When A Country’s Presidential Candidate Is Tech Savvy: Between Hilary & Trump. Venue: SnapChat

Remember 2015’s Presidential election in Nigeria and how the opposing party tried to ruin the other party’s reputation on TV?

tech savvy presidents nigeria

Something similar happened in the USA, this time, the opposing party – Hilary – trolled Donald Trump on Snapchat and it is frigging hilarious.

Hilary snapchat

With an almost perfect use of the face swapping feature.

Hilary snapchat 7


To the use of Emoji

hilary snpachat 2

…And Captions


hilary snapchat 3


Hilary Clinton was able to put a dent in Trump’s campaign with less effort and money.

hilary snapchat 22


Who wouldn’t want a president who uses the tools, technology, devices, and sites we all use? Thinking about it, all these components mentioned, have become an integrated part of our lives, and, while I understand security issues, a country whose Commander in Chief  has an experience with technology is a huge plus.

Yes, these are basic trolls, but I’d rather pick this type of troll ? over the trolls I saw on TV.  #JustSaying

obama misstechy

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    6 comments on “When A Country’s Presidential Candidate Is Tech Savvy: Between Hilary & Trump. Venue: SnapChat

    1. Harrie says:

      Well, who wouldn’t admire a cyber loving President, in my opinion, it does seem quite sordid pulling the strings while sitting on a rocking chair and with a smartphone.. Frankly, I prefer the mano-a-mano saga. Not trying to tail a few votes by taunting an opponent.. Their problem anyway :))

    2. Kaybang says:

      Thank God misstechy isn’t running 4 president. Imagine wat her opposition will go thru

    3. zita obeta says:

      Just waiting for Donald Trump clap ? back

    4. Uke Enun Jnr says:

      Okay its good she went first…Clinton1 – Trump 0,
      Returning leg: @#Twitter-Trafford
      Capacity: worldwide
      Ticket cost: active data plan
      Refree: Jack Dorsey

    5. Kaybang says:

      @Uke Enun Jnr LMAO!!

    6. Hmm

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