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This is the Best Antivirus You Can Install On Your Windows PC.

With the variety of antivirus software out there, Microsoft has set the bar high by beating the competition, and you can color me surprised!

So, a little bit of a background story, I once used Microsoft Defender, back in my Windows 7 days,  then it was called Microsoft Security Essentials, and I loved it because it was a free app that did a fairly good job. However, I always felt like I needed to install another third-party antivirus.

Anyway, the new test was carried out by the independent IT security institute AV-TEST to find out which security service provided the best result. Only four of the products tested achieved a top score, with Windows Defender being one of them, others include, F-Secure SAFE 17, Kaspersky Internet Security 19.0 and Norton Security 22.17

One thing that Windows Defender has going for it though, is the lack of unnecessary bloatware as opposed to what you’d get on other Antivirus software. To give you a bit of perspective, look at all the extra bloatware Avast tries to install alongside its Antivirus.

With all that said, let me know down in the comment what you think about these results?


10 comments on “This is the Best Antivirus You Can Install On Your Windows PC.

  1. Samuel says:

    I use Malwarebytes… And windows defender

  2. Viklin says:

    Windows Defender has been defending my PC in like forever. I don’t see a need to install third-party AV apps. The default defender does a good job tbh.

  3. I haven’t used third party antivirus software in over 3yrs now and i haven’t seen the need to do so. windows defender (in windows 10) always got my back (as long as i update it, at least once in 2wks)

  4. Kaybang says:

    I love how the scumbag 3rd party antivirus software makers cut deals to embed their software in certain applications. E.g. Adobe reader with McAfee, I believe, and UTorrent with Norton or so 🤔

    Baggage handlers can’t imagine being irrelevant on modern PCs ‘cus of how good Windows defender is.

    StudiedCrayfish on Xbox Live

  5. Sammy says:

    Hello misstecky,
    To start with you didn’t reply my tweet, I also misinterpreted your tweet. Your reply: “their accredited store”. I interpreted it as you saying that they’re accredited store.
    The issue is, Sometime ago I visited their accredited store, the one at Ikeja, I was told (by one of their staff) that they sell the battery together with the screen, that they don’t sell the battery alone. You can imagine the cost: they said its 57,000 Naira for the battery and the screen. I don’t have screen issue, my phone is in good condition aside from the battery not lasting for long on a full charge, which I’ve (replaced) been using for just four months now. I don’t know any of their accredited store aside from the one in Ikeja
    I just thought I should explain everything to avoid any misunderstanding.
    Good day.

  6. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


    1. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:

      … (IMHO)…

  7. Thanks for the Update. Will try it out!

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