Nokia 7 Plus Review: You Might Love This One!

So, once again I have to apologize for the constant AWOL, but I have been trying to ensure I set up everything — getting more people on deck—so the blog can go on even when I go AWOL or I am busy making YouTube videos, and that is proving really difficult.

With that said, I got the Nokia 7 plus device from Nokia:

But first a brief look at the specs:

The device is currently selling for N140,000 on Jumia and for that you get:


I got the black color variant of the Nokia 7 plus:

…And it has this copper accent at the back of the device:

And along the aluminum frame:

Yes, this phone has an aluminum build but Nokia has added a ceramic coating at the back of the device that gives it a really good grip.

And for the first time ever, Nokia is using an 18:9 aspect ratio display:

Looking at it closely and you’d notice that the bezels are a teeny bit larger than other devices like the Camon X Pro:

But even at that, you can’t deny that this is a gorgeous phone!


Another thing you’d get for N140,000 is the FHD display!

Nothing new, but the display is quite colorful and you’d have no problem using it under direct sunlight.

However, since I am being nitpicky, I’d say the display had a warm cast to it, so the whites look a little bit warm.

Overall, I’d give it a:


This is another thing that isn’t so new with Nokia phones, but unlike other mid-range Nokia devices, this falls under the Android one project and like you already know, you are getting the whole vanilla experience.

Or better still, the whole Stock Android experience.

So, no bloatware or crazy customizations, and because there are no crazy customizations, you can’t hide or tweak the navigations buttons like you would on the Hot S3 or the Gionee S11 Lite.

What you can do though, is to enable a couple of gestures like the double tap to wake the phone, turn over to reject call, mute on pickup, and swipe fingerprint for notifications

Of course:

But let’s not forget that you also get access to timely updates. As a matter of fact, I got updated to Android 8.1 after using the device for some hours.


Unfortunately, the Nokia 7 Plus doesn’t come with a notification sensor!

Yeah, I felt exactly like Tim Cook! But Nokia has replaced it with the Ambient display — something you already know with Samsung phones— and it lights up when you receive a message or when you lift the phone up.

However, I’d have preferred if they had still retained the notification sensor.


As for the performance, this comes with 4GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 660 chipset which is designed to bring flagship-class performance to the mid-range segment. Of course, the RAM and processor add up to a great multitasking and performance.

However, the hardcore techies might notice a couple of seconds delay with opening applications, but this doesn’t take away from the performance.

Another thing you’d notice is the temperature, it heats up when you use the phone extensively or when you are charging/using it at the same time and Nokia usually sends a notification when this happens.


Can phone manufacturers adopt the Stereo speaker trend just like they’ve all adopted the 18:9 aspect ratio trend?

Anyway, one bummer, at least for me, is the fact that the Nokia 7 Plus comes with a mono speaker and the audio isn’t so loud, but it gets the job done.

Then you also have the earphone jack:

Why the hallelujah?!

Well, because having an earphone jack in 2018 especially on premium phones deserves several hallelujahs.


Another bummer is the Hybrid SIM card slot, so you can only use one sim card or one microSD card, or two SIM cards and no MicroSD card.

On the bright side, you get 4G LTE support.


You won’t get the popular Face ID feature on the Android one version of the Nokia 7 plus, but you get a fingerprint sensor that has been placed at the back of the device, and as far as that goes, it is efficient, but there is a second delay noticed.

7. THE 3800mAh BATTERY

The 7 plus uses a 3800mAh battery capacity

Slightly smaller than the Camon X Pro’s, but unlike the X Pro, you get a USB type-C port.

As for the battery performance, I was able to use it through the day without any issues, of course, I had to still charge it at night. I also got within 4 – 7 hours of on-screen time depending on how I used it:

And because you have that USB Type-C port along with that fast charger, charging the Nokia 7 Plus takes about 1 hour 58 minutes.


For N140,000, you get dual cameras — a 12MP main camera with an F1.75 aperture and a 13MP secondary camera with an F2.6 aperture.

The apertures mean that you get the portrait mode and 2x optical zoom feature

And as far as the Portrait mode is concerned, it didn’t really do so well, it had a lot of misses than hits.

However, the overall quality of the cameras at the back is quite impressive, it was well saturated and the colors popped! But it can also look slightly underexposed when compared with cameras like the S9. It did well in low-light too, but you will notice a couple of noise in the picture.


Moving to the front camera, you get a 16MP front-facing camera that is quite good at taking selfies. But I did notice that the images looked a bit soft especially when you zoom into them.

Moving to the video, the 7 Plus allows you to shoot in 4K, it also comes with EIS support — which isn’t so perfect. I also noticed that the video camera zooms into your face, way more than it should. Then there is this wobbling effect that goes on when you shake the camera from left to right, the reason for that could be as a result of the EIS feature and hopefully, it gets fixed in the software update.

Finally, you have the dual PIP, that lets you record using the back and front cameras at the same time.

Overall, the Nokia 7 Plus cameras aren’t the best I have seen, but it’s definitely not bad! And the whole narrative can be said of the Nokia 7 Plus itself, it is not the best smartphone I have seen so far, but it is a really good phone, but for N140,000+ is this good enough for you.


Very Good

Nokia 7 Plus

A really great stock android device.



7 comments on “Nokia 7 Plus Review: You Might Love This One!

  1. Ibrahim says:

    You really knock this a long lane….

  2. _edu_andrew_ says:

    This phone is really beautiful…hope I can get my hands on it someday great work from Nokia and nice review as always miss.. you knocked it out of the park

  3. Laide says:

    Welcome back MissTechy, and this is a gorgeous phone, but at 140k? Wow

  4. Adegbenro says:

    For about a month I’ve been oscillating between the Nokia 8 and the 7 Plus. I’d finally settled on the 7 Plus until about 3 days ago when I started reading negative user reviews viz battery life, lag, stutter and a yellowish tint to the screen. On paper it seems the better phone but if there are quality control issues I might switch. Any warranty policy for Nokia phones in Nigeria???!!!

    1. Aje says:

      Bro forget about the reviews.. I’m still enjoying my Nokia 5. I remember when I wanted to buy it I went online. The reviews I go were so discouraging that I almost settled for infinix. But I just changed my mind in the last minute and bout the Nokia.. I must say it’s been one of the best decisions ive taken so far

      1. Adegbenro says:

        Thank you very very much for your reply. I’ve decided to wait a while. Maybe 2 months The negative user reviews were mainly from Indians.

  5. Xtopher says:

    I went the Nokia 7 route and I’m regretting.

    Yellowish Tint.
    Unreliable USB Port
    Flickering Screen

    I want to return this device

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