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Rumor Has It That Tecno Mobile is Set to Launch Its First Full-View Smartphone

This isn’t the first time we have received several hints about Africa’s number one smartphone maker, Tecno, releasing one innovative phone or the other. Some months ago, rumour mill buzzed about TECNO launching one of the best camera phones in Africa and when the device eventually launched (the Phantom 8), it turned out to be the smartphone with one of the best camera features from Tecno Mobile till date.

So, with the leaked images coming from tipsters about TECNO’s launch of its first full view smartphone, I think we should expect something special from them. For some years now, TECNO has not disappointed us as they consistently launch several top-of-the-lines smartphones from the Phantom series to the Camon series to the L series and it is reported that this yet to be launched device is coming under the Camon series which is to be called the TECNO CAMON CM

There is no guarantee that the device, which is rumoured to flaunt a massive screen of between 5-6-inch Full View, will actually hit the shelves this week or next but some very reliable sources confirmed that the device will come earlier than expected.
For now, I guess we should reserve our judgment and wait to see what happens in the next few days. But one thing is certain, as it has been in their recent style, TECNO will surely surprise its fans.
So what features are you expecting from TECNO’s first Full View Smartphone?


47 comments on “Rumor Has It That Tecno Mobile is Set to Launch Its First Full-View Smartphone

  1. Ehis says:

    Affordable, at least 4gb ram with 4g band 28(700)… Not more than 60k. 5.5′ if possible, not 6′

    1. Emma says:

      I thought camon cx air had band 28 already?

  2. Ehis says:

    Oh yes.. dedicated micro SD slot, with dual SIM support… Hot swappable.. dual selfie n rear 📷, like 8,8 for front n 16,13 rear… Battery >3600

  3. Yes, that true. Its stated on their social media handle that it will be launched this January and it is called camon (C More)

  4. Aliyu03 says:

    Tecno is beginning to make sense these days..

    1. brave says:

      I’m telling you bro.

  5. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  6. Kaybang says:

    “…one of the best camera phones in Africa… (the Phantom 8) … turned out to be the smartphone with one of the best camera features… till date. TECNO… consistently launch several top-of-the-line smartphones… and… will surely surprise its fans.”
    Fans; “Tecno is beginning to make sense these days..”

    1. Kaybang says:

      Whatever evil monitoring spirit is responsible for duplicate comments, accompanying images not showing up with comments & page refreshes when you drop a comment, abeg, Abeg… ABEG, just leave me alone this year. Na God I take beg u. Thank you.
      *grumbles & walks away*

  7. Iszybee says:

    Happy new year tobi

  8. _edu_andy_ says:

    this sounds cool….i expect it to be a budget friendly device ( i hope ) and i also expect a 6.0 inch screen…cant wait to see how it turns out it will be a great way to begin the year

    1. Tito says:

      It’s out and is budget friendly to be honest

      1. shadedtee says:

        Really? How much is it?

        1. Tito says:

          It’s 47,000

  9. KingAbsolute says:

    Tecno never seize to amaze people with their flagship device.
    I’m expecting a N40-50k price, 4000-5000mAh battery and 3-4GB RAM memory then it’s good to go.

    1. hassan says:

      You are right king absolute you have just aired up my mind,wish to see the device with this great specs as you have said bro.

    2. larin says:

      A full screen device with the stated specs will sell above 50k

  10. Joshua says:

    This will most definitely will be expensive
    Full view screen plus 4gb /3gb ram rumored…
    Most definitely…

    1. Joshua says:

      there probably will. Be two versions possibly 16gb and 32gb also will have 16mp camera on the main one
      Usual 5.5 inches

      1. larin says:

        Nah, there is just a version for now, i hoe they do a pro version with 16gb though

  11. hassan says:

    That a great idea from them,hope to see it comes with many great features and a friendly price,i know this year is gonna be good for tecno producing quality and good device,

    1. posi says:

      The phone is for sure a budget phone, the price 47,000

  12. Adegbenro says:

    No big deal imo. It’s not enough just to have very thin bezels. Tecno has NEVER had a top-of-the-range device. They have always brought out budget AND mid-range phones.
    1. What will the screen resolution be?
    2. What kind of CPU and GPU will it have?
    3.. Bluetooth 5.0?
    4. Dual band WiFi?
    5. Aperture of the camera?

  13. Adegbenro says:

    All I’m saying is that Tecno and Infinix meet the needs of a certain niche in the smartphone market. Namely the budget and mid range sectors. I’m cool with that because I’ve come to believe spending more than $350 on a phone nowadays is pointless. The Android sectors has greatly improved in the last 3 years and the gap has closed between the “top” and the “middle” phones.

  14. Though I’m not a big fan of Tecno but this phone will make sense.

    1. Ariyike says:

      t sure does make sense,i was Present at the launch At silverbird cinemas

      1. Danny says:

        Comment Text*
        Stop lying…the phone doesn’t make sense.. what are we going to do with a downgraded chipset compared to last year??.. with 2gb ram in 2018?? Android 7 in 2018?? 16gb in 2018??.. quad core in 2018?? c’mon 😒 the phone was poor… camera is 13mp..the only good thing is bezeless screen.. and yet I’m still seeing bezels 💔

  15. Jerry says:

    Tecno doesn’t give space at all, which day here did they launched the Phantom 8.
    them da Pack phone come out like say na water

  16. Hussaini says:

    My own opinion, i think passing judgement upon them, is supposed to be reserved, but the the phone should be affordable by the ordinary men, the specs should be well up to date, selfie function with a dual sim slot,this is what we need for now and it is changeable anytime and anyday.

  17. Its no longer a rumor. This Tecno new smartphone is called Tecno camon CM. from

  18. Pwilliams says:

    It still has quite big bezels than other bezeless phones

  19. Qumar Dir says:

    That will be cool. It interesting. Meaning, i’m still enjoying my phantom here. :/

  20. I feel its going to be a great phone to use, but hope it a very strong screen, because of the possibility of dropping

  21. brave says:

    This is very nice. The device is awesomely packed.

  22. Tomjoe says:

    Wonderful. But it looks expensive to me😥😥

    1. kemisola says:

      It’s not, it is just 47,000

  23. Basit Omeiza says:

    I loose loving tecno product when i use TECNO W4..Even A SNAIL is more faster than W4.
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  24. Martinzdaguru says:

    Misstechy where art thou??

  25. John Sambo says:

    Misstechy why aren’t you posting regularly these days.

  26. Lewis says:

    Dear Misstechy,
    It’s been almost two weeks since your last post. I don’t know you to be this spacey with your updates and therefore kinda worried about you. I really hope you are fine. And if you’re not, I pray you pull through with whatever you’re going through right now. Please try to get back to us as soon as possible, we miss you, I miss you. Take care of yourself Misstechy.

    1. Sadiya says:

      My thoughts exactly and a big Amen…I miss you! Do come back soon.

  27. Kaybang says:

    January 19, still nothing.

  28. FX Police says:

    I just hope the phone will not be too expensive, thanks for the update Miss Techy.

  29. Kelvin says:

    Tobi is fine , she just took a short break.
    She’ld be back soon

  30. gabby says:

    Hi miss T when you gonna do a review on the tecno camon cm been waiting for your review.

  31. Dennis says:

    That’s so awesome that TECNO is finally producing its own smartphone. I wonder how their password protection will vary from other current smartphones. Judgement and surprise will be reserved.

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