Mystery Unboxing & Review + Giveaway.

This is the Leagoo Kiicaa Mix and the reason why this sounds familiar is because it is similar to the Xiaomi Mi Mix in both the name and the looks.

Yes, this is a clone, a $109 clone. And as far as the accessories are concerned, you have a clear protective case

USB Type C cable:

And a surprise guest, the USB Type C earphones. Yes, the Leagoo Mix doesn’t come with a headphone jack.

Other accessories include your power brick:

… And Pin ejector.


Now back to the Mix. The display itself is a 5.5 display with a 1080p panel.
The display is kind of a surprise, especially when you consider the fact that this is a cheap China device. So, instead of the expected dull levels of saturation, you get vibrant colors that go well with the near bezel-less look.

Brightness is okay, not that great.

Now, the Mix clone feels plastic, but looks metal and it is also light coming in at 156g.

Specifications are pretty decent too.

Placements are like this, on the right side, you have the buttons which are tactile.

Beneath, you have the mono speaker grills and the output level is quite low, quality isn’t that impressive.

…And since there is no headphone jack, you have to use the bundled USB type-C earphones which might be difficult to replace when it gets missing.

On the left side is the hybrid SIM card slot with 4G LTE support.

On top, you have the earpiece.

That wasn’t an error on my part:

This is probably one of the biggest design flaws of the Kiicaa mix, the earpiece which is supposed to be placed in front has been moved to the top to achieve the near bezel-less design, and like you may have guessed, this results in a not so great call quality, but using the bundled earpiece does make it better to an extent.

Moving on, the bottom chin in front houses the fingerprint sensor which is quite good, it also serves as a multipurpose button, so you can use it as a home button:

Back button:

… And recent app button.

You can also turn off the soft navigation buttons in the settings.

Still on the front, you don’t have any sensors on the top part of the device:

That is because the sensor has been moved beneath.

So, you have the 13MP front camera beneath the device, what this means is that you’d have to turn the phone around anytime you want to take a selfie. Speaking of selfies, this didn’t do badly in good lighting condition.

However, the front camera is terrible in low light.
Still on the sensors, the Kiicaa Mix doesn’t have that many sensors as you can see in the image below:

Moving to the back of the device, you get to see the dual camera setup which comprises of a 12MP main camera and a 2MP telephoto camera.

Beside that you have the dual-LED lens:

It also comes with the popular bokeh effect and even though the results from this effect are not as great as the likes of the Phantom 8 or Zero 5 (It had a lot of misses than hits):

I like the fact that you can adjust the level of blurriness while taking a shot, unlike the aforementioned devices that only allows you to adjust the blurriness in post-production.

As for the overall quality, this isn’t as bad as what I was expecting:

The images were pretty decent considering its $109 price tag.

Although, I’d prefer if the colors were a bit saturated and detailed, and in my opinion, I think the dynamic range needs to be improved upon.
As for the OS, this uses Android 7.0 out of the box along with the Leagoo skin.

To be honest, I don’t care much for their UI, but you can always clean it up with a third party launcher.
As far as the performance is concerned, you get a MediaTek 6750T, which is an octa-core CPU clocked at 1.5GHz that is paired with the 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, with that, the Kiicaa Mix managed to handle everything to an extent.

I did notice a couple of lag when switching between applications, plus this device gets hot when using it.

For those wondering, this takes about 33 seconds to power on.

You can also check out the Antutu score:

..And GeekBench score:

As far as the battery life is concerned, the 3000mAh battery is average, it won’t last you throughout the day.

Connectivity wise, WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G, and GPS all had good coverage.
So there you have it, my review of the near bezel-less clone from China.
What do you think?
Did I mention that I’d be giving away one of these to one lucky reader/viewer?  However, to participate you’d have to be a female
You can check out the video to see the requirements.

For those who are interested, you can buy the Leagoo Mi Mix by clicking here. 


23 comments on “Mystery Unboxing & Review + Giveaway.

  1. Fhëm says:

    I now see why it took so long for a new post on MissTechy.. Great review as always. MissTechy when will I win one of your giveaway. 🤔really need a new phone come January.. It would help with my assignment, final year project + I really need a good smartphone. ITEL SHOULDNT FOLLOW ME INTO 2018

    1. Fhëm says:

      MissTechy Why only a female? 😪😢

  2. Covenant Oyetade says:

    Not so bad.

  3. I’m female.
    With all the drawbacks, a beggar has no choice
    I am pretty broke right now and my Infinix hot 4 chose this moment to pack up
    It has a small scratch across the screen and so Infinix won’t honour their promise of a warranty until I cough up 12,500
    I am beggar without a choice cos I just moved apartments and I am trying to adjust to the mountain moving progress I made last month
    Staying off social media is like being cut off from the whole
    Gonna watch the video now so I possibly qualify, I am female o

  4. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  5. oleka aiykay says:

    Anxiously awaiting review on a Letv LeEco 4g phablet

  6. Jameelah afra says:

    The phone is not looking too bad. Performance wise, i can see it rates just abt average. The placement of camera is odd.
    Why wld leagoo do that?? *odd*
    Battery is okay for me.
    It’s a phone that can serve a light user like me and i can live with its draw backs.
    A great review again by MissTechy…. Glad to see you taking time to review the mid range stuff not always Premium.
    Cheers. Jameelah

  7. …whole world
    Can’t find the post on your instagram

  8. prime says:

    female…. really?? just when i wanted to participate in a giveaway… *sighs maybe next time.

  9. Misstechy…. Only female abi… OK. Let me go and inform my kid sister about this… As for the phone, it’s a nice review though… The Camera is OK but the RAM looks like just a name. Gosh. how can a phone with 3GB of RAM still lag when switching app? Anyways just as you mentioned it’s a China device but a great and budget phone for the less… I will check the phone out in a store.

  10. hassan says:

    The specs matches the device the device but the battery,which i think it not gonna last long on that device and i expected to see a battery 4000mah,and the camera is also nice,so from this i can say this review seems the best among other previous ones,love to get more tech news on this great tech blog.

  11. iPaul says:

    I don’t think the ear piece which is placed at the top is necessarily a flaw, it’s more like an innovation to me. Tho i can’t conclude how convenient it will be since I haven’t handled the device my self. So it depends on how the market receives it, if consumers welcomes this innovation with fervor then it might turn out to be the new revolution of ear piece placement in the near future (from 2018) based on my arbitrary assumption tho.
    Overall i don’t like the device, tho it has some reasonable specs and budget price tag, but the cons are obvious and it failed to pique my interest.

  12. Kaybang says:

    “I’d be giving away one of these to one lucky… female”
    Fhem and his ilk to MissTechy RN;

    Fhem and his ilk @ all the potential female participants RN;

    Fhem and his ilk to the potential female winner RN;

  13. Esther says:

    The phone to me isn’t all that charming… Type c USB earpiece, seriously… 3000mah that can last a day without charging it, nah… I have to flip the phone b4 I can take a selfie, but y?.. from the video the phone looks fat mbok… pin ejector, wat if it goes missing abegi… I can’t use my 2 sim on a $100 phone, China but y?… To me the only selling point is the 4glte, 32gb n 3gb ROM … would love to compete but I don’t really have followers on Instagram by the way miss techy I love ur sis.

  14. Olajire says:

    Hey Tobi,
    Nice review right here
    Please can you make a full review of the new FERO PACE 2
    Thanks in advance

  15. hussaini says:

    The phone is just a midrange device because the battery capacity can’t even last for a day. Which i can’t even use, the ram which is 3gb is also a setback to me .just wish it is pocket friendly

  16. Emerson says:

    Female?! I’m seriously considering being a Male Rights Activist. Just when I thought I stood a chance

  17. _edu_andy says:

    😆😆😆this is so awsome. ..sorry it’s coming late phone and data issues

  18. _edu_andy says:

    this is so awsome

  19. _edu_andy says:

    this is so awsome….sorry this is coming late had some issues

  20. Alex says:

    After the latest firmware update the home button no longer works as a back button

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