Here is My First Impression of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 — What Do You Think?

If you follow me on YouTube, you must have already seen my first impression video on the Note 10, but if you haven’t, well here you go.

For starters, this comes in at 6.3inch, but it feels pretty small especially when compared to the Galaxy note 10 plus and other devices that I currently have,  and I must say that the size makes it perfect for one-handed use.m,
There is also the fact that I don’t fear that I might accidentally drop this, unlike the note 10 plus, although if you have bigger hands you might not feel this way.
Moving away from that, Samsung is going with a boxy shape design and I love it because it looks different from other devices that we’ve seen at least this year.
Another thing that is quite impressive on the note 10 is the screen to body ratio, as you can see, there’s almost no top or bottom bezels plus you get curves on both sides that gives you a good grip.
One drawback though is the fact that the back attracts a lot of fingerprint stains even more than it should be.
So you might need to grab a case.
Still on the note 10, you get a 1080p AMOLED display which is quite a bummer
But in Samsung’s defense, it’s been said that the human eye can’t see the quality difference
Anyway, there’s gorilla glass 6 on both the front and back of the device but take my word for it guys,  make sure you don’t you this without a case.
Now for those wondering, it took me about 16sec to power on the note 10, placing it on the first spot on the leader board:
Now once you power it,  the punch hole becomes quite obvious, but I noticed that it is quite smaller when compared to that on the Galaxy s10.
Do I like the fact that it’s in the middle well I’d say I’m indifferent but what I can’t wait to see is the different types of wallpapers that people would create to fit this hole.
Still on the device, Samsung has moved the fingerprint sensor from the back to the display like what you get on the galaxy s10, I mean it’s something that we’re expecting so this is no surprise.
Now on top of the device is the sim card slot, beside that is the speaker and the mic:
Now at the right side there are no buttons because Samsung has moved everything to the left side, and there’s a bit of change, so you have the regular volume button because I don’t think that is going anywhere anytime soon, however instead of having a dedicated power button and Bixby button, Samsung has merged everything into one tiny button.
So on the Note 10, you can you tap on the button to wake and sleep the device like normal, but if you hold it for a bit longer it doesn’t turn off the phone no matter how long you hold it for, instead, it launches Bixby.
Samsung has also included a way for you to turn off the device right in the notification panel, but if you don’t like it like I didn’t like it because it takes some time getting used to. You can actually remap this by going to the settings.
Now moving away from all of that, the headphone jack has finally been laid to rest, Samsung claims that they did that in other to add more battery juice, but I feel that they just wanted to kill this guy, I mean if you can create a space for the S-pen on this thing, then they could definitely fit an earphone jack, but on a good note, the stereo speaker on the Note 10 is quite good.
Moving to the back of the device, there’s a bit of upgrade, so you get a triple camera set up which consists of a 12mp main camera, there’s also a two times telephoto camera and an ultrawide angle camera.
Now in addition to all of that Samsung included a couple of features, one major one is the live focus mode for video that gives you a nice depth of field. Now this is something that you can’t don on a smartphone at least for now, the only gadget that this could work on is a DSLR or mirrorless camera, you also have an improved super steady shot for videos, so stabilization on this device is pretty sick and finally there’s the zoom-in mic which enhances the sound coming from a particular place on which you are focusing on.
Now let’s not forget about the front camera, it does a good job at least based on first impression, I noticed that it does well in good lighting condition, but in low light, there’s still a bit of softness going on but more of this in my full review.
Now the Galaxy Note 10 is not complete without the S-pen, so they finally included a 6-axis motion sensor, gyroscope, and an accelerometer sensor.  An example of what you can do with that is to flip the selfie camera, you can even use this to zoom the camera by rotating your hands, but something tells me that this particular feature will probably be used only once or twice. Samsung has also added a feature that lets you convert your handwriting to text it doesn’t stop at that, after converting it to text you can later convert it to any document format which is super nifty.
In addition to that Samsung has included some augmented reality features, for example, you can use the AR doodle to add lettering or text to the scene, now the best part is that you’d be able to see your drawing from different angles by simply walking around the room. Another thing that is quite mind-blowing is bringing to life 3d objects, now with this, you can actually move and watch your 3d object move with you.  I’m not sure how many times I’m going to use this, but it a great feature to have regardless.
Now the RAM on the Note 10 coupled with the processor would get you flawless gaming. I tried to play PUBG and guys the experience was so smooth!
but there are some issues I noticed at least during my first impression, for example, there’s a bit of overheating going on at the back, it’s not really obvious but I did notice it and I’d go into it in my full review.
So, that is all for my first impression of the Galaxy Note 10 and the only reason why I picked the device is because of the size otherwise the Note 10 plus offers more features especially for power users for example you get a bigger screen resolution, Micro SD card expansion although something tells me I wouldn’t be needing that because this comes with 256gigs of ram and finally there’s the fact that the Note 10 plus supports 45watts supercharge which is not what you get on the note 10.
Despite this, I am actually intrigued by the note 10 and I’ll tell you why — it’s because this is actually the first pocketable phone with a stylus.

16 comments on “Here is My First Impression of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 — What Do You Think?

  1. Victor Molokwu says:

    I love everything about the device.. except the absence of a head phone jack.
    Beautiful piece tobi

    1. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:




      1. Cirphrank says:

        NOTE 4 PRO doing well, plays PES okay.

  2. Covenant Oyetade says:

    This, seems to me, like a great phone. Well, maybe it’s because I haven’t handle a phone this beautiful before.
    Reading through your reviews, I noticed you said Samsung ditched 3.5mm Jack on this device. Why?! 😳😳🙄🙄😔😔 That’s not fair.
    I also like the fact that the physical buttons were moved to the left side. It’s something I’ve been expecting phone manufacturers to do for some time now.

  3. Araoye Gbadebo says:

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is just too perfect. But does this phone support face unlock and how is the battery performance like.

  4. Ayobami Okanlawon says:

    It’s a machinery.

  5. Austin says:

    can you dash me the phone please??!😔
    Okay okay i have infinix s4. Lets swap.😊

  6. Abdulsamad Umar says:

    A BEAUTY!!!

  7. Numbed 1 fan says:

    Really nice device, can you do a review of the Lenovo z6 lite?, and you wrote that the Note 10 plus has 256gb of ram instead of Rom.

  8. I love Samsung products. Thanks for the review i think i will get a Samsung Note for myself.

  9. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  10. With my small palm I will still go for the Note 10 Plus. The battery is bigger, bigger RAM, 12GB will take me to another star while gaming, and the 512 GB will make me turn the Manchine into super PC😂, the TOF additional camera on the Note Plus is something I can’t miss and above all, the slightly bigger screen will gives you the best multimedia experience. Between, your video review is just amazing. It deserves 1M shares. Can I use it on my blog review?

  11. Thanks for this review. Please when will we be able to order it?

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