Africans and Their Love for New Phones: 215.33million Mobile Phones Were Shipped in 2016.

Africans and their love for new phones:

Which is why the likes of Tecno and Infinix have gained ground in the continent.

Now, the International Data Corporation (IDC) reports that Africa had a total of 215.33 million mobile phone shipments in 2016, this was up by 10.1%.

And they say there is recession.

The report also noted that the smartphone market totaled 95.37 million units in 2016 and even though this was also up by 3.4%, it represents a considerable deceleration from the double-digit growth rates seen in the previous two years, with demand being hampered by the currency fluctuations that are affecting the continent. Feature phones were largely responsible for the overall mobile phone shipments, with shipments increasing by 16.1% in 2016 to the total of 119.97 million units

When it comes to the major players, Samsung leads with a market share of 27%, but had a Smartphone market share drop of about 2.5%. Tecno follows with a market share of 12% (11.5 million units), followed by Huawei at 8% market share (7.7 million units). While the likes of Itel (6% market share with 5.7 million units) and Infinix  (3% market share with 2.8 million units) take 4th and 5th positions respectively.


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    6 comments on “Africans and Their Love for New Phones: 215.33million Mobile Phones Were Shipped in 2016.

    1. KingAbsolute says:

      Its quite understandable. We’re hardly surrounded by technology, so mobile phones are the nearest and cheapest means to technology.

    2. Karolina says:

      Iffa hear say,there is recession in the land.

    3. Kaybang® says:

      “the likes of Tecno…. have gained ground”
      I REGRET being a part of this

    4. I’m sure Nigeria has the highest units shipped into than other African countries. Recession ke? Even with the expensive price, dem still buy am

    5. Adegbenro says:

      I came across one of your articles yesterday. Quite nice. There’s room for improvement (We all have “room” 😀. I pray God bless your work. I’ll definitely be checking your work out regularly.

    6. Pwilliams says:

      for sure, if u know u don’t like that new phone that just raise up ur ✋

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