Huawei Gr3.) Love your work Miss Techy.

    18. Tuncasjo says:

      pls, i want to know if the phone is good or not at #27000 in my area. pls i need quick respond

    19. Anonymous says:

      Some people just say what they like
      How can a company make biscuits with all the flavors in the world and sell it N50… You guys want the 2gig ram… Go and buy the phantom 5 then and be happy.. . They intentionally added the 16gig rom and what If the rare camera is 13mega pixel and the front is 8megapixel with a flash with two gig ram and 4g lite and has 5100mah battery life and the screen is 6 inches and have the finger print lock and all the fancy things you wished for … How much do you think it will be sold…
      Those are the features that can go with the price tho…

    20. Provost says:

      Mahn you guys are saying the truth Techno manufactures need to do some thing about it,their phones are the best product but we guys need the Ram

    21. love says:

      I day just like the front camera is weird
      the Selfie is admitting?

    22. love says:

      sorry is typical erro
      I mean I dnt like the front ? camera is weired
      the selfie is annoying

    23. Kenneth says:

      Le Tecno W4 a 4G ou 3G? Veuillez me répondre le plus tôt possible s’il vous plaît…

    24. Anonymous says:


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