You've Probably Not Heard About This Phone Company Before Now + And The Winner Is….?

This is exactly how I feel right now:

After spending over 96 hours editing a video and almost doing this to my laptop:

Because bad hard drive.
Anyway, I’ve got the Nuu Mobile X5 with me:

But hey! What is a Nuu Mobile?


Nuu Mobile….

…Is a Hong Kong Phone company that is also based in the US, and, yeah, they sent a couple of devices to me to review, one of which is the X5, their 2017 midrange flagship. As for the pricing this is relatively affordable:

…And the specs to an extent is impressive:

With that said, the build on the X5 is a full metal design with subtle curves and the usual button placements:

Looking at this phone, you don’t see anything design wise that hasn’t shown up on another smartphone. As a matter of fact, it looks a lot like an Infinix Phone:

It’s also kinda slippery, but you can always apply the leather case that comes in the box.

As for the sides, the X5 uses a hybrid SIM slot with 4G LTE support:

Beneath that, you have the micro USB port:

Yeah, I know, so 2016ish:

Beside that you have the mono speaker which doesn’t sound as loud as you’d expect:

Up front, you notice the 5.5 FHD and the bezels

You’d also see that the capacitive buttons have been realigned differently and I would have loved if I could change the positioning.
There is also the fact that the buttons don’t come with backlight, but this isn’t really a big deal.

Still speaking of the front, the 5.5 FHD display is not as vibrant, especially when compared with other devices.

It does get bright to an extent, though, but overall, nothing exciting here:

What is slightly exciting, though, is the user experience, you know me and my love for stock android? Well, this has a ‘stockish’ android feel that is accompanied with a bunch of extra usability features like the smart wake, a feature that isn’t so new. You also have the assistive touch mode with different modes like game mode to disable the buttons when gaming and read mode, to name a few:

The OS does come with a couple of bloatware, though, but all of which can be uninstalled to save storage.

Speaking of storage, you are getting 32GB of storage on paper and 25GB of available storage.

And as far as performance is concerned, the X5 uses a MediaTek 6750T, a mid-range performance focused processor that is paired with 3GB of RAM. In real world usage, this translates to superb multitasking, although, the speed at which the applications open can be a couple of seconds slower, especially when compared with other devices.

One issue I have, though, is the fact that this overheats when it’s used heavily.

Another issue is with the battery, this comes with 2950mAh battery, quite small, but could get you through the day of light use. However, I noticed a lot of battery drain while gaming on the X5. So, for heavy users, this could last up to 7 hours,  but the good thing is, charging the X5 doesn’t take so long:

Moving to the camera, the pictures from the 13MP shooter shows a midrange camera.

You can get pretty decent exposure and the HDR does a good job of leveling that out and also bringing up the shadows, but like with most cameras in this price bracket, the X5 struggles with color reproduction and low light, and I sometimes noticed a warm to magenta cast in the photos.

Still on the camera, the 5MP front camera has no dynamic range, and like the back camera, this isn’t great in low light, but it helps that this comes with front flash.

Surprisingly, the X5 uses EIS, so videos looked so stable as opposed to other devices I paired it with.
Guys, that is pretty much it.
With a tired face, I’d like to ask if this is something you’d consider buying if/when launched in Nigeria?


27 comments on “You've Probably Not Heard About This Phone Company Before Now + And The Winner Is….?

  1. Amir says:

    Nice phone features for that price but will I buy it over an infinix or tecno at the sane price range? No. + no winner declared yet?

  2. Yahaya says:

    I just hope it’s me. I don’t think anyone need this morethan me. just saying.

  3. Kelvin says:

    Love the fact that these companies are giving us great specs at least for a moderate price. Nice phone.. Plus, hope I win too.

  4. Oleka Aiykay says:

    It’s a cool phone but with a poor battery. I’ll need a standby power bank for it. And speaking of power banks, I’m yet to receive the anker power bank I won from you around October last year. I’m back on my feet now, so where do I come get it?

  5. Oleka Aiykay says:

    Good evening

  6. Pwilliams says:

    well….it’s cool sha…. i wouldn’t might

  7. Faith says:

    definitely hearing this brand for the first time… all the specs look good but for an average Nigerian, the battery is not impressive. And at that price, it definitely won’t gain much attention. Still, a new phone is always welcome☺ even though I won’t consider buying it…

  8. Fhemi says:

    Another Chinese phone is a No for me.. The spec is truly midrange but I’d go for the Tecno CM over this since they both fall within same price range.. The ram and Rom size is an upgrade but the Low FHD display, battery, bezels and button placement is a turn off. I’ll stick to my ITEL till I win my giveaway here. My time will come one day.

  9. Nice device, i think the spec is okay. commenting from

  10. Abdul Abdul says:

    I won💃🙏
    Misstechy thank you very much…..God bless you. I’ve dropped my preferred phone in the comment section on YouTube.

    1. Fhemi says:

      Congrat abdul

      1. Abdul Abdul says:

        Thanks brother

  11. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


    1. Infinix any day any time for me too brother

  12. For an avarage phone user’s this will serve well but for guys like me, hell no , the battery can’t serve me an hour. I have been eyeing that phone with 16,000mAh battery since and as for photo addict, the camera image dimensions is poor the selfie is even more batter than the main camera. my overall review is that this phone will be perfect for old people and novice phone users only.

  13. kenny says:

    OKay NUU mobile. the phone is okay for It’s price. that’s what I think.

  14. Joshua says:

    The phone is cool if affordable
    The storage and ram covers most errors

  15. Janefrances says:


  16. Popoola oladimeji says:

    That battery isn’t for us here in 9ja…sorry…but why is the most rrecent post not showing at the top…is it my end orrrr….#cornerEye4Tobi

  17. Anonymous says:

    Lol, the ones with better phones keep winning. Me that can watch YouTube only at midnight cus I use night plan. Compared to someone that’s on sub all day, how I go take win am. Lol, Muna continue.

    1. Adegbenro says:

      Don’t forget that there’s somebody out there who can’t afford any plan. Nor buy a phone.

  18. _edu_andy_ says:

    Nice phone..I’m definitely hearing of it for the the first time…..congrats to the winner and I hope I win the next giveaway

  19. Mercy Blog says:

    This is a low-end device

  20. Kaybang says:

    Hmm… NUU MOBILE…
    Sounds like the kind of phone you watch Justice League on.
    The fucking Chinese…

  21. Anonymous says:


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