A Nigerian Used Machine Learning to Create an App That Fetches the Basic Details of Any Vehicle in Nigeria by Pointing Your Phone at It.

This is me anytime I read about Nigerians using technology to create amazing stuff:
The guys at Ke Nako Technologies created an app that can be used to find the details of all types of vehicles in Nigeria by pointing your phone at the vehicle. According to them, the tool was developed in partnership with the Adamawa State Board of Internal Revenue and the data was seemingly gleaned from public records.

Initially, you’ll have to look up the same information via a web search either through the Federal Road Safety Corps’ website.

Which isn’t that great.
Or through the Lagos State Government’s website, which is cool, but only limited to vehicles registered in Lagos State.

Or by sending an SMS from a registered phone number to 33820, but the goal of the app is to use the concept of optical character recognition to read the characters on a vehicle’s plate number in Nigeria, so you can simply point your phone at license plate you want details on.

As for the app itself, it is pretty straightforward. After downloading (Click here to download), you’d be greeted with this screen.
Just click on start and the camera app should pop up. I tried using the app in landscape mode but soon realized, after several failed attempts, that it only works in portrait mode:
Once it has gotten the plate number in the rectangular box, Click on it, and if the number corresponds to the actual plate number…..
…..You can click ok to get access to the vehicle details.
Which include the Chasis Number, the color of the Vehicle, the manufacturer, and the registration status, including the number of days your license will expire.

For the privacy conscious individuals, the data is fetched via API, so no data is uploaded.

The app can be used to find the basic details of a vehicle for second-hand buyers, as well as just to search the details of vehicles in road accidents, to name a few. What do you think?

6 comments on “A Nigerian Used Machine Learning to Create an App That Fetches the Basic Details of Any Vehicle in Nigeria by Pointing Your Phone at It.

  1. Fhemi says:

    We have ideas and talents in Nigeria. I wish our government are showing more interest in helping young Nigeria youth showcase and nurture their skills instead of calling us lazy..

    1. Kaybang says:

      If I were in government, I wouldn’t do more than what they’re already doing now, and call all of you lazy.

  2. isaiah oladapo says:

    Misstechy I am sure I am happier than you because I believe that the future of Nigeria is technology and not agriculture. We need more of this tech in Nigeria.

    1. Without Agriculture what will you eat.
      Tech is great and Agriculture is Important too.
      The complete integration of Technology into agriculture is all we need.

  3. Habib says:

    This is highly commendable. Technology is moving fast and I’m glad Nigerians are moving with the tide! Nice post Misstechy!

  4. Princewill says:

    Super commendable

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