This is the TECNO Spark 2: First Impressions + Win a Spark 2.

This year, Tecno is on a phone spree! Barely 2 weeks after launching the Tecno Pourvoir, they’ve announced the successor to the Spark, or should I say the K7. Meet the Spark 2.

Looking at the specs sheet briefly:

You might be inclined to think this way:


There are a few upgrades to this year’s Spark.


The first thing that has been upgraded is the size, the Spark 2 has been bumped to 6-inch IPS LCD display, you are also getting an 18:9 aspect ratio.

This combination makes the phone feel really slim and tall.

It’s also quite light coming in at 156g.

Unfortunately, you might have a thing to say about the resolution, because the Spark 2 uses HD+ display

…And a plastic build that is quite a fingerprint magnet.

Thankfully, Tecno has also included a unique case:


Now, here is one reason why you might not have an issue with the HD+ especially on YouTube, and it has to do with the OS.  So, the Spark 2 uses an Android 8.1, but not just any Android Oreo, the Go edition version of Android Oreo.

What this means is that you get access to all the  Go apps like the YouTube Go, Google Go and other ‘Gos.’

Now, because the YouTube go app doesn’t allow you to switch between HD or FHD, you won’t notice the HD+ drawback when watching YouTube videos on the Spark 2.

Still on the OS, the Go edition has been fine-tuned and optimized for smartphones with 1GB of RAM, which is what the Spark 2 is shipping with.

No RAM or storage upgrade here:

Thankfully, Tecno has retained the dedicated MicroSD card slot and you are going to need it because you only have about 11GB of available storage on the Tecno Spark 2.

Now, here is one thing the Spark doesn’t have— access to software updates.  Google is promising software updates to Go edition devices, which means that there is a big chance the Spark 2 might get an Android P update.


Tecno has increased the front camera specs to 8MP and as far as first impressions go, it’s  okay


But trust me to test it further in my full review:

Beside the front camera is the dual flash and other sensors.

Now, I had initially thought the Spark 2 lacked a notification LED because it didn’t light up when I got notifications, but I realized it was only present when I charged the Spark 2. I would look into this in the full review, though.

Switching it to the back real quick reveals the 13MP camera which didn’t get an upgrade. What has been upgraded, though is the LED flash, or should I say the ring flash.

Other things like the MicroUSB port, the mono speaker grills, and the earphone jack are still present.

That is my first impression, guys. Yes, I am disappointed that the Spark 2’s RAM/Processor didn’t get an upgrade, but let’s see how the Go edition fares with this in the full review, but before then, what are your thoughts?

And yes! I’d be giving away one Spark 2 to 1 lucky winner, details would be up soon, so be on the lookout!


Tecno Spark 2 - First Impression Scores

The Go Edition is a nice add, but how would the 1GB RAM and the 1.3Ghz quad-core processor fare under pressure?

43 comments on “This is the TECNO Spark 2: First Impressions + Win a Spark 2.

  1. smart aniekan says:

    Tecno is just like iphone, changing the pack and giving us the same thing over nd over again 🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. Michael En Peters says:

    At least there is hope for go devices… Google has actually promised these devices a software upgrade, which is good news for me.. This phone’s cool though, i love it.. Miss techy abeg transfer am to me shapshap!!

    1. Creg says:

      That’s the exact thing I live most in the device

  3. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  4. ekemini_Andrew says:

    Wow…the ram has really dissapointed me..I was not expecting that but I think I will far well with the android’s a neat device and I’ll definitely recommend it

  5. Barry Palmer says:

    It’s just a little upgrade. Tecno mobile should have upgraded the RAM storage to 3gb at least.

  6. Austin says:

    I love the fact that Tecno mobile gave it a near bezel-less display. But the RAM is quite small oh.
    Afterall, its a low budget phone

  7. Esther says:

    I love the fact that the spark 2 is a 6 inch phone other that I don’t see any upgrade from the k7… finger crossed on the giveaway. I hope it won’t be for those who comment frequently only cos most peeps follow ur blog but hardly comment.

  8. Kaybang says:

    o….k. That’s one meh-ass phone.
    With that i’m thinking the conditions for the giveaway can’t be that hard.

  9. ezinne Thelma says:

    Nice review but the 1gb ram is 😔

  10. isaiah oladapo says:

    I love the fact that it is using 8.1 oreo which will have access to Go apps so the phone will not be slow despite the fact that it is using 1gb ram, and 6 screen size, fingerprints makes it stands out. hope the price will be pocket-friendly? Nice review Misstechy

  11. Divine says:

    A very lovely phone for someone like me

    I hope I win in the giveaway, my phone has been faulty for a while

  12. IMO, the ram is the only glaring bummer… Nevertheless, it a nice and sleek device and I’d love to win it in the giveaway considering the fact that my current phone is baaaaaaaad…

  13. Fhemi says:

    Great review as expected. It’s a good upgrade to thr K7. The Google Go apps and Android 8.1 catches my attention.

    MissTechy please do a review of tecno pouvoir. Have not seen a very satisfying review of it on YouTube.

  14. Kehinde Adeleke says:

    Wow 6 inch screen, looks nice but that Ram though. There should have been an upgrade but who knows Tecno plans. 1gb Ram but with Android 8.1 Oreo Go edition with promise of Android P update. That’s kinda like a tinny bit of a compromise for me.

  15. Michael Effiong says:

    Seems like Tecno don’t want to improve on the “Spark” series.. 1GB RAM? It should have been 2GB at least..

  16. Uzo Ben says:

    I’m hoping the upgrade to the k9 will be very much better..
    I can’t really criticise the spark 2 cuz of the price though but I really need to say i expect better from Tecno.

  17. Uzo Ben says:

    Can’t really say much about this the spark 2 though cuz it’s a low budget phone
    Hope there will be an upgrade to the k9
    And please i really need a review on infinix hot 6 & hot 6 pro

  18. Osman says:

    It’s cool, though i like it being tall and slim plus the light weight.
    It worth the price tagged sha

  19. Lewis says:

    1GB RAM 😏

  20. JINADU says:

    Good luck to those buying it… My brother using the k7 is always complaining… The phone wants to kill him with hanging… I do tell him.. If you don’t kill this phone..this phone will kill you….

    1. Kaybang says:

      “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”
      Err dear browser, I can’t see anything 🙂 It’s a reply to Jinadu’s comment with this gif & it’s nowhere to be found.

      Thanks for your understanding.
      Sinsurly yours,
      You biggest fan.

      1. Cirphrank says:

        I was pissed by the 1GB RAM so bad that I did not want to comment, but your gif on a morning when I’m working strategically lights up my face.

  21. Goro says:

    1GB RAM !!! Common Tecno just ruined my intention to get the spark 2.

  22. Goro says:

    I use a 1GB RAM K7 and most of the time i feel like smashing it to the wall because of too much Hanging, and now spark 2 comes with a 1GB RAM , are we in stone Age ? ,What a waste of device.

    1. Peter says:

      You have not tried it and you are complaining. I have it and it’s so fine and smooth to use and as well play games with it.

  23. Mehmet says:

    Which LTE bands are supported by this phone?

    1. aabdoo says:

      None. Doesn’t have 4G support.

  24. aabdoo says:

    I’ve used the Nokia 1 and was Impressive with the performance so the spark 2 shouldn’t be any different.

  25. Kumar says:

    1GB RAM in 2018? Let’s hope the Android GO compensate for that

  26. Kumar says:

    1GB RAM in 2018? Let’s hope the Android GO compensate for that. Nice design too

  27. Queennette says:

    Mehhnnn… Tecno would never cease to amaze me. That’s like 5 or more devices in the first half of the year. Good thing is all of them seem pretty cool.

    For this one, i think i’d get this, since it’s highly affordable and with a review as this, i’m sure i won’t regret getting the device.

  28. ibraheem reedwan says:

    the phone cool tho. but the ram really small.
    will actually take it over my itel here sha

    thumbs up for them for the GO

  29. Debby says:

    Please give me on. I need the camera…lolzz I know the RAM is too small for the load..but I will manage 😘😘👼👼

  30. Peculiar says:

    36,200 is not too much nah… Let someone surprise me with it

  31. Behankey says:

    Nice. The phone is cool although many people have issues with the 1GB RAM. I feel the Go version of the android will aid in the smooth operation of the device

  32. Olusegunade says:

    Sleek device. Would definitely operate better than the previous 1GB phones

  33. Andifon Innocent. says:

    Hmmmm. Its nice but not comfortable with the 11g memory and 1g ram.

    1. Scarycuteface says:

      You can increase that with a memory card and with the android version. You won’t know it is a 1GB RAM

  34. khaleesi says:

    nice review, i love the upgrades tecno mobile made on this spark2 especially the bigger view.

  35. badoo says:

    wow, lovely review, the first spark device and this spark 2 are truly different, i think the bigger view is something to die for.

  36. Henry Afangideh says:

    Its a lovely device because it is worth more than the price…

  37. Winston Oigiangbe says:

    Tecno will always keep on dropping minor improvements or should I call it side attraction. And finally BOOM!! their flagship

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