Microsoft Wants to Take on the AirPods with ‘Surface Buds.’

At first, I had a reaction similar to this:

But on second thought, I am thinking:


According to a report from Thurrott, Microsoft is working on an Airpods competitor under the codename ‘Morrison.’

Like I said, I initially had mixed reactions when I read the report, because asides from the fact that there are so many Airpods competitors (cc Samsung and the others), I don’t think that Microsoft is yet to figure out how to own the consumer gadget space, recall that they previously sold earbuds with its Zune music player several years ago, and last year they launched Surface-branded headphones, which aren’t quite as popular as you’d expect.


On the other hand, I think that having a ‘surface earbuds’ (if they choose to go with that name) is not really a bad idea, especially if it looks like this:

A Surface bud concept via Thurrott



No launch date has been revealed yet, but fingers crossed on this one.

So, does this exciting to you, or:



6 comments on “Microsoft Wants to Take on the AirPods with ‘Surface Buds.’

  1. Looks good but it’s sure going to be abit costly

    1. Divine Chinemerem says:

      Buh wait
      Is that Obama yawning hungrily? 😨😨

  2. Looks good but it’s sure going to be abit costly

    But wait is that Obama yawning hungrily?

  3. Victor Molokwu says:

    If that’s what the final product will look like then it’s dope!

    1. Hmmmmmm, Microsoft this days I don’t know what is wrong with them, after all the money spent on closing Nokia for a certain period of time, they still failed on their phones. What makes them thinks they can pull this off? I love the design though and I’m still much of a big fan of the founder, I’ll wait till we see the final product.
      Thanks for sharing…

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s not bad but must be expensive!

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