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MissTechy's Choose Your Phone Giveaway.

In my Nokia 2 video review, I made a giveaway announcement, so, if you haven’t watched that, well, here you go:

However, for those who don’t have enough data to watch right now, I’d break it down here. Like I said in the review, one lucky winner gets the chance to pick either the Nokia 2, Nokia 5, Infinix Note 4, Tecno Camon CM or the Samsung J7.
To stand a chance of winning.  Like, Share and Comment on the Nokia 2 video, but the main competition is on Gleam. So, I have created a Gleam link to this effect:…
The competition will end in 2 weeks and the selected Smartphone will be delivered in partnership with Jumia.
Thanks for your support so far and may the best WO(MAN) win!


44 comments on “MissTechy's Choose Your Phone Giveaway.

  1. MARY-JANE M says:

    First comment!!!!! Yaaaayyyy. Thanks for another giveaway. Great review

  2. Amir says:

    Another giveaway is here🕺🕺

  3. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  4. s_so_true says:


  5. It’s another giveaway season🔥🔥
    YouTube x Gleam ….Let’s Go!

  6. Esther says:

    Miss techy issa bad
    Please someone help me with the gleam thing i have been trying n it is not moving
    Ps: it’s my first time

    1. Esther says:

      *miss techy issa bae…

      1. Tobi Ayeni says:

        Err what browser are you using?

        1. Esther says:

          opera mini

  7. Using gleam on chrome browser, made 2 people subscribe via my link..not seeing points on my dashboard seems I’m getting it wrong or maybe it takes time for points to show up

    1. Tobi says:

      You have to make them sign up too on gleam and complete one task for their points to reflect.

      1. Finally figured it out..

  8. Lol. This is not for us but for women. Misstechy we no gree oh, we no go gree this giveaway must be for us all we no go anyways that will be great. I’m thinking of giving away Xiaomi Note 4X after a hand review and it’s going to be for guys only. So ladies stay away.

    1. Tobi says:

      Err it is actually open to everyone lol

  9. _edu_andy_ says:

    Thanks for the opportunity miss… I hope I win it will be really nice to win one of your giveaways for once… Good luck to everyone… Thanks again miss… You rule

  10. _edu_andy_ says:

    Thanks for the opportunity miss… It will be really nice to win one of your giveaways for once…. Thanks for the opportunity once again miss… You rule

  11. Amir says:

    Misstechy, how will the winner emerge? Is it randomly or the person with the most entires on gleam. I really pray I win this. Let the games begin.

    1. Tobi says:

      The person with the highest entries wins

  12. Yahaya says:

    I have to win. Please!!!
    Can’t even access that GLEAM website due to old techy gadget that i own.

  13. Eugene Phyton says:

    Great review. The Nokia 2 sure is a low budget phone. Thanks for the give away, too.

  14. Olayinka Snr says:

    Misstechy, all what you are saying didn’t come out o. Only your soundtrack came out. Nice device by the way. The 1gb ram seems to be the only let off for me but I’ll still consider it.

  15. Hussaini says:

    Please misstechy some people enters via my link and i did’nt received the point, please what’s wrong

  16. Hussaini says:

    Please misstechy i think there is something wrong with it

  17. NaijaTechGuy says:

    Nice One Tobi.. Good luck to the Winners 😎

  18. NaijaTechGuy says:

    Nice One Tobi.. Good luck to the Winners

  19. Christian says:

    Wishing me the best

  20. Adegbenro says:

    My first thought was “Only for women as usual”! I see you’ve corrected other guys that thought the same.

  21. Anonymous says:

    God abeg, do this one for me. I’ve tried too many times.

  22. Damilola says:

    Wishing you all the very best.

  23. chukwuma okereke says:

    Good luck everyone

  24. chukwuma okereke says:

    Does the referral have limits

  25. Ridwan says:

    Coming late… I gotta let all nigga on this

  26. I’m currently at 7k+ points… What of u guys
    #MissTechy #ImUrBiggestFan #MustWinDisOneOh

  27. MissTechy’s can u give us a preview of the top performers… I wanna get gingered #LoveULikeNoBlogger #IMustWinIt

  28. Ezonne says:

    I hope a lady wins

  29. Abraham says:

    I referred 5 of my friends and I was awarded nothing and I confirmed that they subscribed

  30. Already entered and feeling lucky
    I hope to be the lucky winner

  31. Emmanuel Ayo says:

    Chai. See entries. I hope I win oh. Btw, misstechy which j7? Is it pro, prime or neo?

  32. Amir says:

    Now that the giveaway is over. I really pray I win this with the effort I put in

    1. Hussaini says:

      Please what is your own entry

  33. Chris says:

    Waiting for the giveaway winner.

    1. Emmanuel Ayo says:

      How many entries bro

  34. uzezi says:

    Is the winner not yet announced

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