Mini Camera War: Tecno Phantom 9 vs. Samsung A30 vs. Nokia 8.1 — Which Look Do You Prefer?

So, I decided to test out the Tecno Phantom 9, the Galaxy A30 and the Nokia 8.1 and starting off with the detail/saturation test:

The Tecno seems to handle the white balance better than the Nokia 8.1.

Now you might not know this, but the flower taken with the Phantom 9 is true to life. Whereas the Nokia 8.1 added a bit of blue tone to the overall look, which doesn’t look so bad, but I’d still give it to the Phantom 9.

Next up, is the dynamic range:

And once again, you can see the blue tone come into play on the Nokia 8.1, but as far as dynamic range, they both handled it well, but let me know which look you prefer in the comment box.

The next shot I took was the wide-angle shot, and I noticed that the Samsung Galaxy A30 had more room than the Phantom 9.  However, they both handled the dynamic range well.

As far as color balance goes, the Phantom 9 looks slightly brighter than the Samsung A30. However, there is a bit of noise going on with the Phantom 9’s wide-angled look (Look at the railings).

Now, moving on to the selfie shot:

Which look do you prefer, guys? I like how detailed the Phantom 9 looks, though.

Here is a side by side comparison

Samsung A30 Samsung A30
Phantom 9 Phantom 9

Here is an indoor/low light shot from the front camera:

Here,  I’d have to give it to the A30 because of how true to life it looks.

So guys, there you have it! Overall, which look would you go for?


23 comments on “Mini Camera War: Tecno Phantom 9 vs. Samsung A30 vs. Nokia 8.1 — Which Look Do You Prefer?

  1. Kayl says:

    Nice….. I rep Nokia any day any time
    Visit, sign up and let’s build a community together

  2. Ruby says:

    Tecno phantom 9 wins it for me.

  3. Ayobami Okanlawon says:

    Phantom 9 did a better job for me.

  4. Abdulsamad Umar says:

    Phantom 9 is stupendous!

  5. Covenant Oyetade says:

    Phantom 9 did a good job here. Though, not totally perfect. But, it is still the most preferable among the trio.

  6. Kaybang says:

    The Rolls Royce phantom 9 legit beat the rest. Wow 🙂

    And the Nokia’s selfie camera can induce depression. Yuck 😝

    StudiedCrayfish on Xbox Live

  7. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  8. Mr.Pdtech says:

    Dear Misstechy, please write about Facebook ad break, Nigeria is now among the eligible countries. I’ve been monitoring the list for the past one year and thankfully on the 6th of September this year, our dear Nigeria (Ghana and some other African countries) were added to the list. it’d be an honour if you give me credits. Thank you!


  9. chris says:

    great review, i think i love the phantom 9 more though the a20 seems a better choice for wide angle shots

  10. Princewill says:

    I will give phantom 9 the best score, the images are more clear

  11. MR. AL says:

    Tecno give brighter shots but not as realistic as A30

  12. Immanuel says:

    To me i prefer Tecno Phantom 9 to A30 because it a flagship phone i guess…though samsung A30 isn’t bad but it worth the price…

    Team Tecno
    Team YayMovies

  13. Bilaltechi says:

    I recently reviewed iphone 11 on my blog which I have not tested the power of the camera yet. My pre-order is yet to land. But from the look of your review, phantom 9 seems to look great which even makes me to doubt the power of new iPhone 11. Just feel like refunding my order and hit the phantom 9 as it takes all what I wanted “cameraaaaaaa is a king” and “misstechyy is a queen” great review keep the fire burning!

  14. adebayo eniola says:

    I’ll go with the Phantom 9.

  15. Edimeh Tobechukwu says:

    I don’t really like tecno as a phone brand, but the phantom 9 is killing it

  16. Anytime, any day, Samsung A30 will always be leading.

    Don’t compare Samsung Camera to Tecno or Nokia, then let’s talk about the chipset and processor.

    Samsung it’s killing them in Andriod.

  17. I will go with the Phantom 9.

  18. Behankey says:

    It’s between the A30 and the Phantom for me

  19. Scarycuteface says:

    Love me the phantom 9

  20. Olusegunade says:

    Tough to pick to be honest. Can’t I have it all?

  21. Kehinde says:

    Please, what the heck is dynamic range? Could anyone clarify the concept cause I hear it everywhere and I don’t know what it means

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