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How to Win the Tecno Spark 2.

I apologize for the delay with this post, but health issues came up.

Anyway, yes you can win a Tecno Spark 2 and to do that, tell me one feature you like about the Tecno Spark 2, you can either drop a comment here or on my YouTube page. (Click here)

Now, the first question is major but you’d have to also complete this steps in the window below.

Tecno Spark 2 Giveaway

That’s it, guys! The winner would be announced in my next video!

Good luck!


71 comments on “How to Win the Tecno Spark 2.

  1. Debby says:

    One of the features I love about Tecno Spark 2 is that it has a 8MP front camera and 13MP back camera

  2. Scentmarlc says:

    The full HD display and face unlock. Plus it has lesser weight compared to the K7. A very superb mid-range phone.

  3. Okeke Kingsley says:

    I love the Face ID and the fact that it will be upgraded to Android p🙂

  4. Ohimen Omorebokhae says:

    I love the screen to body ratio and the camera.

  5. Richeetech says:

    Hello Misstechy, allow me to officially announce the fact that this new design to your blog is a killer. I’ve always been a big fan of grid layout designs.

    I also noticed your backlink count has skyrocketed from about 5k to 11k (ahrefs is a bitch, i know.). Thumbs up. Keep inspiring people.

    Richard Juwah

  6. Barry Palmer says:

    I love the facial recognition, an upgraded front camera,bigger screen and battery

    1. Barry Palmer says:

      Facial recognition

  7. isaiah oladapo says:

    Nice one Hope is your health Misstechy. Please take care of your self

  8. Olabisi Erinosho says:

    I really love the sleek and stylish design of the phone.Also the google products[ Googlego, datally, youtubego, Files go} are interesting apps to help the OS not to be too crowded or slow cause of its lightness. I still like the resolution amd the product as a whole. Great job MissTechy.

  9. Mevhare Afe says:

    I love the camera. It’s really a big improvement from the previous spark by tecno

  10. The Tecno spark 2 display size is amazing.
    The 6 inch display with 18:9 aspect ratio is big enough to watch movies and read .xls and PDF files clearly
    Also 3500mah battery would keep me going all day.
    The dedicated SD card is a plus for someone(me) who’s coming from a hybrid SIM/card slot.
    13 mp shooter is excellent for taking pictures of products for my online store (Still in the works though)
    1gb ram would handle all the apps I need, Shopify, WPS office, WhatsApp business, FB, pages, IG, Snapchat, twitter and the rest perfectly.
    I think the Tecno Spark 2 is a perfect device for someone like me

  11. Ernest jnr. says:

    I like it cos it’s an android go version that means there’s a high possibility of me getting OTA updates from Google

  12. Michael says:

    I actually love the software powering the device, the android 8.0 go edition. This will make the operations of the device smooth enough regardless of the 1gb ram..

    1. Ngozi precious says:

      No font style, do you know and no manual?

  13. Caleb says:

    The camera upgrade. I love snapping things sha.

  14. Salman says:

    – 6-inch HD+ IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 1440 x 720 pixels
    – Android 8.1 Oreo Go Edition with 1GB RAM
    – Face ID and Fingerprint scanner
    – Quad-core 1.3GHz MediaTek MT6580WP
    – 16GB built-in storage, upgradeable up to 128GB
    – 13MP rear camera and 8MP front camera
    – 3500mAh non-removable Li-Ion Battery
    – Price lesser than N37,000, good to go for Android fans.

  15. Derrick says:

    Am having problems referring people the link doesn’t redirect to YouTube how do they subscribe

  16. pwilliams says:

    For me I like the sleek design and most of all it’s superb optimization techniques

  17. Okolie Rex says:

    The face Id addition is one of the features I like and also the fact that it might get Android P beautiful

  18. Cirphrank says:

    Sorry about your health sis, wish you great speedy recovery.

  19. Damilare Ajisafe says:

    The one thing I like about the Spark 2 is the android Oreo 8.1 (go edition) OS. With google promising updates to go edition devices, it can’t get any better than that. So I think the OS is its stand out feature.

  20. Araoye Gbadebo says:

    One feature i like most about this device is the fact that, it’s Android 8 Orea Go Edition. Go Edition” means the software is optimised for budget smartphones with low resources and it gives the phone access to run smoothly while in heavy use. I really need this phone, hope i get to win something from you for the first time.

  21. Ebuka says:

    Rather than be a guy for freebies like the rest of you chumps,I’ll say what I HATE about this new phone.
    The fact that it uses a 4 year old chipset and 1GB RAM doesn’t seem to bother Miss Techy, but she’s been paid,so shut the mouth goes.
    The display is shit,the camera is probably crap and the 18:9 display is not there at all.
    But what bothers me is that the person who is to point out all these drawbacks has been paid,so she makes them seem ‘OK’ for the price. Truth be told,they’re not.
    Check out Xiaomi phones. They’re officially available in Nigeria
    If you want to hate me,feel free. But I won’t be like the rest of you falling victim to this useless brand. My Redmi Note 5 Pro Haas been serving me well,and it’s only 70k.
    Food for thought…..

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      LOL at being paid, I wonder how you came about these assumptions. Do enlighten me.

    2. Cirphrank says:

      Ebuka, do you skim through posts or read them whole? Have you no idea she showed her disappointment in the 1GB RAM in her first post about the phone?

      And even if she gave a biased review on a phone because she was paid to even though all I’ve always seen is honesty in her reviews, sponsored ones and otherwise, questions is: do you pay for the Misstechy domain name? do you cater for the hosting fares? she’s out there in videos enlightening us about tech with smiles always even when she’s not feeling utterly good health-wise, do you really care? how have you ever reached out to her positively? none is pretty much the correct answer, so I’ll ask you, from whence did you get your permission to show even the slightest form of hate?

    3. Fhemi says:

      Just saw this post today and I felt i need to give this bro a response.
      -Firstly you sound very rude and disrespectful
      -Secondly I’m not sure you have been following this blog for a long time cause she post review from different phone brands too
      -Thirdly. Even if she’s paid, well she’s doing her job and she’s really good at it. This is just a review. Every phone have their setbacks.
      -You are using a phone of 70k and a China brand so to say, I personally cannot afford of a phone of that amount at this time so why hate? I’m sure this phone can perform the all the very basic functions as your 70k xiaomi. + you phone looks very cheap compare to other phones too. All fingers are not equal.
      -stop passing negative vibe bro.. You don’t have to comment. She deserves accolades for what she’s doing. Alot of her male counterparts can’t make good contents, reviews and videos like she does.

      P. S: you are very stupid and worthless for calling anybody here chumps. I can tell you 5 things about your phone that are crap. Go make you own review let’s see. Go and get a job and get paid mister.

  22. Ayansola olayinka says:

    Let me win and handle the phone first…then I will say how I feel about it…😁😁😁

  23. Suleiman says:

    I was a bit reserved with the 1gb ram on this phone cos I was looking to be able to buy it at the price but thanks to your video I fully got understand that it will come with stock android that run version 8 Go apps.

    They are lite, don’t take as much space and processor speed to run and they won’t lag the phone.

    So, that is one feature that most excited me amongst the over all phone.

    Thanks for the reviews and giveaway, hope my luck shines to get it.

  24. Victor Ajibade says:

    There are quite a few features I like about it, but since you said one…
    I like the fact that it comes with the lightweight Android Oreo Go edition. This is because for 1GB of RAM, I wouldn’t expect the phone to be fast anymore after extended use and installing many apps, so the Go edition is a welcome choice.

    1. Victor Ajibade says:

      Sorry about your health issues by the way. Hope you get better!

  25. Abdul Abdul says:

    Sorry about your health Misstechy.

  26. Deborah says:

    It definitely has to be the face ID and fingerprint scanner feature. The extra security measure is just amazing.

  27. Bashir Hamman says:

    It facial recognition it perfect

  28. Jameelah afra says:

    My best feature is the 3500mah battery

    The face id too

  29. One thing I love about the device is that it runs on an Android 8.1 go version and therefore stands a chance of getting updated to Android P…

  30. Esther says:

    in as much as I did love to participate.. the whole idea of sorting for people for the gleam entries is not my thing cos I don’t have much followers on my social media page but anyway let the best person win…
    PS: the most interesting feature of the spark 2 to me is the 6 inch… I love big things joor

  31. Abdulsamad says:

    My best feature is the android 8.1 oreo go os

  32. OG. Okosisi says:

    The Andriod OS version 8.1 (Oreo).

  33. Abdulazeez Abdulmalik says:

    I love the 8.0 MP front camera and 13.0 MP rear camera with flash… And the 3500mAh battery capacity

  34. Abel faith says:

    I love tecno phone’s so I can’t really say, their phones are more affordable and lasting battery. I’ll just say I love it cause it’s a very good phone made at an affordable price, thanks.

  35. Uzo says:

    I love the 6.0 inch screen size…

  36. Dozie Michael says:

    Hi,I love the fact That it runs on Android 8.1(Go edition), cause it results into a faster Android experience, unlike those phones that is got 1 GB ram running the normal kinda Android version and the user experience keep fraustrating the user.With the Android 8.1(Go edition), everything gon’ be smooth and fast, like ready,set Go!!!

  37. Akanbi Shedrack says:

    I’m sorry I dont just like a feature. Firstly, I love the screen size which translates to a comfortable use for doing researchs and assignments as a student. Secondy, the memory( 16gb in-built storage). Compared to the phone I’m using that is just 5gb, the Spark 2 will enable me have large files and apps that are very relevant and useful instead of uninstalling and re- installing occasionally.Thirdly, as a budding fashion entrepreneur the Camera (13mp) will go a long way in helping me take quality pictures of my product for adverts to potential costomers. And finally, the battery life(3500mAh). As an individual that is always on the go, I don’t have to worry about battery life for a day when the device is fully charged.

  38. Michael Effiong says:

    The RAM… Yeah I know Android 8.1 Go Edition has been optimised for 1GB RAM devices but hey, this is 2018. At least 2GB RAM would have been better.

  39. TANIDI PADDI says:

    For me it’s definitely the threading 18:9 aspect ratio and since I have a thing for larger screen that six inch screen just does the magic, did have issues as regards the ram but after going through this review and info as regards it’s kinda Oreo featured on d fone that shouldn’t be an issue but overall it’s a pretty decent low budget device and for it’s price I have to say it’s the best device out there with that price tag

  40. Fhemi says:

    I love this love before its a mid average phone but it comes with a very good specs which are not common with phones in this range like
    6″ Display
    Running Android 8
    Google Go apps

  41. ibraheem reedwan says:

    only the 1gb ram is d comma that this phone have ehn. every other thing looks cool

  42. Samuel Adeyiwolu says:

    One feature I’m genuinely excited about in the Technology Spark 2 is the possibility of getting the Android P upgrade.
    For a low budget phone running on Android 8.0 (Go edition), getting the latest android version definitely makes the Technology Spark 2 an attractive option.

  43. Samuel Adeyiwolu says:

    One feature I’m genuinely excited about in the Technology Spark 2 is the possibility of getting the Android P upgrade.
    For a low budget phone running on Android 8.0 (Go edition), getting the latest android version definitely makes the Techno Spark 2 an attractive option.

  44. Samuel Adeyiwolu says:

    One feature I’m genuinely excited about in the Tecno Spark 2 is the possibility of getting the Android P upgrade.
    For a low budget phone running on Android 8.0 (Go edition), getting the latest android version definitely makes the Tecno Spark 2 an attractive option.

  45. Oladimeji Olaolu says:

    lovely display

  46. Mac Daniel says:

    Lol honestly i love the phone because it allows making of calls so thats all!!!

  47. reedwan says:

    misstechy my entry not moving despite the fact that people are using the link you gave me to watch and subscribe for ur YouTube channel.
    and I notice the link was changed also when I try sharing it again with people

  48. Kelvin says:

    With the not so encouraging specs on the phone, I think I like the face ID feature more.

  49. Jang marhleehyk gold says:

    Tecno spark 2 is so nice. And again they tried about the 16gb inner memory but the 1gb of ram is somehow

  50. William says:

    Participated in all giveaways, not won any. Thought you were going to select a winner at a random, then I saw gleam. 😭.
    I love two things about the phone sha, that’s the 18:9 screen ratio and the Android go edition which helps to optimize the performance of some apps due to the 1gb ram.

  51. Victory Owhorji says:

    The Processor having Quad-core 1.3 GHz, MediaTek MT6580 chipset is one of the nice feature about the device I like

  52. omokolade says:

    Face ID and Fingerprint scanner for security reasons .

  53. Lassissi mujahid says:

    I love the face Id feature

  54. Adeyemi Mohammed says:

    I love the new Android 8 go edition feature…

  55. idenyi joel says:

    First time commenting here,loved what you did with review video “issa goal”, cracked me up.the phone’s great at that price,but 1gb ram is a compromise one must be willing to overlook for an 18:9 display,great U.I though,keep up the good work misstechy and God bless you.

  56. Imran says:

    Great review misstechy.

    I love that its a 6inch screen, with face id

    Battery is ok 4 me.

    I like these features

  57. Joseph Jacobs says:

    I like the Android GO edition of the Spark 2

  58. Xtopher says:

    That it runs android one is just perfect for whom I want to gift the device to after wining it..

  59. iPaul says:

    I only love the new aspect ratio of 18:9 amongst other features.

  60. Maxwell Palmer says:

    Tecno spark 2 has an excellent features like the latest operating system and screen resolution. The screen size and battery life are just perfect. The ppi is also very good.. Love it

  61. ekemini_Andrew says:

    Nice one miss..goodluck to everyone

  62. Igunnu Emmanuel says:

    Having handle the spark k7 I live the design and beauty of tecno spark and also I read that the spark 2 is coming with Oreo Go that makes it great. Since Android Go have very high RAM optimisation which is a major problem with most phones in the Nigeria mobile market


    Not that the phone is that top notch but I just like it for the features it offers despite its relative LOW price, face ID, android Oreo, nice cameras…its just okay for me sha especially as it comes with an 18:9 aspect ratio

  64. Dauda says:

    what i love about tecno is that is divided into two u can get the one of 1gb and 2gb.

  65. Eni says:

    I missed the competition

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