The Nokia 2 Review: The King of Budget Phones?

The Nokia 2 is currently the most affordable Android Smartphone from Nokia, the device is, of course, not perfect but hey! It sells at N32,000.

For all of these specs:

Accessories are pretty basic, nothing extra. So you get your power adapter:

MicroUSB cable

And earphones.

Notice that there is no SIM card ejector pin?

That is because this has a removable back cover, not battery:

From there you can put your dual SIM cards which supports 4G LTE;

And your MicroSD card expandable to 128GB.
Did I mention that the device also doesn’t come with a fingerprint sensor?

As for the build quality, the black is made of plastic:

While the frame is made of aluminum:

Overall, this doesn’t look cheap neither does it feel heavy coming in at 163g

However, when you move to the front of the device, one thing strikes you – the bezels or should I say the large bezels.

Random fact: The Nokia 2 doesn’t come with notification sensor.

Also, the fact that the Nokia 2 uses on-screen buttons makes you wonder why they had to keep all that footprint.

That aside, the Nokia 2is a 5-inch HD display that is quite good at that price point. Majorly because the pixels are being crammed into that tiny frame. It also uses the Gorillas Glass 3 for extra protection.

With the display, the colors appear punchy with good viewing angles and contrast level, although I noticed that the whites looked a bit warm.


Now the software experience is classic Nokia, so you are getting the stock Android experience and that is a good thing because it keeps the phone from being bogged down by unnecessary clutter. Also, the fact that this is stock android bodes well for future updates, as a matter of fact, I got 3 Google security patch updates within hours of handling the device.

Moving to the camera,  this comes with 5MP front camera and an 8MP back camera and as far as the interface goes, this is pretty basic, nothing extra.

Although, Nokia retained the ability to manually adjust settings like the exposure, ISO and others which is nice! And where you don’t get a front flash, you get the screen flash.

However, you’d be stuck at 720p for video recording:

As for the camera sample, you can get pretty good shots out of this camera when you are well lit and when you are outdoors:

But as soon as you start to lose light, you are going to see a lot more noise because the ISO is increased to shorten the shutter speed, so you are going to see less dynamic range and overall less natural looking colors.

So this isn’t the phone you’d buy for the camera quality but at the end of the day, it’s pretty okay at that price point.

The speaker on the Nokia 2 has been relegated to the back of the device, not the best speaker placement if I must say because it distorts the sound as soon as you place the device on a surface.

As far as the audio quality is concerned, this isn’t the loudest, but it does the job.

So, I have said a couple of good stuff about this phone, but this isn’t your flawless fantasy budget phone, it’s definitely not perfect. So, in order to get the phone down into that price tag (N32,000), they needed to make some tradeoffs.

For one thing, it comes with 1GB of RAM that is paired with an old processor albeit a Snapdragon processor – Snapdragon 211, and with that, you’d notice that navigation isn’t super smooth, so is multitasking and even performance, as reflected in the benchmark score.
Now, storage is another tradeoff, this comes with 8GB of storage and during my time with this device, I noticed that installing one large game, in my case, the PES 2018, filled up the storage pretty quickly.

So here is my commandment for those who want to get the Nokia 2 either as a side or main device:

Also, thanks to the large battery – 4100mAh battery- and the fact that this doesn’t support fast charge, charging this takes a long time, about 4 hours long.

But that is the price you have to pay for getting a large battery that has over 7 hours of on-screen time and can last up to 2 days of moderate use, all at that price point.

So, is this the king of budget phones?

However, if you are looking for an affordable phone from a premium brand like Nokia and you like the whole stock android experience and the fact that your phone can last long, then this could be your best bet.
But over to you, what do you think of the Nokia 2.


18 comments on “The Nokia 2 Review: The King of Budget Phones?

  1. s_so_true says:

    Great review

  2. John says:

    Hey techy love the phones, Os, again coming from Nokia one the Nigerian most sold basic phones

    1. Not going to say my name says:

      I can’t even try to decipher what you just typed

  3. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  4. jameelah afra says:

    A decent phone

  5. It’s decent, pricey at 32k but at least we know Nokia is a big brand, but Infinix, tecno and the others has spoilt us with cheap choices.
    The only thing I don’t like is the 8gb rom, I have 2 games I really like, fifamobile and ShadowGun Legends Beta.
    This device will probably deny me one of the 2 games

    1. Not going to say my name says:

      It is expandable though.

  6. xino says:

    good phone for upcoming folks that can use 1gb ram and 8gb rom

  7. paul says:

    which cheap choices? which tecno or infinix 4g phone is priced at the nokia 2 price point of 32k,

    1. Lanre Akogun says:

      Not that I have thought about it. This is a valid point, super valid as a matter of fact.

      1. Lanre Akogun says:


      2. paul says:

        Yup I mean the infinix hot 5 1gb ram version is actually priced higher than the nokia 2 and its a 3g phone I think transsion holding are becoming complacent or are taking Nigerians for fools constantly recycling the same mediatek mtk processor in their hot series of phones

  8. hassan says:

    Though the smartphone looks great but I think Nokia are just steping up in their games I think they should take a look at tecno phantom 8.because the 1gig Ram is too low for my liking,nice smartphone though,

    1. Not going to say my name says:

      Will you shut up your mouth. How will you compare phantom 8 and this . Are they in the Sam price bracket or processor bracket mschew

  9. _edu_andy_ says:

    It’s a pretty decent phone… But the specs are very discouraging but I could almost predict it… I mean u can’t expect a fingerprint sensor, notification sensor and 3gb in a phone that costs 32,000….anyways nice review as always

  10. Ojo Stephen says:

    It seems Misstechy has started programming o…the number of times “this” was used in this article ehn…

  11. Abdulsamad says:

    Its manageable

  12. Kelvin says:

    Very budget friendly indeed. But this price, Infinix offers better specs. All the same, decent phone..

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