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Meet LG’s New ThinQ Dualcool Premium Air Conditioner — The First of its Kind in Africa.

When it comes to Air Conditioning technology, one might say there is nothing more to see. However, LG proved us wrong with the launch of the new LG DUACOOL Premium, an air conditioner that is packed with health benefits for and mind-blowing features that you would desire to have in a 2019 AC.

Announcing the launch of this new range of air conditioner, President, LG Electronics, Middle East & Africa Region, Mr. James Lee, said;

“As a global company, LG Electronics has come a long way in supporting millions of households with quality, cutting-edge technological products. Our philosophy to technology and innovative designs has obviously endeared us to our esteemed consumers in Nigeria and all over the world. “The new product is equipped with Dual Premium Design and unique features such as LG ThinQ, Air Purification, Ice & Custom Cooling, Energy saving and many more. LG DUALCOOL Premium Air Conditioner comes in Rose Gold and White Colour, they are truly an epitome of beauty as they add décor and novelty to your home.



He also said that the:

“Dual Premium Design is an art of technology inspired by a form of round pillar that sends optimal wind to anywhere. It also has two short-haul and long distance runners inside the air conditioner to operate in the most optimal way in each section to save energy through the help of AI Dual Inverter”.


Compared to the general cooling of 10.8℃ on average, LG DUAL COOL Premium Air Conditioner blows 6.8℃ wind in average to provide instant cooling when it is turned on. Even the electric fans adjust the wind directions. It does not make sense an air conditioner is unable to adjust the wind directions. The Air conditioner provides custom cooling of direct-indirect winds with up down left right wind control.
With LG ThinQTM, users can operate the air conditioner, change the mode or set the temperature from anywhere. LG ThinQ app can be downloaded on the smartphone from Google Play Store by Android mobile phone users or app store by iPhone users.

In his remark, Mr. Mohammed Fouani, Managing Director, Fouani Nigeria Ltd, said LG has been consistent in producing quality products that meet the yearnings and aspirations of customers.

“Life’s more than having the latest electronics but about the experiences technology creates. LG has been consistent in churning out products that create comfort and peace of mind and we are happy to be one of their distributors.

“I believe the new LG DUALCOOL Premium Floor Standing Air Conditioner will address the needs of our esteemed consumers who are health conscious and want to live a healthy lifestyle. The new air conditioner is a solution provider to all worries, especially when you are worried about the quality of the air you breathe in. You can be rest assured the LG DUALCOOL Premium AC will beautifully take care of everything


“As the leading and sole distributor of LG Electronics products all over Nigeria, you can get the new range of ACs at any Fouani Nigeria Ltd outlet evenly spread over the country in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Kano, Jos, Asaba, Ibadan and Benin”, he concluded.


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