Infinix Note 5 Quick Review: Check Out My First Impressions!

So after a couple of days (2 days actually) with the Note 5, the thing I noticed is that the Note 5 as a whole is a more refined version of the Note 4 pro — both devices share a couple of specs.

As for what is in the box, well, it’s a blend of the old stuff:

You get an earphone, fast charge brick, a rubber case, a micro USB cable, screen guard, manuals and a SIM ejector pin, of course, so nothing exactly new.

The specs are new when compared with the Note 4, or better still, the specs have been upgraded and topping the upgrade list is the integration of Android one and one cool part about Android One on a device like Infinix is that you get the stock Android experience:

So, no Infinix skin and all that plenty UI tweaking,  but as far bloatware is concerned, I initially thought the Note 5 didn’t come preloaded with bloatware—Pre-setup:

But after completely setting it up, I saw a couple of applications from Infinix, (shout out to Carlcare and XClub):

Luckily these can be uninstalled.

Now, if you take a quick dive into the settings, you’d see that the Android 8.1 OS has taken about 30% out of the 32GB storage, but you get a dedicated MicroSD card slot, so there is nothing to complain about here.

In terms of design, Tecno has retained the plastic build that was spotted on the Note 4:

Yes, this looks like a glass back, but it’s actually plastic, and like you’ve probably figured out, the build attracts a lot of smudges.

However, the biggest cosmetic difference from the Note 4 is with:

The display
The Resolution and
The Aspect ratio!

As expected the Note 5’s design goes in line with the current trend, so you get a 6-inch display with an 18:9 aspect ratio:

By the way, I can’t believe that at one point, we thought the  Note 4 pro looked cool.

Thank God for near bezel-less displays.

That aside, the placements have also seen a slight change, so, the USB port, speaker grills, and earphone jack have been moved beneath the device, the same thing applies to the volume rocker and the SIM card tray which have been moved to the right side.

Also, the fingerprint sensor is no longer in front:

Instead, Infinix has moved it to the back:

Which is  better fingerprint placement if you ask me:

Talking about the back, Infinix downgraded the camera from 13MP spotted on the Note 4 to the 12MP on the Note 5, but to compensate for that, Infinix has increased the pixels to 1.25 (Similar to what Samsung did with the Galaxy S7)

They’ve also added AI to the camera, but more on this ‘AI’ talk in my full review.

Another thing that has been increased is the front camera and the battery—from 4300 to 4500mAh. However, despite the large battery, the Noteo 5 doesn’t feel heavy in the slightest coming in at 178g.

Under the hood, you get a MediaTek processor, it’s the same processor spotted on Tecno Camon X, and in my brief usage things were snappy and hopefully, it will remain the same when I put it to test.

So how much will this cost? About N64,000, which isn’t exactly bad. Yes, I am kinda disappointed that we don’t get dual cameras or USB type C port, but let’s hope the Android One integration makes up for that!

Can’t wait to put this to test, but let me know your questions and I would answer them in my next video (P.S. My review video is going to be question and answer based!)


44 comments on “Infinix Note 5 Quick Review: Check Out My First Impressions!

  1. Dapo says:

    Autny Tobi been following this your website for two years now so yay! Anyways do u have any idea when this phone is coming to Nigeria and any chance of a giveaway I wanna win something so bad.

  2. Fhemi says:

    Nice quick review!

    TECNO has retained the plastic build on the Note 4:. (infinix) MAKE CORRECTION MA

  3. smart aniekan says:

    I’m very happy 4 android 1,at least I know I cn get a straight update 2 Android P. Tobi u kn hw much I love android P na.

    I cn forgive them for their short comings for dat price, but if it’s more than 75k for the pro version, then I’m no longer interested

  4. That’s nice one from infinix….

  5. Prime says:

    Is there portrait mode in the front camera too?? Which do u prefer?? Android one or their hummingbird u. I. Do u think its wise to upgrade from note 4pro??. Is there anyway note 4pro can get portrait mode.

  6. Prime says:

    Oh…. Nd are the sides metal or is it all plastic??

  7. Jeremiah says:

    Is this an infinix flagship phone. Or do infinix not have a flagship phone

  8. Promise says:

    “That” God for near bezel-less displays
    the “Noteo 5” doesn’t feel heavy in the slightest coming in at 178g

    Love your work Tobi 😁 keep up the good work 👏

  9. Mike says:

    Good Job u are doing here… Waiting for the full review. Cheers

  10. says:

    The Android One edition is indeed a one step forward, though the dual camera thing isn’t part of the flagship. Anyway, the price is okay..

  11. Oladimeji says:

    Not bad for 64k I guessed…but their devices specs closeness is one thing to be wary about…but note 5 pro should be better Sha…

    1. Jeramy says:

      Was looking forward to see a qualcomm chipset, not mtk

  12. Nice specs and features. But its quite pricey at N64,000.
    55k is what I think this baby deserves.

  13. Esther says:

    I love the design of the phone…

  14. William says:

    The picture quality between note 4 pro and note 5, any major noticeable difference?

  15. Jeramy says:

    Dope device from Infinix, can’t wait to lay my hands on it. Meanwhile, chechout this 5 things you should know before buying Infinix Note 5

  16. Nice phone from infinix…. The design is cool…

  17. Otas says:

    I still don’t understand this Android One thingy tho… How is different from other kinda android, please talk more about it in the full review… Good Job Tobi

  18. Gogo says:

    Nice work, please can you do a review on the infinix hot 6pro?

  19. Adegbenro says:

    Waiting to see what the X pen functionality with the Infinix Note 5 Pro will be. I’m hoping the Infinix Zero 6 will have an SD 700 series SOC in December.

  20. Ebuka says:

    Here we go again! Another ‘not so bad’ Infinix phone with a higher price tag and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING NEW.
    No new processor,no new design(don’t even talk about that crappy looking 18:9 display they managed to put on this piece of crap),all they have is a bigger battery and who cares for battery on a phone you can’t use?
    And to crown it all,the person who’s supposed to point all this out is kissing Infinix’s ass and pretending not to notice anything.
    ‘So how much will this cost? About N64,000, which isn’t exactly bad. Yes, I am kinda disappointed that we don’t get dual cameras or USB type C port, but let’s hope the Android One integration makes up for that!’
    What the fuck? If I wanted Android One,aren’t there other phones? Why not just call a spade a spade and not go shitting around the bush?
    How on Earth can Android One make up for the loss of USB C and dual cameras? Is that even supposed to be in this post?
    That’s the case with Nigerian reviewers.
    You guys are all the same
    PS: You have a Mac Book.(Probably not pro)
    We get it. You don’t have to add the keyboard into every single shot .
    You’re not the only Nigerian with a Mac. So……

    I wrote this because I’ve been a long time follower of this blog,and the fact that you made me see tech in a new light made me start my own tech blog back in 2015 that now gets at least 1000 unique viewers every month and ranks on the 1st page for many terms.
    But if I hadn’t made my blog already and I’m looking for inspiration,I’d definitely not start here now.
    Thank you.
    Let the trolls and negative comments start pouring in…..

    1. Cliff says:

      You are just jealous she has a Mac

    2. Amaefule Georgeowell says:

      The phone does not have eye care. Just like note 4 has when upgraded. The feature in note are not much old upgrade it of possible.

  21. Thobbie says:

    @ebuka or whatever your name is, you seem to have a problem; a very serious one at that. You’re ranting about something so absurd, your arguments lack foundation and are baseless and I see nothing but the ravings of an half-assed, destructive critic…
    You said there nothing new about the phone; now tell me is the fingerprint placement, OS, battery etc. the same with the previous version?? Your statements show how empty-headed you are.
    You’re yelling ’bout the phone not having Type-C USB Ports or dual-camera; does this look like the company’s flagship product to you??
    You’re unnecessarily bothered ’bout the fact that she included her Macbook in most of her shots; now tell me is it your Macbook?? She’s a professional photographer and how she chooses to compose her shots is none of your gorydamn business and if she’s not using the pro version of a Macbook how does that concern you?? At least she’s got a Macbook
    If you’ve got a prob with Infinix or Tobi, shove it up your shitty ass and don’t come here to rant!

    1. Ebuka says:

      Wow. That was full of hatred! Probably from your childhood! Did your mom leave you? Did your dad abuse you?
      I see that you know absolutely nothing about technology,and I’m not about to waste my time on another worthless,good for nothing(probably hungry) Nigerian.
      Go and buy your Note 5 and pray to God for a Macbook since you obviously don’t have one.
      Oh,and I forgot,your name is as stupid as you are. And that’s very,VERY stupid.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Lol.. You must have been trained and brought up in Nairaland.

  22. Bibi says:

    The processor is ARM not mediatek. Check the specs sheet.

  23. ALMB says:

    Actually it is the Note version I’m interested in, but I’m guessing they’ll both have the same camera.
    My question is : how do the cameras (front and back) perform against the ones on the Camon X Pro? Also does it have Face Unlock? Thanks you.

  24. Charles says:

    @ebuka is probably deperessed cause a girl is making it with her blog business while he’s still at his momma’s housing trying to survive. Sure the first thing he notices is the the 2017 apple Mac book bro with a touch bar which he prolly cant afford. oh well, as for the infinix note 5 thumbs up Tobi for that excellent hands on review can’t wait for the full video review. Ps, I got here through an ad that was posted by infinix official fb page. You were quoted on thier page so I guess they are also big fans of your review. Keep on keeping ; )

    1. Ebuka says:

      Hey @Charles,thanks for your reply!
      If you can read at all,which I’m sure dumbasses can’t, but if you can at all,you’ll know that in that miserable long journey you call life,you can never get below my level not to talk about reach it.
      And don’t you ever mention my mom in your worthless life. Don’t you ever.
      She did her best for me while yours was sleeping around trying to get money to buy cheap jewellery.
      Oh,and bitch,I actually HAVE a MacBook 2017 too,while you’re here chasing a 60 what thousand Infinix phone.
      As I said,don’t ever mention my mom in your life. Her name isn’t to be said by a lazy Nigerian youth who is drooling over at Infinix’s fanpage while people like me are at their jobs.
      Unlike you,I actually have a well paying job. I just decided to actually talk about the crap Infinix is selling and bow there are better alternatives but noooooo,people like that fool @thobbie or whatever the fuck his name was and jobless touts like you can’t seem to see a constructive piece of criticism and pass by. And as for the MacBook joke,it’s obvious they don’t make such devices for paupers,so don’t even start saving for last year’s model.
      If you guys want me to insult you,I’ll do just that.
      And I’m sure you’re a Yoruba person,because of your obvious stupidity.
      It reeks around your tribe. Don’t get me started on you guys.
      I’d like to see your reply on this. Let’s see how much it pained you.

  25. Adesewa says:

    I love your book collection Tobi and thanks for the post.

  26. Charles says:

    @ebuka like I said before its shameful, I guess retarded people like you have no chance at getting a life and brag about what they don’t have. do get a life and also get the heck outta your shameless mommas house imagine e pain the nigga wella just get your self a life bro nd stop stomping on other people’s life before you die of depression. Get a job and be happy cuz if you had one you wouldn’t have had the time to compose all that cheers bro

  27. James says:

    Ebuka, why is it that u are miserable and hopelessly daft to composinga a review of your worthless life are you so unfortunate to the point of no return that you have to drag ur lazy ass to a blog and start show casing ur stupidty, what do you take yoruba people for, am sure if u really had a job ur boss is a yoruba man that has been Fucking u up the ass for long that ur brain just popped out, infact what is ur aim on this blog why cant u go and post ur misreble word on ur own blog.

  28. Emeka Anene says:

    Hey Tobi…I’ll love to know how soon android P update will be shipping to note 5…can’t wait explore it’s killer features….am a fan of stock android

  29. THOBBIE says:

    @ebuka, you strike me probably as a spoilt, mannerless, rich kid who is momma’s boy and obviously has a “superiority complex”… You’ve got absolutely no etiquettes, manner of approach and your level of unwarranted superciliousness is record high… Don’t come here running that loud and foul mouth of yours as if you’re the only one who’s got expensive things and an expensive taste (well, empty barrels do make the loudest noise)… Go to your momma who you so much revere and ask her to teach you how to guard your uncouth mouth and how to be civil… Ain’t got time for bratty kids like you

  30. Chuks says:

    My question is? Does the infinix note 5 have the eye care mode or Blue light filter feature?

  31. Chuks says:

    I also have another question. How long will it take take to get the latest Android OS updates?

  32. Abiona oluwatosin says:

    Pls o, I have an imporant question,
    My last phone was hot 4 lite, I love everything about the phone except the fact that it possess 1Gb ram, which hangs a lot, one other problem I had with it was that anytime I record on it’s radio it doesn’t record for long before it stops recording, you know am a music lover, so I heard of note 5, with all its beautiful features only to spend over 62,000 naira and realized that chinko I mean “China fone” is Far better
    The phone lacks a bunch of things like
    1. Recorder
    2. Fm radio
    3. Music app
    4. Gallery
    5. Video player
    6. File manager
    Please how am I supposed to use a phone without all these inbuilt app that wasn’t available
    Please what do I need to do, I need all these apps, and I’ve tried downloading all the fm radios I’ve installed needs data to work same goes for all other apps I listed above

  33. Amoo Mayowa Israel says:

    Hi, well, my name is Mayowa. The Infinix note 5 is a gaming mobile, in short, for people who care about crisp graphics and smooth game-play with no glitches or lags, the infinix note 5 is a sure bet, i have played asphalt 8 airborne on it and it was so good, i mean really good. Well, what is the trade-off? Mid-range camera resolution, 12MP on the rear and 15MP in front, not bad, still good for people that love selfies, if you’re aiming for selfie phones, but the best thing about note 5 is its Ultra HD resolution which delivers a super-high end video and gaming experience, and high-end processors for heavy games and heavy tasks, backed by a long-lasting battery. I mean, this phone opens desktop sites and even runs the ads on these sites like it’s a piece of cake. Infinix note 5 is the best gaming mobile i have ever used so far.

  34. This is superb. I like the way you write your reviews Miss. This is awesome and I’m going to incorporate your style of writing on my tech blog.
    My recent article was Best Laptops For Graphic Design 2018 which is no way interesting to what I read here. Thanks for teaching me this.. I’ll bookmark your blog to come back for more amazing contents.

    Stay awesome,

  35. Michael says:

    Lol best review ever…

  36. This is one of the best review i have seen and it is easy to read.

  37. Anumudu Felix Ebuka says:

    It’s good Love the specs. The USB type c port would have been better.
    Can u do a review on any of d Samsung ASeries that is the A10,20,30,70.80….
    Thank u.
    Love ur reviews.

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