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Would You Pay N200,000+ for the Vivo X20 Plus UD — The First Phone With An In-display Fingerprint Sensor?

At CES, the world’s first smartphone with an in-display fingerprint sensor was unveiled and it didn’t come from the likely suspects, side eye at Samsung and Apple:

Instead, it came from Chinese manufacturer, Vivo. For those who don’t understand all that in-display grammar, it simply means that the fingerprint sensors have been integrated into the display, in other words, it comes with a fingerprint scanner that can be seen through the smartphone’s display.

It is currently up for pre-order in China for $565, approximately N205,000
Reason for the price tag?

Asides from the invisible fingerprint sensor, you get a metal body with a 6.43 1080p OLED display and an aspect ratio of 18:9, an octa-core Snapdragon 660 processor, 4GB of RAM along with 128GB of storage with the option to expand. Cameras at the back and front are 12MP and 5MP respectively, and there is a 3905mAh battery which is quite small for that size, but hey!

Did I mention that it comes with an Android 7.1 Nougat?
Well, all of that and the fingerprint, of course, is the reason why this cost over N200,000.
Now, if I gave you the money right now, would you buy this phone?

Me, I just want to understand why they had to go with the large bezels, I thought the whole point of the in-display fingerprint sensor was to eliminate bezels and condense the build?


13 comments on “Would You Pay N200,000+ for the Vivo X20 Plus UD — The First Phone With An In-display Fingerprint Sensor?

  1. Rapsowdee says:

    No… I’ll be a s7 instead 😁😁

  2. prime says:

    the price is ok o….. this na beta technological advancement… better than iPhone 8 which is the same old shit

  3. Apart from Xiaomi, I can’t throw that kinda money at anyother Chinese brand

  4. Bulus says:

    Bad design, waste of space

  5. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  6. Wale ade says:

    Pls admin and house
    Is it true dat dere is infinix hot 5 pro
    Is it for real in nigeria
    And wat are the spec
    Pls need reply asap

  7. Me, 200K ontop phone, ordinary toy, my village People gan will vex… I go use m start farm in small scale papaapa… I love smartphones but really at that rate, hell no… I go still see 3gb ram under 50k even if Na second handed…lol

  8. Pwilliams says:

    I did rather but a good laptop

  9. If I have the money I can. But for now I can’t. I have better things to do with money jor.

  10. Adegbenro says:

    200K based mainly on the location of the FPS ?! Hell no.

  11. _edu_andy_ says:

    I’ll consider it …just give me the money first

  12. david says:

    lol, give me de money first.
    camera sucks
    hell no

  13. KingAbsolute says:

    Is this a joke? In-display finger print scanner and you increase price like that? So funny.
    It’s not like the feature is super nice. And look at the design and specs, unworthy.

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