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We Are Committed to Creating Economic Opportunities for Nigerians Through Technology —Lola Kassim, Uber West Africa GM

Uber yesterday revealed that continually creating economic opportunities for driver-partners through technology remains one of its key priorities for West Africa for the rest of 2017, and in the forthcoming year.
This was shared at a media roundtable by the recently appointed General Manager for Uber in West Africa; Lola Kassim.

“Uber’s business partnership approach provides an accessible means for driver-partners to not only supplement their own income, but also to become small business owners, thereby helping to improve the lives and futures of individuals, families and communities. In Nigeria, Uber has 267, 000 riders who actively utilize the app, and 7,000 driver-partners. In Ghana, there are 140,000 active riders and 3000 drivers signed up to use the App. The steadily growing number of Uber driver-partners in countries across the region is testament to the appeal of the model, because it creates real opportunities for local entrepreneurs. And as demand for rides also grows, so does the demand for driver-partners.”

Explaining further, she said:

“With technology at its core, Uber also invests heavily in supporting its driver-partners in their businesses through ongoing innovation as well as physical presences in the form of support centres known as the Greenlight Hubs. Apart from the existing Greenlight Hubs across Sub Saharan Africa, five more of these
state-of-the-art Hubs were opened in Lagos, Kumasi, Dar Es Salaam, Nairobi and Kampala, this year and, in addition to offering driver-partners technical and app support, they also offer information sessions and
tailored workshops to driver-partners, focusing on training and skills development.

In a move to further re-iterate its commitment to Nigerian driver-partners, Uber recently rolled out a number of powerful features that have made it even easier for driver-partners to choose when, where, and how they drive. Uber also recently increased fares The new fare structure ensures that time spent in traffic is accounted for, providing driver-partners and riders with a more reliable experience.


7 comments on “We Are Committed to Creating Economic Opportunities for Nigerians Through Technology —Lola Kassim, Uber West Africa GM

  1. hassan says:

    That a good job done by uber I hope they are going to continue rendering this service to west Africa especially Nigeria because I think we Nigerians need it the to get more timely update from this great tech blog.

  2. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  3. Hussaini says:

    This is a good development from uber, pray that they will continue like this towards the economic opportunities, love to see more useful post on this Blog

  4. John Sambo says:

    Misstechy !

  5. KingAbsolute says:

    Development through Technology in Nigeria won’t work with many reasons, I’ll name a few:
    1. Our broadband penetration is still poor
    2. Many technologically inclined Nigerians are just working to make ends meet, nothing extra.
    3. Our school isn’t supporting the need for tech.
    4. Security agents sees anyone with technology as fraudulent person, those illiterates.
    5. and so on…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, many drivers and private drivers are still unhappy in Lagos.

  7. Edu says:

    I love it when good things happen in Nigeria…..good job Uber

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