Sandisk’s My Passport’s 2TB Portable Drive Review + Giveaway

The truth is, portable hard drives are now becoming a necessity than an option, especially for people who consume a lot of games and media content.

So, getting a 2TB HDD drive from Sandisk was pure joy!

As far as packaging goes, it is pretty simple, nothing extravagant.

I like that the details on features offered are well presented as most people would get the information at first sight.

Now, inside the box, you get to see the hard drive itself, a USB 3.0 cable and Manuals.

Switching to the drive itself, I like that Western Digital has beveled a stylish wavy texture into the half of the drive that’s home to the powered micro-B USB port and power indicator.

The waves also provide a better grip when holding the drive.

Also, did I mention that the device is quite handy thanks to its slim body?


However, I also noticed that the brushed metal finish portion of the device is a smudge and fingerprint magnet:

It’s also one of the reasons why I was a bit unhappy to see that My Passport didn’t come with a pouch for extra protection.


Now, I use a 2017 MacBook Pro that comes with type-c ports, which also meant that I had to get a type-c adapter to use, something I didn’t have as at the time of this review. Luckily, I also have a Windows PC and as expected, plugging this into a USB port was a breeze (P.S. I had to use a USB 2.0 port for this test, sadly).

One thing you might notice, though, is the inclusion of some security features by Western Digital.

For example, you have Western Discovery which allows you to easily access and operate your Western Digital hard drives, it also includes WD Back-up, WD Drive Utilities, WD Security shortcuts and update buttons on its dashboard for easier and centralized access.

The total size of these files were about 300MB, which can be annoying to some people, luckily, they can be deleted from the drive.

As far as performance is concerned. I was able to get a Sequential read speed of 34.0MB/s and a write speed of 31.00MB/s

In layman’s terms, it took exactly 41 seconds to copy a 1.2GB file into the drive and 1 minute 2 seconds to copy the same file from it. The transfer speed when copying from the device are good, but the same could not be said when transferring files to it as it took longer. Nevertheless, these are still respectable transfer speeds at least based on the benchmark scores.

Overall, If you’re a bargain hunter looking for little extra storage, then the 2TB Western Digital My Passport should be on your radar. It is definitely not durable, but that shouldn’t be a problem since you can always get a pouch for it!


I will be giving away one hard drive to a lucky reader!

To win:

  • You must be following on Instagram, YouTube (Turn on post notification) and Facebook
  • You must be an active commentator on the blog (at least from now until the 30th of January)
  • Drop a comment telling me what you think of this drive and why you need it on this page and also on my Instagram page (Look out for the post later this week).

Good luck guys!

P.S. Winners of the Umidigi A3 giveaway will be announced on Sunday!


Sandisk's Western Digital 2TB Portable Drive Review


  • Very handy
  • Affordability
  • Good writing speed


  • Fingerprint magnet
  • Not exactly durable

38 comments on “Sandisk’s My Passport’s 2TB Portable Drive Review + Giveaway

  1. Eriz Martinez Diaz says:

    The best of the best

  2. Alexius Ide says:

    I would love this Drive to be in my hands because of two reason the large storage space and unfortunately my laptop only comes with SSD of 128GB and I’ve constantly run out of storage having to sacrifice some files to add new ones for school and recreation so winning this Drive would be a dream and blessing

  3. Well

    I always dream to own one because I don’t have a laptop of my own yet and I use my sister’s own and the storage is actually too small for the file of both of us
    So I’ll be happy if I’ll win it because I need it to store my works because I am graphics designer

    Thank you

    1. But I’ll prefer the umidigi giveaway Shaa lol

      Phone is most importanter to me now

  4. Akinloye taiye says:

    MA I really need it to store some of my documents and large files.

  5. Adeola says:

    Good day Misstechy, nice review by the way. I really want the hard drive because

    1. I own a system with a low rom(a little over 256gb) which limits me a lot from getting so many tutorials and other quality software’s I use in my field(computer science). Having this will save me from substituting(deleting) app for app when I want to install.

    2. I have been using my system since 2014 and never backed all up due to not having a good, quality hard drive. I fear that if anything happens to the system, it will be horrible. I hope nothing happens and constantly think of how to get a hard drive, getting this Drive will be a life saver.

    3. I’ll like to win something on this platform for the first time, it will just be like a late birthday present since my birthday was yesterday. Thank you ☺

  6. Kelvin says:

    Right on time , Tobi.

    Was going to purchase this exact drive next week , so your review is helpful as I also considered seagate.

    Please where did you get yours from? And how much?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Honestly I think seagate is a better option.

  7. Laide says:

    This post definitely came in handy.

    However, I checked on Jumia and noticed that there isn’t a place to buy from Jumia Nigeria, just Jumia Global, is it that Sandisk doesn’t have a presence in Nigeria, yet?

  8. Abdul Abdul says:

    6 days of commenting 😭.
    Aunt Tobi posting just GIFs would count.
    Bottom line about the drive,Western Digital has pulled out an ace out of their sleeve with this👏🏾 and one more con(no carry case😒) and I really need this, my external hdd fell and stopped working and I’ve not been able to afford one.

    Chai🙄 this is probably my longest comment on here… putting on the commenting spirit like 😎

  9. Ugochukwu says:

    I need it to store pictures, documents, etc. 2919 sure ensures i need to have one.

  10. Awesome!!!

    I was actually thinking of how to get a Hard drive for my project. I’m an aspiring graphic designer and I’m also a student. I started learning Brand identity design in late 2016. And It’s been a very bumpy ride. At some stage, my PC crash all lost everything, my software, design recourse, tutorials and even some client work. But I fixed it and started all over again.

    Recently my PC stared given some signs again. Having this Harddrive would be a game changer for my design career.


  11. Dosunmu Aishat says:

    I would really love it. I as a person love movies which sometimes max out my storage space and I’ll have to delete one of my movies. I’ll really love it

  12. JohnJuwel says:

    – First of all, I really miss your digital twin and her curiosity of always taking the lead. Since you’ve brought the Mind blowing SanDisk Western Digital 2TB Portable Drive, at least I can have another DIGITAL companion to take the lead.

    -So, what I really love about the Drive is the supersonic read speed of 34mbps and write speed of 31mbps it’s freaking amazing coupled with the fact that you said
    (it took exactly 41 seconds to copy a 1.2GB file into the drive and 1 minute 2 seconds to copy the same file from it.)😱 Wow.

    -And generally as photographer and videographers we recommend SanDisk because of its speed and durability).
    I went to get a 64gb SanDisk memory/ 8mbps on Tuesday, due to the fact that my p.c 500gb is remains 63gb caused by (HD Work and I don’t have a back-up, that is one of the reasons I really need this one, because if this one get filled up I can’t really say I can get a new one for now
    I just pray I win this
    Ohooo MY JOY WILL BE COMPLETE (as per no more stress) #January_baby
    -I will first empty all my premiere nd Photoshop work inside to enhance my pc speed with that 32mbps it won’t take up to 2hours before everything is done.
    Less I forget, you didn’t state the price which is very important, you just said it is affordable.
    (please help use with the price)

  13. Jason says:

    Isn’t 31MBps write speed kinda low for a 2TB drive??

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      i used a USB2 .0 port, so that added to that

  14. Omobolanle Elias says:

    I really want this to be able to stay abreast of happenings as it will allow me to store up knowledgeables ,etc and then learn at my own pace

  15. Kaybang says:

    “You must be following on… Facebook”

    1. Abdul Abdul says:

      Was waiting for your comment since in the afternoon I did not see…so I just remember that I’ve not read Kaybang’s comment.
      Bros you no dy dissappoint 😅

      1. Kaybang says:

        It’s really painful how not using Facebook disqualifies me from A LOT of stuff online. It hurts.

        1. Abdulsalam Abdulrahman says:

          Eyya sorry I also don’t use Facebook anymore but my account is stil active

  16. John Boniface says:

    I don’t know who will be the winner but congrats in advance, lol am lucky in winning things ohh and misstechy keep up the good work

  17. Anonymous says:

    Misstechy the time on the comments are an hour late.

  18. Christopher Ibegbulem says:

    Why I need the extra drive?

    I’m an Architect.. 1TB on PC is almost exhausted

  19. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  20. Opeyemi aka Mr 46 Wide says:

    There’s a High possibility I’d be quitting my job soon and my official laptop has a Fuckload(pardon my French)of movies, series and files that I might have to forego. My personal HP envy laptop is a TV and practically useless so this hard drive would legit help me in storing all the movies, Games, audiobooks, apps and folders I’ve amassed over the past two years on my office laptop.

    This hard drive would go a LOOONG way in helping me. Also if I win I’d make noise on social media and in my own little way push the brand

  21. Oludiran john says:

    I watch and store a lot of movies. Unfortunately, for a while now, i’ve been battling with insufficient storage. I’m hoping that the Able God will will use you to shower the blessing of a 2TB portable drive because i need it to avoid insufficient storage👌🏼👌🏼

  22. Omogbolahan says:

    Hello ma, I’m an architecture student nd in dire need of a hard disk such as this. Having a hard disk like this would help me back up my architecture drawing files so as not to loose them. The 500gb on my laptop is filled and this makes my system really slow when I run on softwares like archicad, revit nd Photoshop.
    I’ll be glad if I can get it

  23. Princewill says:

    The hard drive looks cool and very handy to have, 2TB of external storage will help my life and work(Web developer – upcoming sha)…. I am a bona-fide member of this awesome tech blog and I will be very happy and greatful to have such a hard drive

    1. JohnJuwel says:

      Bro the hard drive is a must have oo, because it will save a lot of work for you.

  24. Kehinde Adeleke says:

    Woah! Such Incredible read and write speeds even on a usb 2.0 port. A giveaway? Woah that’s nice. I hope the person who really needs it wins. I just store anime on my pc and it’s almost filled, I don’t think it’s that important for now, though I would like to get one in the future. How much is it?

  25. TTP says:

    You didn’t talk about the price.

  26. Muyiwa Salau says:

    My review of this Drive is.
    1. The outside does not have enough protection unlike the Transcend equivalent of it.
    2. It doesn’t have a plug back in button which enable it to reconnect to a computer even after i eject it from the system but still have the cable plugged in.
    3. It looks fragile and i really don’t think it’s durable just like you mentioned.

    The reason why i would like to win this drive is because i have a 1TB HDD that’s filled up already and i keep deleting things on it to accommodate new Data. So i won’t mind this as my new storage device.
    May the luckiest win.

  27. Ighomena Oghenevwegba says:

    This would help me greatly on my sch work as I own a house stream(32gb) with low storage. With this I can get a whole lot more memory to keep important files.

  28. Yudy says:

    Don’t ladies visit or comment here ? 🤔

  29. Laide says:

    We do.

    We just don’t like to jump on these type of things.

  30. Roseline Idoko says:

    I would like this drive cause of school…I’m using a small laptop with very little memory… And I can’t afford to get a drive right now…thus would really help me in my education in havinh to carry less books around..mThe drive looks lovely for a 2 terabyte..

  31. isokpehi says:

    WOW i will love this 2tb HDD sandisk really nice

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