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Mighty Data Offers Cheapest Data Plans.

In this age and time when not having Internet data is almost as not having life, a lot of funds go into getting and using the internet. According to NCC, Nigerian internet users hit 98.3million as of December 2017. The search for cheap data by all those millions of internet users is finally over as Mighty Data Nigeria brings to you a solution that is cheap, reliable, and convenient.

Looking for cheap data plans for your internet devices?

Look no further as mighty data comes with the cheapest data solution for all networks in Nigeria.


  1. Cheap prices for same data plans.
  2. 24-hour customer support.
  3. 24-hour service; i.e. you can purchase data plans any time of the day.
  4. Data plan options for high consumers and low consumers.
  5. Convenient payment options.
  6. Credibility, as it is not just a one man business but a duly registered company.



On MTN you save up to 50% of your money if you buy from Mighty Data, as well as have a data validity period of 3 months. Which means Mighty Data gives you 3 months to exhaust your data before it expires unlike that of the MTN network that has a validity period of just 1 month.

Here is how Mighty Data prices compare to getting data directly from MTN.

Data Comparison Between MTN direct Price and Mighty Data Price and their Validity period
Data Plan MTN direct Price Validity Mighty Data Price Validity
500mb 500 2 weeks 500 3 months
1gb 1000 1 month 600 3 months
1.5gb 1200 1 month N/A
2GB N/A 1100 3months
2.5gb 2000 1month N/A
3gb N/A 1600 3 months
4gb N/A 2100 3 months
5gb 3500 1 month 2600 3 months
10gb 5000 1 month 4800 3 months


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It is sometimes the least preferred network for data subscriptions because it is considered an expensive network. But with Mighty data, that problem has been solved as great plans are now been sold for less, you save 35% anytime when you buy from Mighty Data.

Below is a comparison for 9mobile network. All data plans of 9mobile purchased from Mighty Data have a validity period of 1 month with mighty data; roll-over does not apply.

9mobile Data Plans Comparison
Data Plan 9mobile direct Price Mighty Data Price
500mb 500 500
1gb 1000 700
1.5gb 1200 N/A
2GB N/A 1400
2.5gb 2000 N/A
3gb N/A 2000
4gb 3000 2600
5gb N/A 3200


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Even with Airtel cheap plans Mighty Data still has a cheaper solution, and you can save by buying from Mighty data.

Below is a comparison for Airtel network. All data plans of Airtel purchased from Mighty Data have a validity period of 1 month and rollover applies.

Airtel  Data Plans Comparisons
Data Plan Airtel direct Price Mighty Data Price
750mb 500 N/A
1.5gb 1000 950
2.5gb 1500 N/A
3.5gb 2000 1900
4.5gb 2500 N/A
5gb N/A 2400
5.5gb 3000 N/A


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Mighty data has a cheaper option for data purchase for subscribers of the glo network, saving you up to 10.5% when you buy from Mighty data.

All data bundles of the GLO network bought from mighty data have a validity period of 1 month and rollover applies.

Glo Data Plans Comparisons
Data Plan GLO direct Price Mighty Data Price
1gb 500 500
2gb 1000 900
4.5gb 2000 1800
7.2GB 2500 2300
12.5gb 4000 3700
15.6gb 5000 4600
25gb 8000 7200


Visit to get our Glo Data plans

Whether you are a high volume user that needs bulk data or a low user that just needs small data plans monthly, Mighty data has got you covered. And just when you think you can’t get any more astonished, there is an online support team 24 hrs of the day to attend to your complaints and needs. Contact Mighty Data today and let’s help you save cash while enjoying the best data plans.


Mighty Data is always available 24/7 to attend to your requests across all our channels. Contact us today for inquiries and to get your data.

07033044456, 09097619649, 08185920059

I love big data!

12 comments on “Mighty Data Offers Cheapest Data Plans.

  1. Nice one Misstechy, but I still prefer unlimited plan… We Nigerians Ard paying too much for data plan. As a blogger I know how much data I burn on daily basis. All I need is unlimited plan even if it’s paying 20K every month for the plan that will cover my PC, smartphone and even my visitors phone using WiFi, I’m okay with it. ntel is not available in my location. It would have make more sense. Anyways, MTN subscribers will surely benefits from the plan. As for Glo, there will be no service to use the data.

  2. Tomjoe says:

    Nice.. Aunty Tobi, why not talk about nTel too? By the way, everyone (starting from you) should kindly encourage me, a young blogger by subscribing to my youTube channel- I promise it would be fun and I would always consider advices.Click on Tomjoe above this comment to go there. Thank you– Just subscribe and you will make my day!

  3. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


    1. It is no fair o… Sometimes I end up using more than 5gb in a day. Now, imagine I’m buying for 2300 for 7.5GB, mighty data price per day. How much is that in a month… Na wreck land o… No data is fair from any service providers in Nigeria… They’re not doing there best for me.

  4. Chibueze says:

    Tobi!!!!! I just saw you on TVC NEWS NIGERIA, you were giving a comment on concerning the launch of camon 11 and 11pro. When I saw you,i didn’t know when I shouted “Tobi”. Was very happy to see you on TV for the first time 😍 😍 😍

  5. Drain Droids says:

    Nice, We need more cheap data in this country. As a matter of fact, Data is still expensive in this country. Seen this Mighty Data looks promising.

  6. Tobi Mojeed says:

    Really Cheap data …..

  7. Anonymous says:

    Really i am not liking this.
    Someone should tell me where tobi ayeni is.
    Miss techy i miss you ooo.
    I keep on coming to this website to check if you are back.
    I hope you are okay

  8. Kehinde says:

    It’s still pricey though.

  9. blograbbit says:

    I should really need to try this out.

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