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2019, the Year where the Notch Dies. Case-in-point: The OnePlus 7, the S10, and the Nokia 8.1.

I don’t know why Olamide’s song popped into my head while writing this post, and here is the funny thing, I don’t even know how to sing the song, but one phrase I always see on social media is “Poverty die die die” and I can’t help but think about the same for the notch.

According to a new leak, OnePlus might join others who might ditch the notch this year. The leak shows the absence of the display notch on the OnePlus 7:

That is not all— it also looks like OnePlus might employ a sliding mechanism:

I am not sure how I feel about that, but this post is not about the slider trend, it’s about the notch trend, and boy oh boy am I glad to see its likely demise.

Now, OnePlus isn’t the only phone manufacturer rumored to ditch the notch, Samsung beat them to it with their Infinity O display on the S10 (Although, Samsung and Sony were the only who avoided this trend)

….And the unveiled A8s:


Others include Nokia, with the Nokia 8.1:

Huawei’s Nova 4:

Let’s not forget Apple. Yes, the ringleader of this notch-mess (Although Essential started the trend of the display notch, Apple popularized it) has also been rumored to ditch the notch in 2019, while another report claims 2020.

Whatever the case may be, it seems the notch could be one of the shortest smartphone trends we have seen, and that is a good thing! But what will replace it?

(*Looks at the images above*).

Well, If 2018 was the year of the display notch, then it appears that 2019 will be the year of the ‘hole-punch’ or the ‘punch hole,’ which puts the front-facing camera in a tiny hole that’s almost unnoticeable.

Do I like it?

Well, at this point, anything that accelerates the death of the notch is to be celebrated, so the hole-punch it is!

Over to you, which look do you prefer— the hole punch or the notch? Also, what do you think about the OnePlus 7 leak?


14 comments on “2019, the Year where the Notch Dies. Case-in-point: The OnePlus 7, the S10, and the Nokia 8.1.

  1. Araoye Gbadebo says:

    I’ll stick with the Notch design, the hole in the screen I don’t like. To me, that hole killed the beauty of the phone screen.

    1. Laide says:

      well that is your opinion and I am not going to fault it, but aestheically speaking, the hole punch looks a lot better than the notch

      I miss this place Sha.

  2. But I don’t really know why people hate notch that much

    I really like the design although not those big ugly looking notch

    1. Titi says:

      the reason I am against it for Android phones is cos of the copy cat behavior .. apple created the notch for a reason but these uninnovative Android folks decided to jump on the trend for no reason at all

      1. Kehinde Adeleke says:

        *cough* the Essential phone beat Apple to it if you didn’t know. And Apple has copied a lot from android, dual sim, type c, e.t.c so your argument isn’t really valid.

        1. Titi says:

          like MissTechy said, yes essential started the movement but it was apple that it quite popular to the point where everyone made their phones look like the iPhone. if you recall, the essential phone notch wasn’t wide, but apple made it wide and every Tom dick and tecno started making theirs wide. if my argument isn’t valid why couldn’t phone manufacturers copy the notch on the essential phone why must they copy apples

  3. I hate the wide border notch with all my heart but the water drop notches seem to be cool. The hole in the screen is cool too but I prefer a full screen display, like the Mi Mix 3.

  4. Princewill says:

    Well…I like the notch sha, but this new designs are too cool

  5. Kehinde Adeleke says:

    Oh yes, the Oneplus 7 looks cool but I doubt if it’ll be able to maintain it’s status as flagship killer cause that phone is gonna be pricey. Maybe the poco f2 will be the new flagship killers.
    I don’t really like the iphones notch, too grotesque. Bleh! The oneplus 6 had a smaller one and the teardrop notch on the 6T wasn’t that bad.
    But the Punch hole is something I’m looking forward to, what about front flash or dual front cameras? I wonder how they’ll implement that.

    2019 is gonna be lit.

  6. Okay… Anybody else thinking how smartphones are following each others trend…
    Its just to fit in, in the market economy….

    Miss Techy I sight 👀👀 u.. 💪💪

  7. Tomjoetech says:

    Aww great. Nokia kind of made the Nokia 6.1 a turn off with the iPhone X top notch design. Pfft
    Good phones though, tallying with my list of phones coming out in 2019 ( )

  8. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  9. Rumours of the front-facing camera going under the screen will only complicate issues for users – when do I know my hand is covering the camera?

    Or I accidentally experience a broken screen?

    I think the punch-hole cut out design is very much welcome by me for now

  10. Austin says:

    I’d like this punch hole or hole punch stuff only if they stop increasing screen&body size towards the phablet way. .
    Can you imagine huawei giving us that kinda “long” screen(in y9)?? Itz nt handy anymore. .
    If i were a phone manufacturer, i’d put the punch hole at the centre not top left and give a 6.0inches display on a 5.5 inches body. . .

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