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The Top 5 Apps for Productivity You Cannot Miss Out On

Since smartphones made their way into our lives, they have made it easy. Whether you are trying out Betway Uganda online betting or just taking notes on Evernote, you know that tech has made the world a whole lot simpler. 

If you are aiming to increase your productivity with less effort and time, you should have a productivity app. These are software that connects to your phones, and you can achieve your goals. 

The 5 Tech Apps You Cannot Ignore 

Here is a look at five of the best productivity apps which you should install on your phone. Betway, after all, isn’t the only app that you should use.

#1. Todoist

Todoist has proven to be the go-to app for more than ten million individuals. The app is easy to use, but first, you have to jot down all the things that you would like to do. Todoist will then set a reminder for when your next plan is going to happen. 


The app also features a graph that will record your progress. Todoist is your companion since you can also do projects with your team and even discuss it via the app. It is available for both Android and iOS phones. 

#2. Calendar

You might be thinking; I already have a schedule on my phone, why would I need another one? Well, the Calendar app offers more than your regular one. It is AI-based, and it helps you track your day and meetings so that they don’t conflict with each other. Also, a person can plan a meeting with you using the app directly, and it will schedule the most appropriate time to set it up. Therefore you can boost productivity without wasting time. 

#3. Cloud App. 

According to statistics, humans process images much faster and better than a text. Therefore you can communicate efficiently to your clients and teammates with images, videos, and gifts much better than texts. And that’s all which the Cloud App helps you achieve. You will avoid having to write texts or emails to people, thus saving time. The app has a free plan which will last forever.  However, you can upgrade to various plans but at a fee. 

#4. Google Drive

Google has always made it easy for its users to integrate with its ecosystem. Google Drive gives you a platform to share files, photos, and projects with ease. The cloud storage tool will also provide you with access to all the information you need on whichever OS that you have. 

#5. Slack.

Slack is an app that helps you improve communication at the office. For instance, interaction via email is a great way to contact people, but emails can get lost. However, with Slack, you can organize your chats or channels with clients and colleagues both ease. You can also create groups which people can join or opt-out as they want. Also, you can share various documents, images, and data. 

Which are the top apps except for the ones like Betway and Slack that you think can help you do more? Let us know below.

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