Digital Media for the Win: When Was The Last Time You Bought a CD?

I still remember the first CDs I ever bought — Don Moen’s Thank You Lord:

and Hillsong’s “United we stand.”

Got them for N1,500.

However, I can’t for the life of me remember the last CD I bought, because it’s been so long, 11 years kind of long.

For about 11 solid years I’ve used either my smartphone or iPod (in Covenant University) for my music needs.

Now, reports have it that BestBuy, a popular e-commerce platform, will stop selling Physical CDs from its store come July 1st, a decision that could lead you to believe that CDs are a thing of the past, a belief that might not be 100% true, especially in Nigeria, because we still see them (CDs) everywhere.

On platforms like Jumia:

In cars:

On the roads:

And even in some houses. 

Against all the odds, people are still buying CDs.

However, based on the numbers, CD sales are declining —Digital revenues grew by 17.7% (driven by a sharp 60.4% growth in streaming revenue) vs. a 7.6% decline for physical media.

In spite of the stats and the fact that digital options are widely available for music procurement, CDs are still being sold (as a matter of fact, they account for 34% of media revenuesand we (especially people in developing countries) might need a few more years before it finally goes extinct.

So, over to you, when was the last time you bought a CD?

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    12 comments on “Digital Media for the Win: When Was The Last Time You Bought a CD?

    1. I can’t really remember but it’s around that 2008. About 10 years now. I can’t waste my money on a CD when I can easily download the latest music online with just 3mb.

    2. Kelvin says:

      Should be dose to four years. Everything is digital now.

    3. Venom says:

      Discs will still be used for the foreseeable future, movies always have a bluray box set which the filmmakers use for bundle sales, games too pc, xbox, ps4 will still have games in CD format cause not all countries have good Internet to be downloading games digitally, then day one patches and other upgrades so definitely cds aren’t dying out anytime soon

    4. Fhëm says:

      D only CD I buy are either for burning documents, softwares or a movie series and I stopped buying around 2016 since portable pen drive, internet downloads and o2tvseries have made things alot easier for me.. TV’s and digital players now come with HDMI, USB ports. CD is definitely going to be a thing of the past soon.

    5. Kaybang says:

      “I can’t waste my money on a CD…”
      “Everything is digital now.”
      “CD is definitely going to be a thing of the past soon.”

    6. My PS4 still uses CD’s….last CD I bought was a used GTA V , I got it in 2o16

      1. Lanre Akogun says:

        I think the CD in question here is audio CD. Not PS4 CDs.

        1. CD is CD bro..I know not a lot of people consume games via cd but I would hate PlayStation or Xbox to ever think of only digital option , would really suck for us in Africa.

    7. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


    8. _edu_andy_ says:

      Still can’t remember the last cd I bought….. all I know about it is that I can’t find it

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