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Great News: Whatsapp Release Update that allows Only Group Admin To Post In Groups

One of the pains of joining a Whatsapp group or being added to a Whatsapp group is the fact that lots and lots of messages are posted on the group, and even sometimes, these message crowd out the main and important messages. This often frustrates group admins who try effortlessly to maintain sanity on the group. These group admin often beg, plead, instruct or even threaten group members with eviction just to keep everything civil.

This is one of the reasons people are beginning to abandon Whatsapp and move to other messaging platforms like Telegram which has more group participant restrictions.

Just recently, Whatsapp rolled out an update to correct that flaw. This update is sure to bring a smile to the faces of group admins who have been frustrated by erring members. This update helps the admin restrict anyone from posting on the group for as long as he wants. The good thing is that it can be undone at any time.

How Do You Activate It?

Firstly, you would need to update your Whatsapp to the latest version.

Then you go to Group info and click on group settings.

You would see Send Messages. Click on it and select only admins then ok. And that is it! No one can post on the group again.


To deactivate it, just follow the same process and click on All participants.

This is good news for group admins and I am happy for them.


8 comments on “Great News: Whatsapp Release Update that allows Only Group Admin To Post In Groups

  1. Steph laws says:

    Waoh great development, but I think there should be more updates on it cos the interactions will be limited. I’d expected to come with an option of selecting members that are not basically part of the admin

  2. Ibraheem Reedwan says:

    why will it be only admin? I think they should make it a way that the admin can always mute certain members not that all member won’t b able to send message

  3. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  4. Princewill says:

    wow!, this is great

  5. FanBase says:

    This information is great and helpful for groups created for specific purpose which the members ends up diverting the purpose by discussing irrelevant matters .
    also check out How to send, receive and install apps via WhatsApp on your Android device

  6. Adegbenro says:

    The group administrator often threatens members with eviction. This update should have allowed stopping errant members from posting. After they have served their period of punishment they can be permitted to resume posting

  7. Omeh says:

    This information is very informative atleast group admins on whatsapp can now enjoy their privacy. It’s a great post on this blog

  8. Techbase says:

    This features will help to decrease spamming of group with unnecessary message by spammers.
    One of the disadvantages be is that it will make the group less lively

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