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How Much Does It Cost in Naira to Start a Blog?

Having a blog is a great thing if you want to share your experience and ideas with others. Moreover, it gives you an opportunity to earn a decent income if you succeed with blogging. So today, I have come up with an easy way to start your blog at a very affordable price.  If you already own a blog or website then you would have likely come across DomainKing.NG. But if you are a newbie then the process can be an uphill task. So I will walk you through the way to start your blog by using DomainKing.
DomainKing.NG is a leading domain and hosting provider in Nigeria. They claim to be most reliable & affordable provider in Nigeria with top-notch services.

Let me walk you through all you will need.
Things you need for creating your WordPress blog.
1) Domain name: It will be the name of your blog such as Your readers will reach your blog on the internet with this name.
2) Web Hosting: All your content, files & data will be stored in your Hosting account.
3) WordPress: It’s a platform to easily create your blog. With WordPress, you will get a panel to write your posts on your blog.
You can get all these things for just N299/mo with DomainKing.NG.

Services available at DomainKing.NG
Domain Names:
DomainKing.NG is a Government accredited registrar in Nigeria. You can register any domain name with them at the cheapest prices. You can choose from a wide variety of extensions such as .com,, .ng, .net, .net & more. They have .ng domains starting at just N999 and N2699 for .com, which is the cheapest for domains in Nigeria. And every domain registered with them comes with a bunch of free services including Free Privacy protection, 2 Free Emails, Free DNS panel and 24/7 super Fast support.
Affordable Web hosting:
DomainKing.NG offers very cheap web hosting in Nigeria starting at just N299/month with features that would give you ultra-fast website or blog with their Solid State Drives (SSD) powered servers that are 5X Faster than normal Hosting.

Features of DomainKing hosting:
Free Domain with Free SSL: Get Free or .com domain for your blog. Wait, there’s also Free SSL and Unmetered Bandwidth.
SSD Accelerated Server: They have recently added the SSD to all their Hosting plans that make the website speed up to 5 times faster.
Inbuilt Page Caching: 1st of its kind in Nigeria. They have added inbuilt caching to all their plans that makes WordPress website load up to 4X Faster than websites hosted on normal servers.
24*7 Premium Support: They claim to provide premium support with 15 minutes of average first response time to all their clients. They have various support channels such as chat support on their website, email support and even they take care of the issues via their Facebook, Nairaland page.
Very few providers offer these features. And those who do are not very affordable but DomainKing.NG Hosting is very nominal with top end features. So, they are worth a try if you want to start a blog or a website at an affordable price with premium features.
My Conclusion
It is possible to create your blog without breaking the bank!


17 comments on “How Much Does It Cost in Naira to Start a Blog?

  1. I’ve always wanted to create a travel blog ..maybe we’ll use this

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  3. Nice information Misstechy.

  4. mike says:

    Nice article misstechy, domain king is amazing bt i still prefer namecheap. Visit for free browsing tips, mobile solutions e.t.c

  5. mike says:

    Nice post…visit for free browsing cheats.

  6. Fhemi says:

    Nice update MissTechy. Alot of people don’t know how easy it can be to start a blog with easy to use CMS like WordPress. I use to feel one must be good with coding, html, css etc but God bless you for me, i got the motivation to learn WordPress from one of your post where you talk about how you started. Am planning on organizing a tutorial/lecture about this in my school.
    You did a very good clean design with the header.

    1. Bruno says:

      Well, am actually in need of someone who can help me design my blog. Can you be of help?

  7. Pwilliams says:

    Thanks MT

  8. Samuel says:

    Is there any other options apart from WordPress, my interest in blogging grew this few days so I thought about it and want to give it a try.

  9. Amir says:

    Are you kidding me? So it is this cheap. I need to bookmark this article and save for offline reading. God bless you miss techy for this vital info.

  10. Mista_cee says:

    Nice info…
    But Misstechy which hosting services do you use?

  11. _edu_andy_ says:

    Nice one

  12. solomon says:

    dats great for newbies visit for exciting lifestyle content tailored for you

  13. Anonymous says:

    Please I need blog account

  14. Deborah says:

    Thanks for this post Ma. But domain king says to run a wordpress blog with them it’ll cost #8000 per year. If it’s #299 or #300 as you have said it will be #3600 per year and not #8000

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