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What Do You Think About OPPO Mobile’s ‘Official’ Launch in Nigeria?

Last week, Global smartphone giant, OPPO Mobile officially announced its presence in Nigeria with the launch of its 2019 flagship devices, the OPPO F11 Pro and the OPPO F11 Pro Avengers limited edition. The limited edition is in line with Marvel Studios partnership. This event held at the Oriental Hotel, Lagos on Friday 26th April 2019. OPPO is ranked top 5 in the mobile phone brand in the world according to the International Data Corporation (IDC). The company provides cutting edge smartphones to over 200 million people all over the world. OPPO is popular for its stylish smartphone designs, quality photography experience and the status symbol it provides to its users.
Addressing guests at the event about the brand’s DNA and philosophy was Nengi Akinola (Marketing Manager, OPPO Mobile Nigeria), she spoke about OPPO’s drive to always deliver products with superior quality, high standard and ‘many firsts’.
She said
“OPPO is a brand that is involved in ‘many firsts’ globally and is also expanding in not just making smartphones but also providing superior smartphone technology to every single person all over the world. From 5G to internet of things, OPPO is constantly innovative, one of the reasons we are launching the F11 Pro in Nigeria is to mark a major step which is OPPO coming into the market to make a bold statement.
During the product presentation, the brand’s key opinion leaders (KOLs), Anny Robert, a paramount professional photographer, Do2dtun (Oladotun Ojuolape Kayode), popular OAP and Bamike (Bambam) Olawunmi former BBNaija housemate, all came up to speak about their personal experiences with the phone. After using the phone to take some pictures, Anny described the OPPO F11 Pro as “that device that shoots portrait pictures just like a DSLR camera. The camera quality and its features are second to none, I’ve never seen anything like it on any smartphone. I was impressed with the 48MP+5MP dual rear camera setup, especially the F1.79 aperture.”
“Its performance in low light conditions is very impressive! The camera sensor can increase the area of a single photosensitive unit by four times in low-light conditions, to significantly improve the light-sensing capability and capture more details. It’s an experience you need to have to understand this mind-blowing feat,” he added.
“The OPPO F11 Pro is super fast and is built to give users an outstanding performance; fast charging, not lagging, not heating up while in heavy or moderate use, superior gaming experience, and a long battery life to ensure you’re always in power,” says Do2tun.
The event was a good avenue to show the OPPO F11 Pro as a well-rounded phone – beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, one with an amazing camera that shoots brilliant portrait in low light and most importantly a high-performance device with high battery capacity, good RAM and unbeatable user experience. The F11 series comes with a 48MP+5MP dual rear camera setup, offers 48MP ultra-clear images, and enables users to take perfect low-light portraits by using Ultra Night Mode and Dazzle Color Mode features with a 1/2.3-inch 48MP image sensor.
The phone features a hidden front camera design that rises when the selfie camera is launched, offering the user a panoramic full screen. It comes in two colour options: Thunder Black and Aurora Green. Users can enjoy a longer battery life owing to 4000mAh large battery, and power-saving optimization, with the VOOC 3.0 flash charging (Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging) shortening the charge time by 20 minutes, which means the F11 series can be charged within 80 minutes.  OPPO has optimized the freezing problem by upgrading the CPU, adopting 6G RAM and memory optimization. Also optimized is the overheating problem by applying a thermal conductive grease paste to the CPU and placing aluminum alloy under the screen.
According to Sope Sogbesan (Product Manager, OPPO Mobile Nigeria), he said: “OPPO provides a two-year warranty on the F11 Pro.”
The OPPO F11 Pro is now available for purchase at every SLOT store, Pointek store and other accredited distributors nationwide at a price of N139,000 and N149,000 for the F11 Pro Avengers limited edition.
The Avengers limited edition will be available for sale starting from Wednesday, May 8, 2019. This limited edition will be available on Jumia.

10 comments on “What Do You Think About OPPO Mobile’s ‘Official’ Launch in Nigeria?

  1. Felix anumudu says:

    The phone is really handy and sophisticated. It has nice features and functions,i have watched alot of videos about it and I am happy it was lunched in Nigeria.
    I also love the Avengers edition although it’s limited and its camera qualities. I have seen pictures taken with the phone via instagram feeds and its very brilliant.

    Weldon miss techy

  2. Princewill says:

    Great, I like there phones, it’s always stylish

  3. Covenant Oyetade says:

    Let’s see what they’re bringing to the table. I’ve long been fed up with Tecno and itel. It’s like eating the same type of food 🍲 three times a day for a long time.
    Varieties, they say, is the spice of life. Looking forward to seeing their products flooding the market.

  4. Austin says:

    Anytime i hear OPPO, the only thing i think of is “Find X”. The first crazy phone i’ve seen. OPPO is always wild in design and i love them for that.

  5. JohnJuwel says:

    I’ve been seeing the ad on YouTube lately, never knew it’s in Nigeria already, thanks for the info.
    That camera I so pray it will blow my mind, u really love to test new stuffs.
    And that supper ba3 life is what I can say I cherish the more.
    Oppo pls we will need to see ur budget devices, cus this one Is on the high end.

  6. Kehinde adeleke says:

    A welcomed challenge but can it compete against Samsung in the high end space..

  7. Chemy Torres says:

    It looks like a truly formal event! I was only once in a launch event and it was not like that 😛

  8. Victor Molokwu says:

    Not a good strategy to kick off with a 100k+ device in a country with the largest number of poor people in the world. I won’t do that if it was my call to make . It’s also bad timing to kick off at the same time with Xiaomi.
    Anyways may the odds be in their favour

  9. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  10. Joaquin says:

    I think this OPPO is a good mobile

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