Woud You Mind A 4-Inch iPhone In 2016?

They come in various sizes, though, I think the largest I’ve seen is the 7-inches.

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4-Inch iPhone

Cutting to the chase, rumor has it that along with the iPhone 7, Apple might be considering a 4-inch device next year. The rumor started as a result of what KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in a Tuesday note to investors. According to him, the phone would be similar in functionality to the iPhone 5S, which was the last iPhone to pack a 4-inch display.


It will also come equipped with an A9 processor.  I looked through all the comments online and more than 80% of people feel that the 4-inch device will be a hit because the iPhone 6 series were considered too big!!

What do you think? Do you fancy a 4-inch device in 2016?

P.S: If it weren’t Apple, I am sure most people will balk at the idea

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    11 comments on “Woud You Mind A 4-Inch iPhone In 2016?

    1. Chris says:

      Hmmmmm.. Interesting, I thought it’ll be getting bigger as time passes by.
      7″..8″..9″… Lol!
      A 4″ iPhone would be nice.

    2. Poza says:

      5″ or 5.5″ is okay for me.

    3. micheal adeniji says:

      It is OK by me…

    4. dharn says:

      Sincerely am starting to dislike big screens. So 4 inch would be cool. I can easily rap my hand around it.

      1. Covenant Oyetade says:

        You’re right. And, BlackBerry kind of got me with their resurrection of physical keyboard. I really missed that. I hardly typed words incorrectly with physical keyboard.
        4-inch screen size is good. It’s moderate.

    5. Joshua says:

      I think 4 is small, 5 would be standard

    6. Tochukwu Osakwe says:

      Pls thats way old biko…evolution has made human hands big enuf for 5inches fone. Apple and dia shakara…it will end one day

    7. FELIX says:

      I just dont lıke 4ınches. No matter the specs. Not to talk of wen apple ıs ınvolved(expencıve)

    8. Covenant Oyetade says:

      It’s not the size of a phone I’m interested in, it’s the price. Is it affordable? That’s what I want to know. iPhones are unnecessarily expensive. Over what. Mtscheeew!

    9. techy carole says:

      I don’t like a 4 inch phone .5.5 inch is perfect for me and it must be affordable.i am still enjoying my phantom 5

      1. Covenant Oyetade says:

        Well, it’s different strokes to different folks. Some have really big palms for phones with big screens, while others would be satisfied with anything between 3.0″ and 4.0″ display.

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