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This Website Wants to Help Nigerians Track the Performance of their Politicians.

Like Chude Jideonwo once said, “Where there is no data, the people perish.”
In other words, without data:

The absence of a proper record and data management has been described as one of the issues that undermine the economic and social development in Nigeria because, without data, we cannot accurately talk of milestones, implementation level would also be difficult to measure as we’d lack the benchmarks to guide effective work.
In comes OurLeaders.Africa, a website that provides relevant data about Political leaders in Nigeria. According to them, the overall goal is to foster better leadership.
The website itself is pretty simple, the home page shows the most viewed profile as well as news updates.

The Leaders category shows all the Political leaders in Nigeria at a glance (you can also utilize the search bar).
Once a profile is selected, you should see relevant information about that person.

Most importantly, you’d be able to see all the projects carried out by him/her.

I noticed that a couple of political leaders had no information under this category, but this is something that can be updated.

Overall, a step in the right direction! Or what do you think?


10 comments on “This Website Wants to Help Nigerians Track the Performance of their Politicians.

  1. Stephen says:

    Oh well, it’s a good stuff as long statistically relevant data can be gotten from it , and of course that supports correlation,variance and predictions. If it’s just a place we go to ‘read’ up information, without any dynamic use, then it’s dummy.

  2. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  3. This is simple cool. At least we can keep track of good politician and the corrupt ones. This is a welcome development. Indeed it came at the right time.

  4. MoonLight says:

    This is lovely, now we can keep track on the level of activeness in our politicians.

  5. _edu_andy_ says:

    This seems cool but am not sure the politicians would like this

  6. This is crap… Is it not human beings that are uploading all those data? when one pot bellied politician will just give them small money now, then they will start uploading what only them understands… I don’t waste my believe and trust in anything that has to do with Nigeria anymore.. Don’t be surprised, this might be a handwork of one of our so called politicians, just to paint themselves good from all their bad deeds.. Nigeria is fucked…

    1. Alli Abiola says:

      lol. its like you don’t believe in the system? Lets be hopeful #itsallisay

    2. KingAbsolute says:

      You know…
      It’s not like those updating the app will be unbiased, they’ll just be uploading anything they’re paid to, no be Nigeria again?

  7. KingAbsolute says:

    This reminds me of Buharimeter 😂😂😂
    Failed project and they embezzled the money for the app/site development. I hope this app can capture those kinda embezzlement 😂
    Btw, who wants to monitor people that aren’t useful? Heartache!

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