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Telco Hack Day: Cyber Fraud Experience Spurs Lady to be Cybersecurity Professional

Rollback the years to February 2017, Odugbemi Oluwadamiloju was defrauded online whilst paying for an internet security course, ironic right? She successfully made payment (or so she thought) but to a cloned payment portal. Despite efforts to resolve the issue, neither her nor her bank could trace the beneficiary of the transaction.

Rather than dwell on that experience and count her losses, she vowed never to be in such a hopeless situation, deciding to do whatever it takes to live up to that. Having no background in information security, she did not let that deter her ambition, mastering to code and learn other shenanigans associated with the field.

Fast forward to November 2019, MTN Nigeria organizes the ‘Telco Hack Day’, a competition designed to support local tech talents and showcase their ethical hacking skills. Oluwadamiloju and sixteen other finalists progressed from the competition and were offered the opportunity to join the Quality Assurance Panel of the company, where they ’ll be tasked to perform vulnerability checks in order to create more secure products and platforms, in the next 12 months.

She’s ready to put the skills she has acquired over the past few years to use, co-creating more secure products and platforms, ensuring that no one ever has to experience a similar ordeal as she did in  2017.


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