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Low Battery Anxiety? Here’s a Simple Fix!

One of my many worst nightmares as definitely got to be not having ‘light (electricity)’ especially when all my gadgets are down and I have nowhere to charge. It is worse when you find out that the transformer in your area is faulty and PHCN officials will have to come for it that is like some forever date. Maybe, I am not too sure, but I mean:

I bet everyone can relate. It is rather heartbreaking and the choice is a dead-end, most especially when you need your smartphone to do something and the red light signifying low battery comes up. Sometimes a power bank does not just do the trick. So, in moments when all these plans have failed, you begin to wonder and to ask questions.  Well, there has to be another way out of this unstable electricity situation, which is a major problem Nigeria has not been able to tackle.  A recent survey carried out showed that nine out of 10 people usually end up in a state of panic when they see they have a low phone battery, which is a condition known as low battery anxiety or nomophobia. You do not have to mind the big letters that make up the text, we have all been there before, and we have experienced one or two of the many symptoms of a nomophobic. However, if you are still wondering if you fall into this category, if your answers to these simple test questions are all yes, then you are positive of this kind of phobia.

1. You own so many charging cables, because when one charger fails, you don’t want to be caught unprepared, so you always have a spare. I am not sure, but you might have been told in a dream that the next big thing is to start a cable store, baba, leave that work for Ikeja boys. Lol!

2. You’ve been labeled a chronic charger beggar by your friends because you can’t help but borrow a charger everywhere you go because your phone’s battery is always low

3. Do you find yourself always placing your phone on airplane mode, reducing the brightness, turning off the data, just to preserve the battery length? Well, if you do this a lot then there is a Presidential office for you. Officially, you are the commissioner of battery life matter affairs. Lol

4. Your favorite sitting position has to be beside a wall adaptor after all your English taught you the proverb “kill two birds with one stone”. So while the phone is charging, you get to chat or watch a movie perhaps.

Interestingly, most of us suffer from this battery anxiety even without realizing it, but here is a simple fix for this problem; besides switching off battery-draining apps and carrying portable power bank everywhere you go, you can invest that money and time into purchasing a smartphone with a long-lasting battery life. I honestly think it’s time you start getting value for every dime spent on a smartphone. While you can go for a Samsung or Huawei device, why not opt for the best and the newest addition of good battery life smartphone known as itel P32. This smartphone has proven to excel in rigorous reliability test and long-lasting battery life with its 4000mAh battery. You can go three solid days of normal to heavy use without having to worry about charging the phone. On the itel P32, you can conveniently enjoy up to 24hrs of gaming, 30hrs video playback, 35hrs call-time and 200hrs music playback.

And you’re getting more than just a long-lasting phone with this device. itel also added other premium features like a fingerprint sensor and dual rear-cameras, making this an attractive budget option for people who still want their phones to pack in a lot of capabilities. Do I need to tell you that the phone cost just 26,500 naira and is available in all smartphone shops nationwide?

Now that you know your challenge, its time to take the necessary steps to handle low battery anxiety.


I love big data!

8 comments on “Low Battery Anxiety? Here’s a Simple Fix!

  1. Esther says:

    here I was thinking I was reading a post on how to fix a low battery problem for me to find out it’s a post about Itel p32

  2. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  3. princewill says:


  4. Misstechy, I think you deserve an award from iTei for this post. Lol… I have already made it clear to go for battery anytime I’m shopping for a new phone. Well the iTel P32 look good but the inbuilt memory and the RAM is no go area for guy’s nah… Haba, how can you enjoy PES and GTA on that type of phone without frustration. This is how I almost break my former phone. Abeg let me pack here jare. Make iTel carry their wahala dey go for now. My battery is even %30 now and this Nepa people has refused to fix our transfer…😢

  5. Adegbenro says:

    I was expecting you to extol the virtues of your Nokia 7 Plus. Battery life is the koko. The 2 phones I have presently have 4000 and 4350 mAh capacities.

  6. Joshua says:

    This was definitely one of the best advertisements I’ve seen…

    Kept me hooked and in suspense to think there was an actual solution till the last moment only to realize this was an advertisement… I failed to notice The sponsored category at the top sef

    Truly a Nice one@ Yewande…

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