Bad News Snapchatters: Ads Are Coming Between Your Friend’s Stories.

Brace yourselves, Snapchat ads are coming between your friend’s stories.


According to reports, the company is about to make colossal changes to its ad offerings. These changes include:

  • Snap Ads Between Stories – Ads after playing a friend’s story.
  • Expandable ads – Ads that can allow you install a promoted app or any other external activity with a swipe.
  • Ads API – Making ads easier for advertisers through programmatic interfaces
  • Reviewed Ads– Although ads are here to stay, Snapchat says it will not overwhelm its users with too many ads. They will also protect users by reviewing all ads before publishing.
  • Snapchat Partners For Ads – To further help advertisers, Snapchat will connect them to a directory of ad tech developers that will help in ad buying, targeting, and management
  • Snapchat Ad Measurement – Along with all these offerings, Snapchat also built an ad measurement system to help advertisers know which ad is doing well.

Snapchat users know how much data the app consumes on a regular day. Now imagine how annoying it will be when you realize that you’ve wasted data on an ad?


On the flip side, Snapchat wants to do away with boring ads by ensuring that snap ads are engaging and highly interactive. So there is a high chance that you as a user will not mind seeing these ads.

Time will tell.

Source: TechCrunch

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    6 comments on “Bad News Snapchatters: Ads Are Coming Between Your Friend’s Stories.

    1. Titi says:

      If this happens Snapchat should just watch watch me whip and nae nae out of Snapchat. Ain’t nobody got time for app that will be consuming data ..mschew

    2. Murphy says:

      This was definitely expected. They have 150 million users and the chance to make a lotta money from them. So why not ? Misstechy lie that if you own something like Snapchat you won’t monetise even at the onset

      1. Reynolds says:

        There are various apps that are not monetising their users. Example is whatsapp ( and before you pounce on me. I know Facebook already has this in their plans to monetise ) but just think about it. They have been at this for long and still not monetised . I am sure if Snapchat had the type of users whatsapp had ..most of us would have been tempted to go for paid whatsapp with no ads

    3. CuulGeek says:

      I definitely saw that coming.

    4. KingAbsolute says:

      The days of snapchat are now numbered…

    5. Lewis says:

      Snapchat drinks data like wine. So bleeped up.

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