Giveaway Alert — Xiaomi Redmi 6a vs Tecno Spark 3.

Earlier this month Tecno unveiled the Spark 3, a device with few upgrades from last year’s Spark 2. However, it’s almost difficult to go hard on the Spark 3 for a few shortcomings it has, given the price tag.

At N34,000, you might be hard pressed to find a smartphone that comes with the needed bells and whistles. The closest one to it is the Xiaomi Redmi 6A.

With a price tag of N31,000 to N34,000, the Redmi 6A seems like the worthy competitor to the Spark 3.

So, how do these two fare?



As far as the build is concerned the Spark 3 takes the lead with its nice textured PLASTIC back and of course the popular notch display in front, then there is the 6.2-inch display which means that you get that immersive viewing experience.


The only thing the Redmi 6a has going for it is the portability.


The same scenario also applies to the display, although the two devices use HD displays, the colors on the Spark 3 look brighter and punchier.


However, where the 6A shines is in the user experience, although the Spark 3 comes with Android Pie straight out the box, the HIOS skin used isn’t as smooth as the MIUI found on the 6A.

Now, despite the fact that they both use the same RAM size and processor, the Xiaomi 6a ended up performing better than the Spark 3 in the RAM management test.

However, that is not to say that the 2Gb RAM is perfect on both devices though.


One surprising thing is the lack of a fingerprint sensor on the Redmi 6a, as opposed to the Face Unlock and the Fingerprint sensor spotted on the Spark 3.

And like I said in my video, even though the Redmi 6a comes with face unlock, it’s isn’t activated by default— you’d have to change the region to India to use.


One area the Spark 3 takes the lead is in the battery size, so you get a 3500mAh battery capacity which is more than the 3000mAh you get on the Redmi 6A.

However, when it comes to charging, it took about 3hrs 19 min to charge the Redmi from 0 – 100 as opposed to the 4hrs 9 minutes it took in charging the Tecno Spark 3.


Now switching to the cameras, you get a 13Mp and 5MP cameras on the Redmi 6a, and a 13mp + 2mp/8mp cameras on the Spark 3. The results you get with the back camera is definitely better on the Spark 3 than the 6a. The colors look more saturated as opposed to the slightly exposed look on the Redmi 6a.






However, when it comes to selfies, I think the Redmi 6a wins. It has a sharper look, although some people might like the warm look on the Spark 3.






Although the Audio from Spark 3 is louder, the Redmi sound a bit distinct, but let me know what you think.

Anyway,  I will be giving you guys the option to pick which of the devices you think is better and that device will be given away to one lucky viewer or reader.

To qualify you’d have like and share the video below:



You also need to click on the gleam link to enter the giveaway.

Spark 3/Xiaomi Redmi 6a Giveaway

Good luck!


433 comments on “Giveaway Alert — Xiaomi Redmi 6a vs Tecno Spark 3.

  1. Obianuju says:

    I would go for the redmi 6a

    1. Ifeoma Aronu says:

      I would prefer the redmi 6a.

      1. I would go for the Techno Spark 3

        1. Abok Istifanus Madaki says:


          1. The tecno spark 3 is better than the redmi 6a

          2. Emmanuel SOTO says:

            Me gusta el redmi

          3. I prefer the tecno spark 3

        2. Jamel says:

          I will go for Tecno Spark 3

        3. adebayo eniola says:

          Same here
          The Spark 3 is a better device.

      2. Hauwa says:

        Wow wow wow! Why am I jusy sering this post? I definitely love the Redmi 6a and can’t wait to win one for my daily blogging. Thank you MissTechy for the low down. Love your posts.

        1. Beatriz Pe Calvo says:

          Me gusta más el redmi 6 a

      3. Adang I Madaki says:

        Awesome device I go with #misstechy Tecno spark 3 is an awesome device with a sleek appearance.

    2. Emmanuel Akpanta says:

      I would go with the redmi because of the Camera 😍😍

      1. Oluwasegun says:

        Spark 3 is still a go go for me

    3. Victor C says:

      The spark 3 all the way

      1. Baba Suleiman says:

        I go with the redmi 6a because if it’s content with the reality and comfortability

    4. I go for the tecno spark 3

      1. The both phones are good but i would buy the tecno spark 3

    5. Temitope johnson says:

      I love the Tecno spark compared to the redmi.

      1. Ayobami Okanlawon says:

        Spark3 sparkles

    6. justin pedrita says:

      redmi 6a pls

  2. Uju obeta says:

    Redmi 6a all the way

    1. Ayo says:

      Xiaomi all the way ♥ 😔

    2. Olagunju Pelumi says:

      #Team tecno spark 3

  3. Araoye Gbadebo says:

    Both devices are great, but i love the Tecno Spark 3 more, the camera colour is really cool.

    1. Imran says:

      The spark 3 has a better cam, battery capacity and the fingerprint sensor.

      I am Team Tecno.

      I pray i am lucky cos i really need a good smartphone.

      1. justin pedrita says:

        spark 3😁😁😁

      2. Bright says:

        Spark 3 better than 6a.. de digital camera alone is a boomb compared to 6a

    2. Olagunju Pelumi says:

      Spark 3 all the way

  4. Fortune says:

    Would go with Redmi 6a because I feel its more trusted brand. The tecno is dope tho.

  5. Kemi Oguntayo says:

    Not picking anyone, but if I were to pick I’d go with Xiaomi

    1. Dosunmu Aishat Abike says:

      I’ll admit i really enjoyed the video
      It was fun to watch.
      I prefer the spark 3 because it has
      I would really love it
      Really need to change my phone

  6. Adedotun says:

    Hello have tried to contact you in so many different ways but you never respond on whatsapp and emails why? kindly respond here is my WhatsApp number 09066084602 i needed your help on gleam. Thanks.

  7. Nwanna Sixtus says:

    Both devices are really Good, I prefer the spark 3 because of the notch screen and camera

    1. Victor C says:

      Tecno Spark 3 works for me

  8. Prince Godsplan says:

    I don’t have a choice, they are both okay compare to the crap am using. if am to choose, I go for spark 3

    1. Olagunju Pelumi says:

      I’m torn between these two devices, I love xiaomi products but the battery capacity is not encouraging 😞, so I’d go for spark 3, I mean who doesn’t want to try the New Android 9.0😉, and the camera is kinda cool too, so it’s Tecno Spark 3 all the way!! 😎😎😎

    2. Anonymous says:

      Hope to be lucky in this giveaway. Weldone #misstechy

      1. Dosunmu Aishat Abike says:

        I hope i win the phone
        Fingers crossed

  9. Princewill says:

    I will go with Tecno spark 3 because it has a better appealing design, 500mah extra battery, and a nicer camera

  10. Ayo says:

    Ive done all you asked 😪 really need a device

  11. Obumneme Offorkansi says:

    Am team #Misstechy and obsessed with big screen smartphones, any phone less than 6 inches is not my thing so, tecno spark 3 has got my back with large screen for my viewing pleasure, the battery is superb, the memory is enough for me to store my favorites and the camera is all I need for my daily snap shows.

  12. Kelvin says:

    This won’t be a hard choice for me. Tecno spark 3 wins this one!

  13. Abdulsamad Umar says:

    Both devices are great but I’ll go for the Spark just because of that stunning build design.

    1. Fortune says:

      Done all entries.. Hope to win.

    2. Emeh Christian Nwakamma says:

      I’d prefer the tecno spark 3

  14. Fortune says:

    I think I would go with spark 3 because of the fingerprint and screen.

    1. Victor ifeanyi says:

      The notch,the screen size,the battery nd camera and aesthetic design of spark 3 got it all 4me

      1. Ayobami Okanlawon says:

        Android 9 pie on Tecno sounds good

  15. Fuji2019 says:

    I Pick xiaomi 6a

    1. Adang I Madaki says:

      Just watched this video again and realized it’s amazing #misstechy

  16. Nwanna Sixtus says:

    I prefer the spark 3 I love tecno products

  17. Princewill says:

    I like the asthetic design on the Tecno spark 3

    1. Ayobami Okanlawon says:

      Spark3 all the way. A 6.2 inch super full view display with a notch on Android 9 pie with AI bright camera wins it for me 🙌🙌🙌

  18. Alexius Ide says:

    Would definitely go for hr redmi 6a software is almost everything to me

    1. Francis Tagbo says:

      Honestly I’d go with the Redmi 6a, it’s got a better processor(that’s why it’s faster), I can’t stand the ‘iphonesque’ notch on the spark 3 and besides Tecno is still using the mediatek 6580 in 2019??? That’s just sad. MIU9 is waaaaaaay better than HIOS and that’s a fact!!! I’d go for the redmi 6a any day any time. Nice job misstechy the comparison was spot on!!!

      1. Damilare Ajisafe says:

        Not bad from Tecno

  19. Yusuf Favour Odunayo says:

    The Spark 3s warm picture quality is amazing. I also like its design,its dope.

    1. I love the tecno spark 3

  20. Victor ifeanyi says:

    The Spark 3 design and Camera is dope tbough i luv huawei product buh i think tecno is taking the lead here

  21. Araoye Gbadebo says:

    The Tecno Spark 3 is well built and very efficient in terms of battery capacity. So I’m cool with Spark 3.

  22. JohnJuwel says:

    Hey MissTechy,
    I’m sure Tobi is fast asleep now, I saw u ladies review on YouTube, you were a bit harsh at her when she cut u in, so make sure u apologize to her when she wakes up.
    anyway I love the specs and most especially the price tag, and the fact that the both phones are budget smartphone
    But I have to confess, but don’t be to hyped on this (I’m team #MissTechy) don’t shout so that she won’t wake up.
    Look at how u are sparking with 6.2inch, sound, battery, fingerprint, latest Android 9 etc. I’m not say saying she bad, but u ‘re better.
    You won the contest jarre, Tecno Spark all the way .

  23. Abdulsalam Abdulrahman says:

    I’m definitely choosing the Redmi!

    1. Divine Chinemerem says:

      Here we go again
      I watched the YouTube review more than 3 times and I thought you duplicated yourself into two or some sort lol

      Though I won’t be participating in the giveaway to allow others win

      But both devices are very okay
      I mean I don’t even know the one to chose between them

      They are just classic

  24. Eruse Fega says:

    Even if it doesn’t have a notch, I personally think the Redmi 6a is a notch higher than the tecno spark 3…I’ll prefer the redmi 6a

  25. Yusuf Favour Odunayo says:

    The Notch on the Spark 3 is amazing, making it looks like an iPhone X and the Aspect ratio is crazy, wow!!

    1. The Tecno Spark 3 bypasses the Xiaomi Redmi 6A, according to this review and my personal thoughts, so my 💪🏽 goes to the Spark 3.

    2. Oludiran john says:


  26. Suleiman @s_so_true on IG & Twitter says:

    You should venture into special effects Hollywood industry cos the duplicate you, always makes your content fresh, unique and signature 👍🏼.

    The Spark3 is the stand out in the range of Tecno sparks so i give it a 👍🏼 too.

    If it were for me to pick one, i would grudgingly pick the Xiaomi, for the reason being, it’s a new entrant into naija smartphone market (officially) and i’d want to go for the experience.

    Enjoyed the review as always… one love

    1. Anonymous says:

      Nice review
      I would like to try the spark3

      1. Yinjuade Dora says:

        Hope to win the giveaway miss techy

  27. Ugochukwu Harbor says:

    Would prefer the redmi all xiaomi products!

  28. Adedeji Adegbayibi says:

    The Tecno Spark 3 definitely beats the Xiaomi. It’s just a bit heavier and the Redmi 6A isn’t bad too!

    1. adebayo eniola says:

      But the weight doesn’t mean anything.

  29. Paebi Stephen says:

    I would most definitely work with the TECNO Spark 3. I haven’t seen both phones yet, but your in-depth review has me feeling the Spark 3 more.

  30. Emecheta Christian says:

    I can’t wait to test this baby

  31. Emmanuel Okolonta says:

    I do love the Spark 3 more. It has a more versed build quality, better camera, sharper colours and an impressive view thanks to the 6+” Display.😁

  32. Prince Chukwuemeka Ohakwe. says:

    Redmi 6a all the way.

    1. Nabes Micheal says:

      Spark 3 i great but i would go for the xiaomi definitely

    2. Adang I Madaki says:

      Nice Review. Hope to win

  33. Daniel says:

    Tecno Spark 3 all the way. Small screens are ‘No No’ for me..

  34. Ewetan Séyon Emmanuel says:

    Techno spark 3 does it for me… I’m a MI fan but the redmi 6a doesn’t impress me..

  35. francis anumudu says:

    I would go with the Spark 3 all the way.
    Lovely presentation.

  36. Adeogun Aminat says:

    I would go for the spark 3

  37. To be honest, the Redmi 6A wound have make more sense if only it has a fingerprint scanner. so I will go for the Spark 3 because of the immersive viewing and the fingerprint scanner. When it comes to perfomance, I’m pretty sure the Redmi 6A will overtake the Spark 3. Anyways till I grab the Spark 3 first.

  38. Austin says:

    My God!! I hate gleam. That thing has not, for once, helped me win any giveaway. .

    Okay, the bad side abt tecno spark 3 is:
    – charging time.(4 fuckin’ hours.?) jeez. Thats too too bad.

    -The notch display is nice.
    -fingerprint + face unlock.
    -clean body.
    -better battery than the redmi.
    – louder speakers

    I prefer the Tecno Spark 3.

    1. Austin says:

      tecno wins

    2. Austin says:

      just look at that body design.. its no match with xiaomi redmi 6A

    3. Austin says:

      alhaji Tecno.. tecno wins

    4. Austin says:

      the camera is even cleaner than that of the redmi”

    5. Austin says:

      spark 3 is just too awesome;

    6. Austin says:

      is the back made of glass?? ‘Cos its so shiny.. i love it .a

      1. adebayo eniola says:

        Yes the Spark 3 back is made of glass

  39. Solomon Kombo says:

    My verdict still stands, spark 3!

    1. Emmanuel Okolonta says:

      Misstechy i have a question, Please reply as it is important to me and every giveaway participant. In one of the entries, You said we should visit and comment on this post and it is a daily entry. Do we comment daily as well on which device we prefer or one single comment is enough?

  40. John Omoku says:

    Xiaomi devices are premium any day anytime

  41. Israel istifanus says:

    I still stand with the tecno spark3.

  42. Elias Omobolanle Funmilayo says:

    Tecno spark3 is really awesome

  43. Oladapo bolaji tosin says:

    Xiaomi redmi 6a is bae,choosing it anything,any day!!!!

    1. I will go for The spark3 because I think is money better then the other one

  44. Tiamiyu Malik says:

    Any way to my point of view in all way spark 3 is more preferred than xiaomi redmi 6A because its look is superb, both fingerprint sensor. But just need to work on the selfie and RAM. I would be grateful if spark meet up to that.

  45. Kaybang says:

    That video is ingenious 😁😁
    Bullying exhibition 😅

    Xiaomi being well beaten by those Transsion boys. I weep for china.

  46. JOSHUA says:

    This isn’t even a debate no matter results looks contrary

    Xiaomi trumps tecno anytime

    MISSTECHY I know that you of all people know the processor in the Redmi 6A is way higher than what tecno is offering

    Overall performance and delivery optimizations (which is what truly matters)

    The redmi will serve better for a day to day

    Camera and exposure can be adjusted

    I use the xiaomi note 5 ai
    I went to a phone store to compare my camera with all tecno and infinix phones there
    The difference was clear

    Even the so called zero 6 is still lower than the note 5 in graphics performance

    REDMI 6A all the way

    1. After watching the video, I actually support Miss Techy and I prefer the Tecno Spark 3 because it meets the quality and specifications of what I look for in a phone. The camera quality, the display, the design, battery size etc.

  47. Felix anumudu says:

    I would prefer the tecno spark 3

  48. Soji Ayoade says:

    I like the comparison. There really is a dearth of likeable budget devices and these 2 standout for good stuff. That being said, the Tecno Spark 3 is a winner here. 👌

  49. Cephas Tega says:

    I looooooove this review 😂😂❤️❤️funny, witty and super interesting I had to watch twice lmaoooooo. I’m team Miss Techy as we all know and so for this one I’d pick the TECNO spark. I feel it’s shortcomings are smaller as compared to the Xiaomi. Great job on this one Miss Techy aaaandddd… Aunty Tobi my love 😍 next time okay? 😂

  50. Goldyyy says:

    I think I prefer the spark 3.. The camera is dope, the battery capacity is ohk.. Plus the notch screen

  51. Tamara says:

    The Tecno Spark 3 looks like a better deal in my opinion

  52. adebayo eniola says:

    I’m definitely going for the Spark 3 better battery, nicer design and the battery.

  53. oluwatosin ojo says:

    The tecno spark 3 does it for me. I’m more inclined to the camera and security.

  54. Femi Makinde says:

    Xiaomi Redmi 6a for the win.

  55. Ababacar says:

    xiaomi ftw

  56. James Peter says:

    I’ll go for the Tecno Spark 3

  57. Maryam Sulayman says:

    I think i like the techno spark 3 better

  58. Martins meshach says:

    Redmi 6aaaa

    1. Orezi says:

      I will be very happy to have this phone .any phone is accepted miss

      1. Janefrances says:

        Tecno Spark 3 it is
        Nice job there Miss Techy!

  59. Azi Isty Madaki says:

    Give me some Tecno Spark 3. Notch screen yoh!
    I wanna have a feel.
    Nice job there Miss Techy! 😘

  60. mercy chinyere ikechukwu says:

    I love spark3 it have been my dream phone but i cant really afford it… especially the camera and the display… #Tecnospark3

  61. Oluwatomiyin Oduroye says:

    The Tecno Spark 3 does it for me. I love the Design of the phone. The camera quality from your review is top notch. Then faster charging time with the electricity situation we have is a plus.

    1. David Anozie says:

      No matter what The Techno Spark 3 Still leads and can never be compared to the Xiaomi Redmi 6a.

      And I think one great thing to look on to when going for a phone is the battery capacity and Ram size. And Techno spark 3 got you all covered when it comes to this.

      Although I’m using write now an infinix hot 4 light phone. But most of my friend are using and have testified that the Phone is a good one, even a lot of ladies a just crazy about the spark 3 Techno phone.

      I wish I had one! Lol

  62. Icent Simon says:

    Am a fan of notch, a bigger display and good speakers… I’ll go with tecno Spark 3 all the way

  63. Ruby says:

    When it comes to some basic features we love to see in a phone, I think the spark 3 wins. I will go for the spark 3 I stead.

  64. Owoicho Ella says:

    The spark 3 definitely looks better than the redmi and it fits into the modern phone world (the notch and it’s latest software). I like large screens too and the spark 3’s screen is perfect 😊. So for me, spark 3 wins this one. Great comparison!

  65. Abdulsamad Aliyu says:

    Team Spark 3.

    Your reviews are so lovely and stand out from the crowd.

    The spark looks like an iphone, u know?😃

  66. Jameelah afra says:

    Spark 3 always. Love you misstecy

  67. Laura says:

    I choose spark 3

  68. Benedict Brooks says:

    Not a fan of Tecno phones but Spark 3 all the way🐶🐶🐶

    1. Adetola says:

      I would go for the spark 3

      1. Techno spark 3 is the best I will be grateful to have one

  69. Kehinde Adeleke says:

    .. A giveaway yay!!! 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️. Misstechy you haven’t said anything about Xiaomi launch in Nigeria.

    The Redmi might lack a fingerprint sensor and the battery might be smaller with no notch but the Helio a22 that powers it plus 4G lte would make me go for it.

    The Redmi 6A for me.

    1. Sakinah Abolude says:

      Me too

  70. Gwen M says:

    My vote goes to the Xiaomi

  71. Kehinde Adeleke says:

    Had to leave a second comment for the giveaway.

    1. Ewetan Séyon Emmanuel says:


  72. Redmi 6a has a better chipset , software … that’s my way

  73. Martins meshach says:

    Comment didn’t give me 100entries😪😣

    1. Adesina Tayo Israel says:

      I prefer the Tecno Spark 3 to the Redmi 6a in all ramifications.

      Keep it up ma’am.

  74. Prince Godsplan says:

    spark 3 all the way,in case my phones gets bad, i can repair it easily and its cool

    1. Jerry says:

      Spark 3 is alot more better than xiaomi

      1. Elijah says:

        Xiaomi is the best you guys should give it a try I will be very grateful to have it

  75. Princewill says:

    I will be super grateful i win , MissTechy please remember your boy oo, Ive been a loyal follower

  76. Izudon says:

    Wow, spark 3 is a very nice and smart phone, that is well built, I prefer it that the other one.

  77. Ugochukwu Harbor says:

    Team xioami all the way.misstechy do consider me for the win. This will be my first smartphone after my Nokia torch just died after 9yrs.

    1. PETER Claudius says:

      I will love techno spark 3

  78. Ayobami Okanlawon says:

    Spark3 all the way.

  79. Ayobami Okanlawon says:

    Spark3 has my vote.

  80. Araoye Gbadebo says:

    I just love everything about the Spark 3 device. Tecno really did great job on this one.

  81. Calvin says:

    I have always been a fan of xiaomi

  82. Cephas Tega says:

    The Spark 3 does it for me❤️❤️❤️

  83. Francis Anumudu says:

    Superb spark 3

  84. Matt R. says:

    Spark 3 seems to have the edge.

  85. Anonymous says:

    Not bad

  86. Yoody says:

    Fingerprint sensor, Android 9, Better Cameras and Better Design..
    Tecno Spark 3 for me…😎💙

  87. Lucky Ebere says:

    Spark 3 won me over.

  88. Chemy Torres says:

    Well I think the Redmi is the one I would prefer this time.

  89. Emmanuel Akpanta says:

    I still go for the Redmi 6a😎😎

  90. Soo Neng Wu says:

    Spark 3 is great, cant wait to get it.

  91. Abok Istifanus Madaki says:


  92. Nwanna Sixtus says:

    Spark 3 all the way

  93. Jesus says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. It’s world wide?

  94. Ify says:

    Redmi 6a all the way

    1. Ayobami Okanlawon says:

      Team Spark3

  95. damilola ayorinde says:

    Spark 3 all day every day!!

  96. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  97. Ugochukwu Harbor says:

    Pls Miss techy..really need to win these giveaway. #Team tobi all the way..Redmi 6a!

  98. Prince Godsplan says:

    again, I still stand with spark 3

  99. P3rroverde says:

    Nice review
    I would like to try the spark3

    1. David says:

      DISPLAY: Spark 3 takes it for me with the 6.2-inch
      USER EXPERIENCE: the android pie been the latest android OS u can find goes a long way withe the spark 3
      SECURITY: there’s no better security than having a fingerprints & face lock phone in a mobile device. Spark 3 takes it.
      BATTETY: looking at this side Of The world.. One would want a mobile device that last long. A 3500mAh is not so bad.. Spark 3 takes it
      CAMERA: I would go with spark 3 also because Of the 2 back camera..

      All in all I go with Misstechy spark 3. A device I would like to get

  100. Adang I Madaki says:

    Hope to be lucky in this giveaway #misstechy

  101. Sean says:

    Love your reviews and unboxings! 🙂

  102. Franky says:

    Wow! Both phones look awesome. I wish to be the winner of the Tecno Spark 3

  103. Abdulazeez Olayinka AbdulRazak says:

    I prefer the Tecno Spark3

  104. Jaylangz says:

    Spark 3 cause I dont use camera that much .

  105. Juan José Prado says:

    Cualquiera está muy bien

  106. Kelvin says:

    I want the spark 3 pls.

  107. Pio Lawlor says:

    I would go for the Redmi.

  108. David F.R says:

    Muchas gracias por su trabajo

  109. Carlos Brito says:

    Cool I want one

  110. Azi Isty Madaki says:

    I will lovely to have the tecno spark 3. Really dope device.

  111. Buscandopucela says:

    Nice review

  112. Araoye Gbadebo says:

    I still down with the Tecno Spark 3 smartphone, i never changed my choice.

  113. tunde agbaje says:

    Techno Spark 3 is awesome

  114. Promise Nelly says:

    I am currently using the Spark 2, truth be told, Spark 3 is incomparable to any other device within its price range, a friend of mine just bought, the built alone is killing… FOR ME, SPARK 3 Won me over and over again

  115. Max Morais Dos Santos says:

    Let the war begin!

  116. Max Morais Dos Santos says:

    Let the war begin! Now!

  117. Austin says:

    Spark 3 wins

    1. Dosunmu Aishat Abike says:

      I really pray i win this giveaway cause i love that spark 3 enh

  118. Heart says:

    Xiaomi is the best I prefer it than spark 3

    1. Ayobami Okanlawon says:

      Spark3 for the win

  119. Akindiya Samuel joy says:

    I will go for spark 3

  120. Andre Mendes says:

    Is it worldwide? Cheers

    1. Oluwasegun says:

      Spark 3 is really good, in terms of screen resolution and speaker these 2 I love

  121. Francis Anumudu says:

    Superb tecno Spark 3….

  122. Samuel dada says:

    Spark 3, better screen and battery

  123. Ifeoma osu says:

    Tecno spark 3 please. What’s not to love

  124. Ezeukwu Francis says:


  125. Lovely, something you can’t afford to miss

  126. Kolawole Bolatito says:

    The tecno spark 3 please, the camera and display does it for me not to mention the notch to keep up with the current trend

  127. Ugochukwu Harbor says:

    Gud morning misstechy..Team tobi all the way..let me oo win my first smartphone in 2019..xiaomi all the way!

  128. Lucian T. says:

    i like both ! nice comparison though!

  129. Adang I Madaki says:

    Hope to be lucky in this giveaway. Weldone #misstechy

  130. Esther says:

    I’ll go with the redmi 6a

  131. Prince Godsplan says:

    spark all the way

  132. Jossie says:

    Spark 3 all the way.
    love the phone ehh…
    Money ohh

  133. Eze Gideon says:

    Just trying my luck!
    Haven’t been lucky this year tho
    Any of them 😊

  134. Eze Gideon says:

    both phones are awesome
    Just checked the specs!
    Kudos to misstechy

  135. Victor Molokwu says:

    Once I saw 180 comments, I knew it was giveaway season.
    The Xiaomi over the Techno!
    Goodluck with gleaming. I’m out

  136. prateek says:

    I would go for the redmi 6a

  137. Chemy Torres says:

    Great both, But I think I prefer the redmi

  138. princess divine says:

    wow tecno spark 3 my dream phone seriously I would be so grateful if I win at least have being a tecno fan am using tecno boom j8 now wow pls Lord and pls miss techy help me change my phone to my desire one love tecno always mostly the spark

  139. Araoye Gbadebo says:

    Maybe because of the way MissTechy review this Tecno Spark 3 makes me love it. That smartphone is awesome!

  140. Francis Anumudu says:

    Tecno Spark 3 all the way.

  141. Alli Abiola says:

    Great review MissTechy. Its nice both devices came with 2GB RAM but it could have being better though.

    RedMi should up their game. Why lock a major security panel to a country / region?

    Tecno Spark 3 is bae pon dis one. #itsallisay

  142. Taofeeq says:

    Well detailed review🔥🎇. Tecno spark all the way. It got the lead in features that matters

  143. Javier Vallejo says:

    I prefer Redmi 6A.
    Great job.

    1. Azeez says:

      Xiaomi redmi is the best

  144. Ugochukwu Harbor says:

    Hi Misstechy..Team tobi / redmi 6A all the way..pls grant me my heart desire and make 2019 a unforgettable one for me!

  145. Thelma Atseh says:

    Tecno any time any day. Durable, amazing apps. It’s got the brightest light ever 💖

    1. Ayobami Okanlawon says:

      Spark3 wins it for me

  146. Princewill says:


  147. Francis Tagbo says:

    Can’t for the life of me understand why you guys still prefer the Tecno spark 3, it’s obviously inferior to the redmi 6a

  148. Siwoku olushola says:

    I will go for the tecno spark 3
    That phone dey ball

  149. Okenyehike Richard says:

    I will take the Redmi 6A for the following reasons:

    1. The sound quality when Mi-sound enhancement is enabled is superb.

    2. Software is optimised on Redmi 6A

    3. MIUI alone is a premium skin in many android custom UI. (One thing I know about MIUI, unlike Samsung Touvhwiz, MIUI doesn’t lag after long usage of the OS.

    4. Although Spark 3 has higher display density, I will trade it for Redmi 6A instead of having alot ‘unfortunately, system ui has stopped” issues clouding plaguing Tecno’s HiOS.

  150. This is cool my mentor… See you at the top anticipate Techy Barn.

  151. is another blog I lover after misstechy

    1. Oludiran john says:

      Hey Miss Tobi

  152. Alexius Ide says:

    Would like to see the turn out of this give away software and hardware wonder how they stack up. Was the first to enter giveaway Sha 😂😂 But both great phones
    I dunno Sha @misstechy is it just me or my infinix Hot 6 Android Go edition is extremely laggy I believe it’s software and that bloody 1gb ram

  153. Mudu says:

    I will choose the redmi 6A

    1. I won the phone through Facebook and I was given a tracking ID.Now how do I collect my phone.please help me.
      My line is +260965272704

  154. Ebuka says:

    I will choose the techo spark 3

  155. Praise AFOLABI says:

    I will be going for the tecno spark 3 nice phone.

    1. Mustapha says:

      Tecno spark 3.

  156. Ochuko says:

    Tecno better start putting some qualities in device performance if not, these new guys into Nigerian market might just do a KO on them

  157. Araoye Gbadebo says:

    I would be so glad if i finally own the Tecno Spark 3 smartphone. The device of my choice.

  158. Francis Anumudu says:

    Tecno Spark 3 all the way..

  159. Chemy says:

    I rather prefer the redmi

  160. Babatunde says:

    I still stand with Techno Spark 3

  161. Ugochukwu Harbor says:

    Gud morning..Still stand by #Team Tobi.. Redmi 6A is my choice of phone as battrry life is good and camera sharp..

  162. Olorundun Michael says:

    I really need a new phone 😭😭… I hope I win 🤞🙏

  163. I prefer the tecno spark 3

  164. Micheal says:


  165. Godswill says:

    I prefer d techno spark 3 . the big screen is a plus for me.

  166. Alexius Ide says:

    Redmi 6a

    1. Ayibaemi says:

      Redmi 6a… Because it’s fast and charge faster and nice front makeup picture

  167. Oluwatomiyin Oduroye says:

    I just read more on the phones and the unlocking features jumped at me. Its way easier to unlock on the spark 3 because of the fingerprint sensor. That’s more security for me. The spark 3 keeps winning my heart

  168. I rather go for the techno spark 3, the camera is on point and also the audio is balm. I like everything about the phone
    I pray I win cause I don’t have a phone

  169. Araoye Gbadebo says:

    I realised that the way MissTechy review these two particular phrases makes me love the Tecno Spark 3 more.

  170. Andrey Tsaruk says:

    Spark 3

  171. Francis Anumudu says:

    Tecno Spark 3 is my preference.

  172. Mustapha says:

    Wow.The tecno spark 2 also with the redmi are all perfect i wish to have one of them as a gift and i will really appreciate it may God help you all.

  173. Ayibaemi says:

    Redmi 6a

  174. Ugochukwu Harbor says:

    #TeamTobi all the way! Love all things Xiaomi and Xiaomi Redmi 6A ain’t different..Camera on the phone rocks!

  175. Araoye Gbadebo says:

    Team MissTechy for me all the time. Can’t get my eyes off that Tecno Spark 3 smartphone, i adore it.

  176. Francis Anumudu says:

    Tecno Spark 3

  177. Chemy Torres says:

    I rather get the redmi

  178. Ugochukwu Harbor says:

    #Team Tobi all the way! I choose redmi 6A over techno spark any day, any time!

  179. oswaldo zurita says:

    I would prefer the redmi 6a!!!

  180. Akinloye taiye says:

    Tecno spark 3 All the way🙌🙌🙌 Team misstechy😘

  181. Wale ajibade says:

    Tecno spark 3 it is

  182. Adeboye segun says:

    Tecno spark 3 o

  183. Osho John Olanrewaju says:

    Tecno spark 3 it is

  184. Adang I Madaki says:

    Hope to be lucky #misstechy

  185. Jennifer Okwuagwu says:

    Techno spark 3

  186. James Cameron says:

    Techno spark 3 yes

  187. Emmanuel Chikadibia Nwachukwu says:

    Redmi 6A for sure. Hello Tobi it’s been a while. Love ur reviews.

  188. ozioma nuel says:

    tecno spark 3 it is

  189. Anonymous says:

    Tecno spark

  190. d k says:

    Cool review here! I want to see others, too!!!

  191. Michael akingbade says:

    Tecno spark 3 o

  192. Fikayo alagbe says:

    Tecno spark3 all d way

  193. Superbest says:

    I choose Redmi 6A

  194. Anybody Felix ebuka says:

    Techno spark 3 is my choice

  195. Red says:

    Tecno spark 3 for me

  196. Felix says:

    Redmond 6A is good

  197. Sadiq Fadekemi says:

    Redmi 6A is a go for me

  198. Yusuf Zainab Adeola says:

    Techno Spark 3 all the way.

  199. Aminat says:

    Techno spark 3 all the way.

  200. Courtney abraham says:

    Tecno Spark 3 is the bomb.

  201. Shelu Promise says:

    i will go for tecno spark 3

  202. Adam Sherif says:

    hmm… tecno spark 3

  203. Shelu Joy says:

    xiaomi 6a

    1. Wolf says:

      Spark3 wins

  204. IFY says:

    tecno spark 3 is the best choice

  205. Araoye Gbadebo says:

    I still haven’t changed my mind, Tecno Spark 3 device all the way!

  206. Francis Anumudu says:

    Tecno Spark 3 device.

  207. SEGUN says:


  208. Kelly Williams says:


    1. Super friends school says:

      it’s Redmi 6a that’s worth it

  209. Matthew says:

    tecno is my choice.

  210. Comfort says:

    tecno spark 3 is preferable.

  211. Funmi says:

    i have a friend who uses this tecno spark 3… it is massive

  212. Sukurat says:

    tecno spark 3.

  213. Tosin says:

    tecno spark 3

  214. Halimat says:

    tecno spark 3 is the best giveaway gadget.

  215. Ugochukwu Harbor says:

    #TeamTobi all the way! Still 💘 my Redmi 6A..Remember me misstechy..

  216. Chemy Torres says:

    Well I still prefer the redmi

  217. Obu-amu Perpetual says:

    I prefer the Redmi 6a

  218. Adeleke david says:

    Tecno spark 3

  219. Olakemi says:

    Tecno spark 3

    1. Temitope leke says:

      Techno spark 3.

  220. kolawole kolybo says:

    Tecno spark 3

  221. Engyn says:

    Yes Tecno spark 3

  222. Michael uti says:

    Tecno spark 3

  223. Stella anumudu says:

    Tecno spark 3

  224. ezekwe ezinne says:

    Tecno spark 3

  225. soneye kehinde says:

    Redmi 6a

  226. Oladimeji Ganiyat says:

    tecno spark 3

    1. I will be forever grateful if I win the spark 3 techno. Cos its a good product

  227. Rukayat says:

    Wow! a giveaway challenge. i will go for tecno spark 3

  228. Dozie says:

    I love all that has to do with tecno devices. tecno spark 3 all the way

  229. Kenneth uzoma says:

    Techno spark 3. Their product is very good and I am using the camon 11 pro

  230. Temitope leke says:

    Techno spark 3.

  231. Abidemi alabi says:

    Techno spark 3.

  232. Lolade says:

    Techno spark 3.

  233. Abigail dolly p says:

    Redmi 6a

  234. Adedeji Adegbayibi says:

    Awesome vid. Nice and unbiased comparison between the phones

  235. Glory victor says:

    Okay I don’t know which one to choose o . Both phones are very good

  236. Antai Esther says:

    Hmm this is difficult o but I will choose d Redmi 6a

  237. Majek fashek says:

    I choose Tecno spark 3

  238. Kenedy says:

    Tecki spark 3.

  239. Benjamin says:

    Spark 3 all the way.

  240. Debby says:

    Tecno spark 3

  241. Simon says:

    Okay I go with technology spark 3

  242. Anonymous says:

    It’s hard to choose one!

  243. Seun says:

    Tecno spark 3

  244. Ayomide says:

    Techno spark 3.

  245. Adang I Madaki says:

    Hope to be lucky

  246. Esther says:

    I’d go with the tecno spark 3 because I’m a die hard techno fan and I’ve always wanted a phone with a finger print sensor

  247. Ayobami Okanlawon says:

    Spark3 🙌🙌🙌

  248. Olaitan says:

    Redmi all the way

    1. Ayobami Okanlawon says:

      Spark3 👍👍👍

  249. Araoye Gbadebo says:

    Xiaomi Redmi 6a is great but the Tecno Spark 3 better. So team MissTechy all the way!

  250. Mary magdanlena says:

    I love the tecno spark 3

  251. Ugochukwu Harbor says:

    #TeamTobi..Redmi 6A is my go to phone as i love taking selfies and see the camera as a game changer. Hope to win these phone!

  252. Chemy Torres says:

    I like the redmi

  253. Ayobami Okanlawon says:

    Spark3 wins

  254. Olayinka says:

    Tecno Spark 3.

  255. Joaquin says:

    Tecno Spark 3. good luck

  256. Esther says:

    I prefer the tecno spark 3 because I’m a big fan of tecno products and the selfie cam just gets better with every new phone launch

  257. Christiana says:

    I will go for the tecno spark 3 I love the review and I believe it’s worth the pick

  258. oreoluwa Davies says:

    OK o I have been eyeing this spark 3 for long since I saw it so it’s a go for me

  259. Cole olawunmi says:

    I choose Redmi 6a

  260. Yinusa abibat says:

    Tecno spark 3 it is


    #TeamTobi all the way..Redmi 6A is my choice of phone..hopefully will win one..

  262. Araoye Gbadebo says:

    Still down with the Tecno Spark 3 smartphone. Looks premium and quality.

  263. Ugochukwu Harbor says:

    #TeamTobi Redmi 6A is my phone of the year as battery life is just awesome..based on reviews about the phone, i say it reigns supreme!

  264. Chemy Torres says:

    I think the redmi is the best choice

  265. Francis Anumudu says:

    Tecno Spark 3 is the very best of the best.

  266. Okunola Mercy says:

    Tecno Spark 3..

    1. Francis Anumudu says:

      Tecno Spark 3 is still my paramount choice….

  267. Joaquin says:

    I like Tecno Spark 3 more

  268. Ayobami Okanlawon says:

    Spark3 👍👍👍

  269. Maria Pilar says:

    Tecno spark 3 it is

  270. Denis Krasko says:

    Tough choice, but I’d stick to Redmi 6A.

  271. Araoye Gbadebo says:

    Tecno Spark 3 still on my mind any day, anytime. I’m with you, MissTechy.

  272. Francis Anumudu says:

    Tecno Spark 3 is the ultimate @Misstechy

    1. Ayobami Okanlawon says:

      Spark3 wins


    #TeamTobi all the way..Redmi 6A my ideal phone!

  274. Araoye Gbadebo says:

    Tecno Spark 3 always on my mind. It well built and efficient.

  275. Ban Fok says:

    Spark 3. thank you.


    #TeamTobi..Redmi 6A..the top choice for my first smartphone in 2019..

  277. Joaquin says:

    I like the Techno Spark 3, I would go for the Techno Spark 3

  278. Ayobami Okanlawon says:

    Surely Spark 3

  279. Araoye Gbadebo says:

    My favourite still remains Tecno Spark 3, no question.


    #TeamTobi all the way! Redmi 6A my choice of phone in 2019..

    1. Somto Adih says:

      Nice video review, love the withy comment. Tecno spark 3 all the way

  281. oswaldo zurita says:

    i want this phone!!

  282. Anumudu Felix Ebuka says:

    Tecno spark 3 it is.

  283. Francis Anumudu says:

    Techno spark 3 is the ultimate

  284. Araoye Gbadebo says:

    Tecno Spark 3 is the real deal any day, anytime.

  285. Ayobami Okanlawon says:

    Tecno Spark3

  286. Ayobami Okanlawon says:

    Tecno mobile Spark3

  287. Anumudu Felix Ebuka says:

    Tecno spark 3 it is


    #TeamTobi..pls misstechy, grant to me a redmi 6A. Hope I win..

  289. Chinwe adih says:

    Rooting for spark3

  290. Bella Adindu says:

    Hope to win. I will go for spark 3

  291. JohnJuwel says:

    After 2weeks I haven’t change my mind, am still on #team #tecno.
    But sometimes it baffles me how MISSTECHY Does some of these effects on her videos.
    I guess I need a premiere pro or final cut teacher.

    1. Oludiran john says:


  292. Dritan Ikonomi says:

    Redmi 6A

  293. Francis Anumudu says:

    Tecno spark 3 …

  294. Araoye Gbadebo says:

    Tecno Spark 3 still got my vote, any day, anytime.


    #TeamTobi all the way! Redmi 6A for life in 2019..

  296. Anumudu Felix Ebuka says:

    Tecno spark 3 is my preferred choice

  297. Sholar Raymond says:

    Tecno spark 3

  298. Glory peter says:

    Redmi 6 A

  299. Francis Anumudu says:

    Techno Spark 3

  300. Zikko Balogun says:

    Tecno spark 3 is my favourite

  301. Geronimo Cabeza says:

    He participated thank you luck to all

  302. Alexius Ide says:

    really wish my phone kept on reminding about this but notifications on this hot 6 always never show
    i’d have add up to a thousands entries now?

  303. Araoye Gbadebo says:

    My choice haven’t changed, I’m still down with the Tecno Spark 3 device. Correct smartphone!

  304. Ayobami Okanlawon says:

    Spark3 anytime

  305. Ayobami Okanlawon says:

    Spark3 any day

  306. Anumudu Felix Ebuka says:

    both phones are okay but I will choose the tecno spark 3

  307. UGOCHUKWU HARBOR says: love for all things Redmi is profound..pls grant me my first smartphone in 2019!

  308. FRANCIS ANUMUDU says:

    tecno spark 3 is the one

  309. Marina says:

    tecno spark 3 is the one
    very cool

  310. Araoye Gbadebo says:

    My eyes on Tecno Spark 3 always, still haven’t changed my mind on this.

  311. Araoye Gbadebo says:

    Tecno Spark 3 is the phone to recommend any day, anytime.

  312. Francis Anumudu says:

    Tecno Spark 3 is the phone to recommend any day, everytime.

  313. Anumudu Felix Ebuka says:

    tecno spark 3

  314. Maria Pilar says:

    Tecno Spark 3 OK

  315. Denis Krasko says:

    Redmi 6 A all the way

    1. Anumudu Felix Ebuka says:

      Tecno spark 3


    #TeamTobi all the way! Redmi 6A is my choice of phone!

  317. Araoye Gbadebo says:

    Tecno Spark 3 still wins my heart always

  318. Francis Anumudu says:

    Tecno Spark 3 is undoubtedly the best choice….

  319. Anumudu Felix Ebuka says:

    I still choose Tecno spark 3


    Rooting for #TeamTobi considering i am a selfie fan, so i am sticking with Redmi 6A.

  321. Emmanuel Harbor says:

    Just love reading your blog Misstechy..would love to win the redmi 6A..going for #TeamTobi.

    1. Anumudu Felix Ebuka says:

      Tecno spark 3 is d deal

  322. Francis Anumudu says:

    Tecno Spark 3 all the way

  323. eric oswaldo zurita says:

    i want the xiaomi phone!!

  324. oswaldo zurita says:

    I would prefer the redmi 6a

  325. Ayobami Okanlawon says:

    Spark3 for sure


    #TeamTobi all the the Redmi 6A..

  327. Jo says:


  328. Danny says:

    lovely design this spark 3 got,really beautiful

  329. chris says:

    i personally think the spark 3 wins o, it has better features to offer.

  330. Selene says:

    Who win?

  331. I rather think the Tecno Spark 3 is not worth an investment and here’s why:

  332. Estimate Joseph says:

    Spark 3 is the best

  333. Oladiti Ridwan Olasunkanmi says:

    I will love to have the spark 3 pro

  334. Oladipupojoshua says:

    Please how will i win the spark 3 giveaway

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