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Love Streaming Songs on YouTube? YouTube is About to Annoy You With a Truckload of Ads.

Thanks to unlimited data, I don’t have songs in my offline music library because I prefer to stream all my songs either on YouTube or Spotify. Where one is paid, the other isn’t, which makes it the preferred choice for many.
That is about to change. Well:

In an interview at SXSW, YouTube’s global head of music, Lyor Cohen, revealed that people who stream songs on YouTube will be bombarded, scratch that! (Bombarded) More like frustrated with ads so that they can consider subscribing to the upcoming music service it’s working on.
To better understand this, just picture listening to Burna Boy’s Heavens Gate and 2 minutes into the song, you get a “That’s my guy, Jiji” ad.

They plan to do this to a “specific subset” of people who use YouTube as if it were a music service.
People like me.
For those wondering, this is part of YouTube’s effort to improve its relations with the music industry, which has complained previously about the low royalty payments from YouTube.
Whether this would make people subscribe to their new service —codenamed Remix—remains to be seen, though.
Me right now:



6 comments on “Love Streaming Songs on YouTube? YouTube is About to Annoy You With a Truckload of Ads.

  1. I hate ads, and I only go to youtube for specific videos.
    My go-to app for streaming music is dash radio. You should try it out misstechy
    Only bad side is there’s dedicated station for nigerian music

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Heard of dash radio, but I am sold out to TuneIn Radio.

      1. Tunein radio is a good one.. enjoy

  2. I don’t stream videos on YouTube I rather download them and latter delete it. It’s less data consuming.

  3. Ads you say what??? This ain’t fair I love YouTube so much but there ain’t problem i guess I’d look for an alternative

  4. Anonymous says:

    Unlimited data you say? Kindly show me the way.

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