There Is A Big Chance You Have Cyberchondria!

Ever heard of CyberChondria?

Don’t Google it, yet! If you have, good for you. But if you haven’t, then allow me, but  answer these questions:

Have you ever googled your health symptom?
Or researched a health issue for your relative(s) online?
Do you do this every time you notice these issues?
Finally, does it make you anxious/scared when you are led to believe that your symptoms are worse than imagined?

If you answer yes to these questions, then I am afraid to break this to you, but you have CyberChondria!

According to Business Insider, CyberChondria was coined in the early 2000s. So, it’s not new but has slowly become a thing, given the way people are glued to the Internet. In the literal sense, a cyberchondriac is a person who compulsively searches the Internet for information about real or imagined symptoms of illness.

So, for every time you ‘research’ your symptoms (real or imagined), diagnose yourself from the results and then worry yourself sick about a condition you are convinced you have, then you should check it because chances are it could lead to a bigger problem.

Now, even though search engines could be helpful, I have stopped clicking on website links about health symptoms:

Except for the ones provided by Google, which is quite generic.



Most importantly, if you notice a health issue, consult a real doctor instead of Dr. Google.

So, do you have CyberChondria?

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    7 comments on “There Is A Big Chance You Have Cyberchondria!

    1. Abdul Abdul says:


    2. Fhëm says:

      Lol…i can relate to this but i only consult Dr Google about rare medical terms or if i just get curious nd want to know more about a particular illness.. Few day’s i had a experience with an asthmatic patient so thanks to Google I got to knw more about it.

    3. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


    4. hassan says:

      Well this doesn’t happen to me,so i will say i don’t have any concern about it.

    5. hussaini says:

      Well i have zero worries about it because it doesn’t have any concern about such issues, but I do prevent them contacting me

    6. Edu says:

      I do not….maybe

    7. KingAbsolute says:

      I noticed people mostly put our catchy (wrong) information about health on their websites to attract visits.

      But someone who has read it will be lecturing you with it, ignoring the possibilities of that same thing being wrong.

      I’ll read from different sources before believing those kinda info, reading people’s comment matters too (I don’t know about most Nigerian website oh)

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