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Monday Poll: How Long Have You Owned Your Current Smartphone?

Last week, theVerge reported that the number of Smartphone shipments declined for the first time in 2017. We are looking at a 0.5 percent decline as opposed to the 2 percent yearly growth witnessed in 2016. One of the reasons for this according to the article is due to the fact that a lot of people seem to be holding onto older models of phones instead of buying new ones.

The first reason — no money!

On a serious note, though! It’s obvious that the upgrade cycle plays a bigger role in the tech industry than in any other aspect of consumer goods. A lot of people might not be embarrassed to drive a 2009 Toyota Camry or use a 2005-year-old electrical appliance like a fridge, but walk around with a Samsung S3 and people would be looking at you like:

So, what changed from 2016 to 2017? Simple!

Or should I say the lack of it!

You no longer have so many differences between the phones launched in 2016 and the newly launched phones:

Yes, we get a new 18:9 aspect ratio, dual cameras, and all that near bezel-less talk, but a lot of people are now realizing that the ‘upgrades’ are not enough to spend $1000 or less.

Phones are ‘majorly’ bought for 2 reasons — either you are persuaded to buy one because you saw an ad that extols the camera, battery life or other USPs, or your old phone is really bad. Unfortunately, in this day and age, the second reason has become far more compelling than the first.

Like my mum would say when I try to change her 1-year-old Smartphone:

Can my phone make calls?
Can it send messages?
Can it ‘Whassop?’
Can it Facebook?
Then I am fine!

So, back to the question, how long have you owned your Smartphone?


33 comments on “Monday Poll: How Long Have You Owned Your Current Smartphone?

  1. Austin says:

    It’s fact. I’ve been using my infinix hot 4 for more than a year and ½. Do i feel like changing it? Yes. But no. It gives me what i want. If am upgrading, it will be because of physical features like that 18;9 display, 20mp cam.,curved screen display….. Stuff like that.

  2. smart aniekan says:

    I use an Elephone S8 Smartphone, been using it for 3 month, I’m nt Goin to upgrade to a new smartphone until Android P is official, I dnt see d big difference between Android 7 and 8 (except for homescreen swiping) and I already have a launcher to do that.

    I think android P will b my biggest and most loved android version, the same way I loved Android 5.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      True! It is obviously different! But what if (By a stroke of Luck) your Elephone S8 get an Android P upgrade? Would you switch?

      1. smart aniekan says:

        Hahahaha, that’s a tough 1 o Misstechy, but yes I’d upgrade, if you dash me Galaxy S9 nw 🙄, I go collect am nw 😂

        Jokes aside though, I’d definitely upgrade. I like Xiaomi devices, owned a redmi note 4x, will love to buy their device that runs on Android P and the new Miui ls just awesome. So yes xiaomi all d way misstechy

  3. Jide says:

    My OnePlus 3 is 2 years now and going strong. I was contemplating switching it out for the OnePlus 6 or 6T (later this year) but then I got the last update and the face unlock feature was added with of course the latest security patch. Aesthetically, the phone is still a beauty because I have used it well…….I think we still have a year to go….

    Truth is there really aren’t that many new features with the newer models. 2016-2017 phones are still running smoothly, battery is living long, camera still doing its thing and wireless charging is still too slow to be a huge deal breaker.

    Until something really savvy come out with the coming models, the smartphone industry can expect this continued decline.

  4. _edu_andrew_ says:

    Lol…I’ve been using my Samsung galaxy grand prime for nearly 4 years’s okay I guess ive thought of changing lots of times but…you know……if I’m to change I’ll get an infinix or tecno device soon…I hope

    1. Kaybang says:

      “…if I’m to change I’ll get an infinix or tecno device soon…”

  5. Cirphrank says:

    1Year+ now, since April 4 ’17.

  6. Kemi Oguntayo says:

    I have been using the iPhone 7 since the year it was launched. For me, The iPhone reached the stage when it did everything people wanted.

    It happens to all products.

    Apple and other Android OEMs need new ideas and that is the hard bit.

  7. Chimezie says:

    Honestly, these new phones are quite expensive and don’t really do much compared to older models — there’s a lot of us out there who use basic functions such as the phone, messaging and camera who won’t benefit from dropping a pile of cash on the latest model.

  8. MIDE says:

    I have had my Gionee M6 for more than a year now. For a tech freak like me, I never expected that I’d be stuck to a phone like Gionee M6.

    Yes, many times I thought to change the phone, but I couldn’t because I haven’t seen any phone that has similar features, including its super strong battery.

    I just placed an order for Huawei P20 Pro and I know that my village chief will have to beg me to change this device, when it arrives.

    1. smart aniekan says:

      Huawei P20 pro, is d best choice to have made, coming from a gionee fan, I myself have enjoyed gionee’ comfort

      1. MIDE says:

        I’m glad you see things from my angle. Albeit I had to activate my FBI super agent mode before I picked the P20 Pro over Samsung Galaxy S9+ – I almost couldn’t decide which device to put my money on.

        Between rationality and acute confusion, I was neatly balance on a knife-edge. Thank goodness I made the right choice

  9. Abdul Abdul says:

    Exactly two months today.

  10. Molokwu Victor says:

    I’ve used my Infinix hot s for two years now. Would I want to upgrade? Of course yes but money no dey this period

  11. Yemi says:

    My redmi note 4x is a year old. Planning to get the Mi A2 later this year though.

  12. Kaybang says:

    Not bad. Not bad at all.

  13. Okeke Kingsley says:

    Have been using my Infinix hot 4 for almost 2yrs now….. And I’m not even feeling like changing it anytime soon

  14. Lanre Akogun says:

    Still holding on to my Nexus 6P, which I bought mid-2016. Unfortunately
    battery life is abysmal now (charging it twice a day) but other than
    that, it works great and takes amazing pictures!

  15. Laide says:

    Got the note 4 as my second phone. Bought it the first month it came out.

    I love the note 4. To me, it’s practically the best phone ever created. The specs (SoC, RAM) still hold up well imo. The screen is 1440p, that seems to be today’s standard. One of the biggest reasons why I haven’t upgraded is bc there’s no more flagships with removable batteries. Yes, water resistance and removable batteries can be done, the s5 proved that.
    I honestly don’t know what my next phone will be, I thought it was gonna be the v30. In the meantime, long live the mighty note 4, the last of a dying breed

    1. Adegbenro says:

      Previously I changed phones once a year. I loved my Note 4. (Didn’t buy Note 5. Note 7 was too hot and by Note 8 I disliked phones with glass backs. Started having battery problems in the past 1 year) 1440p is still only for flagships

  16. Adegbenro says:

    Presently using 2 dual SIM phones but I’ve reverted to a cycle of changing each every 12-18 months.

  17. Edimeh Tobechukwu Kelvin says:

    Umidigi crystal pro

  18. This is the only tech blog that cracks me up any time I read through😂😂, posts always on point. Such as great writer.

    I’ve been using my Gionee M5 mini for about 5-6months now. The bat3 is strong AF💯

    I’ve been eying all those Samsung phone since but its all about the mula😀

    1. Anonymous says:

      guy u get am sha o, no moola

  19. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  20. iPaul says:

    So far I have used a total of 7 different android phones (3 Tecno, 2 Infinix, 1 Gionee & 1 Samsung) and none ever crossed the 12 month margin of usage period, either it was stolen or I sold it to get a new one. The phone I used for the longest period was Infinix Zero 3 for 11 months, followed by Tecno Phantom 6 plus for 6 months… I’m currently on Samsung S5 now and it’s just three weeks old.
    I’m not planning on upgrading for now and i don’t know when I would, but when I’m ready, I will probably continue with the Samsung S series especially the S7 or S9+

  21. ALMB says:

    I’ve Been using Samsung Galaxy S4 since September 2013, so almost 5 years now.

    1. ALMB says:

      It cost me a lot back then, So I do not intend to change it until it dies totally.

  22. Divine says:

    Been using my hot4 for 1 year now
    And I feel like changing it but no dough

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