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These Are Some of my Favorite Air Pair Combinations on the Galaxy Note 8.

The Multi-window feature is nothing new to Samsung devices (Recall that Samsung first implemented the multi-window feature before Google integrated it into Android Nougat). However, the Note 8 makes it easier to repeatedly use two apps at the same time. How?
By using the App Pair feature.

Image Source: YouTube
With this, you can pick two applications, for example, the YouTube and Message apps, and then convert these apps to a shortcut so that when you tap on the shortcut, both apps are automatically opened in multi-window mode.
In other words, App Pair lets users build pre-combined pairs of apps that open together in a split screen mode. 
Personally, I have a set of app combinations that seem to work for me, and like I said, all I have to do is to click on the shortcut to launch these apps in multi-window mode:

  1. YouTube and WhatsApp: Majorly because nothing beats watching your favorite videos on YouTube while chatting with your friends on WhatsApp.
  2. Google Translate + Google Maps: I have found that this combination comes in handy when I am in a non-English speaking country,
  3. Skype and Samsung Note: I can have a video chat with a colleague and take notes on my device using the S-Pen.
  4. Samsung Internet and YouTube: For those times when I need to google something while watching a YouTube video

Image Source: PhoneArena
There are a couple of others, but these are my favorites for now. So, over to you, what is your idea of the best app pairs?


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