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Would You Pay N17,500 For nTel's Unlimited Data Plan?

They started with N10,000 and Nigerians were like:

It was later increased to N12,500 and some of us were not happy about it:

… But it didn’t stop us from renewing our plans.
However, it is now at N17,500:

N5,000 more than the previous offering.

Some Nigerians right now.

I am not sure what brought about the increase (I’d reach to nTel and update this post accordingly), but going by the rants on Twitter, nTel customers are looking to port.
For a bit of comparison, Smile currently has an unlimited data plan for N19,800, which is restricted once you exceed 60GB, but words on the street have it that nTel’s unlimited plan is also capped at 90GB, 30GB more than Smile’s offering. With that in mind, would you be looking to port?


19 comments on “Would You Pay N17,500 For nTel's Unlimited Data Plan?

  1. Anonymous says:

    They’re mad niyen.

  2. Adegbenro says:

    Those prices are still better than those of Spectranet. With unlimited plans I think some of the service providers limit upload/download speeds too. Ultimately I think it depends on one’s reasons for selecting such a plan.

  3. hassan says:

    I don’t think i can pay such huge ammount of money all in the name of unlimited browsing and if i have the money i will go for airtel which is 1000naira,so to me ntel should do a rethink on this their new development if they really want customer to patronize them,love to get more usefull article from you.

  4. hussaini says:

    How will some one pay 17500 naira all in the name of unlimited browsing, i think a rethink should be done by them before they lost all their customer.

  5. Kay says:

    Currently flexing my Airtel Unlimited plan.
    If they like, they should make it $100/mo. IDGAF RN!
    Good thing Airtel will soon start rolling out LTE.

  6. LA says:

    The change was huge. It should have been gradual to soften the blow. #justsayin’

  7. xoftxoul says:

    do you have the code for Airtel’s unlimited plan? please share

  8. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  9. Swift is 10K for 68G…
    I am staying with SwiftNG

  10. Millennials says:

    Don’t mind them jare…Anyways,competition is getting stiffer so anyone that messes up will quickly lose clients.

  11. Andaeiii says:

    17,500… shit… those guys should get screwed…. we tolerate too much in this country.. haba, now nTel is looking for money…. okay naa..

  12. LA says:

    If ntel want to make more money, they should expand and market aggressively instead of harassing their current client base.

  13. Popoola oladimeji says:

    With data caps and possibly speed trottling….no way

  14. Osakwe tochukwu says:

    Miss techy i wanna ask how strong abi good is the ntel’s internet service?

    1. LA says:

      It’s one of the fastest if not the fastest in Nigeria

  15. Chukwuma okereke says:

    Glo 180gig 20k ….

    1. Reuben says:

      Glo’s network is pathetic!

  16. obas says:

    Yes, I can. I have been looking for an unlimited plan to download and play games on my PS4. Some of these games are in gigs. Lemme go and gather the money first. Do you know if their service is in Zaria, Kaduna state?

    1. best says:

      nope abuja and lagos only i guess

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